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people of Daemul

First appearances in Episode 1 ~

Go Hyun Jung (39) as Seo Hye Rim

From the small town of Namsong, Seo Hye Rim overcomes a few hiccups before becoming the host of a children’s show on HBS in Seoul. After the death of her husband, she became well-known first as the wife of a citizen who was indirectly killed because of his country’s weakness, and later as the representative for greening Namsong’s mosquito-infested reclaimed land. Kang Tae San sees her potential as a fearless political activist and guides her into the national assembly. She stands by her own convictions, she doesn’t need to rely on anyone, and she believes 100% in ha.. ha..? aah… Ha Do Ya.

Kwon Sang Woo (34) as Ha Do Ya

Ha Do Ya, burning with the resolve to bring down corrupted politicians, becomes a prosecutor with mafia-style righteousness and gigolo ways (or…he enjoys making womEn love him, if that sounds better ^^;) Despite being demoted from the Seoul prosecutor office to the equivalent in his hometown Namsong, his unrelentless quest to charge corrupt politicians bring many elite Seoulites to the humble town. He’s also surrogate father to Dong Ha and is always impressed with Hye Rim’s refusal to conform with the current political circle. This political martyr will continue to suffer and rebound, physically and mentally, as his humiliated political opponents attempt to break his spirit.

Lim Hyun Shik (65) as Ha Bong Do

Opens the best gom-tang (beef bone soup) restaurant in Namsong, if not Korea. His little boy, Do Ya, is everything in his world. Like him, his gom-tang embodies the pure unconditional love that a father has for his son.

Shin Seung Hwan (32) as Kim Chul Gyu

Politician’s ____ (insert favorite expletive) son, whose role in the drama is to willingly be a deserving puppet to all evil causes. *sigh*

Lee Moon Soo as Kim Tae Bong

Father of Kim Chul Gyu, he is a construction firm owner who corrupts his way to power and wealth. Abusing his power as an assemblyman of Namsong, his biggest contribution to the nation is in igniting Ha Do Ya’s resolve to become a prosecutor.

Ahn Seok Hwan (51) as Son Bon Shik

HBS bureau chief of reporting, he represents the role of the media in national politics. He and HBS are profit-driven, cowardly, vicious and skillfully gossipy.

Kim Tae Woo (39) as Park Min Gu

Seo Hye Rim’s husband, HBS camera man who was kidnapped and murdered during an Afghan assignment. His death reflects the value HBS places on their staff’s safety, in Korea’s strength in saving their citizen, and led to the rise of Hye Rim’s popularity among sympathetic citizens.

Kim Jae Bin (8) as Park Dong Ha

Min Gu and Hye Rim’s son, he also becomes Hye Rim’s second biggest supporter as well as Do Ya’s best friend.

Park Geun Hyung (70) as Cho Bae Ho

Head Representative of political party Min Woo Dang. Aspires to be the next president, through a network of illegal underlings in politics, media, and even art. Ruined the childhoods of Jang Se Jin and Kang Tae San. His destruction becomes the goals of the two, joined later by Do Ya.

Kim Il Woo (47) as Oh Jae Bong

First assemblyman prosecuted by Ha Do Ya, because his wife was caught frequenting male host bars. Involved in a lot of illegal dealings in the drama, often handled incompetently, much to the chagrin of Cho Bae Ho.

Cha In Pyo (43) as Kang Tae San

A prosecutor-turned-assemblyman who aims to be president after destroying Cho Bae Ho. Married the daughter of San Ho Group chairman for clout and cash to aid him in his ambitions. Says that Seo Hye Rim is the ‘card that he can use to capture Cho Bae Ho’, and more importantly, ‘the person who gives him the will to live among the vicious cruelty of the political arena’. Had an affair with Jang Sae Jin, but later rejected her assistance, as she is “too soft-hearted”. President Baek Sung Min and Cho Bae Ho remind him that despite his self-righteous beliefs, his actions show he isn’t too different from the other politicians he despises.

