.. 그래도 계속 지켜볼 겁니다~ ♪♬

prelude to # 1

image credit: Hankook Ilbo internet news

(“..) Choi Hyo Jong     (.”.) Hwang Hyeon Hee       (..”) Park Sung Ho

~ Committee for the Upholding of Men's Human Rights ~

Introducing the NAM seong in gwon BO jang wi ONE hwae = NUM-BER ONE  = #1! (see above caption)

I like Hwang Hyeon Hee’s gag style… Self-righteous, in some kind of inescapable suffering, and in this gag, well-boostered by the background music of the Pirates of the Carribbean! Why, you just gotta believe in this guy… LOL

Ok before the quotes, first listen to this!

(credits to mart138님 and 10asia)

Compiled quotes from gag # 1~

thanks to insun4648님~

Since I got the movie tickets! You go ahead and pay for the popcorn!

Pay for it, pay for it! The movie tickets are more expensive anyway!

Now that I’ve ended up paying for the popcorn too! You can jolly well go home all by yourself!

All by yourself, all by yourself! My mummy’s waiting for me anyway!

On your birthday, I gave you a branded bag! On my birthday, how could you have given me just a cross-stitch?!

Why do you give me gifts from the past season surplus sale? They don’t even allow exchanges or refunds for them!

Since I got the couple rings! You go ahead and plan the special events!

Plan for it, plan for it! Stuff like hiding balloons in the car trunk!

Now that I’ve ended up paying for the rings! You’d better return it to me when we break up!

I bought it, I bought it! With this unfairness, we’d better last longer!

Don’t you have hands, don’t you have legs! Trying peeing like me, while holding that bag of yours!

I’m also a precious son at home! Am I just a baggage boy to you!

Why’re you still not coming out! The movie’s started already!

Not coming out, not coming out! Why, are you smoking inside or what!

I accept the fact that you pad your bra! It’ll be fair if you accept my height too!

I’ll even accept an A-cup! So you’d better be okay about 160cm!

Since I paid for the coffee! How could the coffee stamps go to your card!

Stamped your card, stamped your card! After accumulating 10 stamps, I should get the free coffee too!

Since I paid for the coffee already when the timer vibrates, you should go and get the coffee!

You go, you go! Why, do you think I work part-time in this cafe!

Why must your clothes be new arrivals, while mine are past season surplus!

이월상품 웬말이냐! 교환환불 안됀단다! Why do I get the past season surplus! They don’t even allow exchanges or refunds for them!

You said you just wanted to walk in the shop for a moment, why on earth did you stay in there for 4 hours!

Why, oh why! You’d better pay for the parking fees!

You lied when you said you’re just looking at the photos! I knew you were looking at my mobile messages!

It’s no use even if you scanned through my phone! I’ve already deleted all the ‘important’ stuff!

We agreed to meet at 6pm, and now you say you’re washing your hair at 6!

Washing your hair, washing your hair! Oh please, don’t even think of using the hair straightener!

Stop lying that you’re nearly done! You’ve been saying that for the past one hour!

Stop lying, stop lying! Everyone in your house can hear you loud and clear!

Since I’m driving! You pay for the gas!

You pay, you pay! If you hate that, go and get your license!

Since I also paid for the gas! You should pay for the toll fees!

You pay the toll fees! If you hate that, take the national highway!

Our travel destination was Anmyeondo Island! Why did the spending look like we were in Hawaii?

Stop dreaming of your honeymoon trip! ‘Cos I’m not going to marry you!

What’s the big deal with coffee from hotels! We have to pay an additional 10% tax!

And it doesn’t stop with just 10% tax, there’s a service tip of 10% too!

After-sales servicing is unnecessary, just bring the bill and go!!

Bring and go, bring and go! Look, the counter’s on your left!

When you’re wrong, you just have to cry, when I’m wrong, I get slapped!

Is crying enough, is crying enough? Why don’t you try to debut as an actress!

When you cry, you become as precious as an angel! When I cry, I become an abandoned outcast!

Stop trying to act cute and innocent! Those fists of yours, can make tears flow!

Don’t force me to take my coat off! In these autumn nights, I feel cold too!

I’m wearing a short sleeve inside! And I know you have generous amounts of body fats!

With your girlfriends, you eat (cheap) noodles, but when you’re with me, you actually order pasta!

Pasta, you ordered pasta! What’s the big deal about carbonara!

After ordering, you always have leftovers, so why the fuss about getting free bread!

If we’re ever coming here again, let’s use our lunchtime (on working days, to save time)!

This is a photograph we took together! Why did you photoshop your face only!

Why did you stand so far behind me (to have a slimming effect)! Shouldn’t we stand together to take a photo!

Stop writing in your diary, why, is it some kind communication tool for our relationship!

If you must write it, you read it to yourself, why must you share it to your close friends!

Stop comparing me with Lee Byung Hun, do you think you have a face like Kim Tae Hee!

If I had a face like Lee Byung Hun, why would I end up with you!

Adore those chocolate abs (of male stars) as much as you want, ‘cos there’re even more girl groups out there!

Adore as much as you want, as much as you want! We guys have Kara too!

자유이용권 내가샀다 줄서는건 니가서라!

내가샀다 내가삿다 탈때되면 전화해라!

만이천원 저렴하다! 야간개장 이용하자!

이용하자 이용하자 그돈으로 저녁먹자!

탈쓴인형 껴안지마라 그안에 남자있다!

귀신의집 들어가서 잠시라도 뽀뽀하자!

초코과자에 꽃다발은 기본옵션! 곰인형은 부록이냐!

바라는게 없다더니! 그표정은 무엇이냐!

정성따윈 필요없다! 같은가격 선물해라!

니가만든 초콜렛이 10만원의 가치있냐!

니전화는 수신전용! 내 전화는 발신전용!

전화만 받을거면 차라리 삐삐쳐라!

전화는왜 내가걸고 끊는거는 먼저끊냐!

먼저끊냐 먼저끊냐 하나둘셋 같이끊자!

커플요금 하지말자! 헤어질때 복잡하다!

2년약정 안끝났다 이악물고 사겨보자!

동네노래방 널려있다! 럭셔리노래방 웬말이냐!

우리동네 노래방은 서비스로 10곡이다!

한시간에 같은가격 DVD방 이용하자!

이용하자 이용하자 아무영화 상관없다!

택시타고 갈거라면 할증전에 집에가자!

너 택시타고 창밖볼때 나 미터기에 말쳐다본다

차없다고 구박마라 그돈으로 니빽샀다!

자동차가 필요하면 할부끊어 같이갚자!

and lastly, from http://cafe.daum.net/hottracks-union/Y1F5/77

rather p. incorrect but... just chill~~ ^^;

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