Lee Soo Kyung (28) as Jang Se Jin

Grew up in the States after her mother was forced to leave Korea by her powerful father. After her mother died, she returns with her ashes and joins Madam Min at the art gallery of the Heritage Club, bent on tracing her heartless father and avenging her mother. She sees Kang Tae San as the best bet to achieving her means, though gradually becomes too emotionally invested in the sins of Kang Tae San’s actions.

Lee Soon Jae (75) as Baek Sung Min

Current president of Korea, not easily swayed by politics and attempts to improve the political practices of the country. Loves gom-tang.


First appearances in Episode 2 ~

Park Ji Il (50) as the president’s secretary

Secretary  and messenger on behalf of president Baek Sung Min. Lends political strength to Kang Tae San, his junior during their university days.

Lee Ju Shil (66) as Yoon Myung Ja

Hye Rim’s mother. Head of Dong Ha’s babysitting network while mummy’s busy taking care of all the naughty boys in the assembly.

Song Ok Sook (50) as the Madam Min

Owner of the exclusive Heritage Club, friend of Se Jin’s mother. Accepts her fate as a vulnerable pawn in Cho Bae Ho’s political chessboard. Slaps Se Jin to do the same, to no avail.

Lee Jae Yong (47) as Gong Sung Jo

Namsong Head Prosecutor, he represents the majority of prosecutors who (are unwilling to) struggle against the law-bending ways of politicians. Funny too, with his dialect and exasperation at Do Ya’s guts. Becomes Do Ya’s best buddy in times of need, even when babysitting Dong Ha.


First appearances in Episode 3 ~

Choi Il Hwa (51) as Kim Myung Hwan

Chairman of Sanho Group, one of the chaebols of Korea. Will do anything to ensure the profits and prosperity of Sanho Group. Hoping that his bet on son-in-law Kang Tae San (from his marriage to his political calculations) will not be in vain.

Seo Ji Young (29) as Kim Ji Soo

Only child of a chaebol chairman, she pledges her life to her dad, marrying and divorcing at his convenience. Despite her loveless marriage, she seems believable as a political spouse. I wonder what she will do to the other women in this drama.


First appearances in Episode 4 ~

Kim Jin Ho as Kim Hyun Gab

Kim Tae Bong’s secretary and hopeful successor as Namsong assemblyman, but loses to Hye Rim in the by-election. His lowdown election tactics include bags of money in exchange for art pieces to Cho Bae Ho’s house, sexy dancers during his campaigning, smearing publications against his fellow nominees… with not little help from conspirator Oh Jae Bong.

Kim Jun Ho as The Kidnapper

In Do Ya’s words: “This guy is a professional killer. Kidnapping ahjumma (Seo Hye Rim), stabbing me, making Chul Gyu the scapegoat, and then he just disappears like the wind… “


First appearances in Episode 5 ~

Jang Yeong Nam (37) as Wang Joong Ki

Hye Rim’s sassy campaign manager.


First appearances in Episode 7 ~

Cho Deok Hyun (43) as Lee Dong Baek

Charismatic mafia boss Lee Dong Baek first assists (unwillingly) Do Ya to find his assailant in the Tunnel Stabbing incident, before becoming Do Ya’s true brothers-in-arms, not only helping him in more of his gang fights, but also upholding justice in their hometown and of course, in helping Seo Hye Rim.

Yoon Joo Sang (61) as Min Dong Ho

Head representative of Bokjidang (‘Welfare party’), opposition party to Minwoodang. When President Seo Hye Rim is impeached later, he will be on her side. At the moment though, both Cho Bae Ho and Kang Tae San have approached him separately asking him to assist their personal political motivations. But like president Baek Sung Min, he doesn’t seem to be easily pulled into their political games.


First appearances in Episode 13 ~

Yoon Mun Shik (67) as Peng Yung Gam

As Ha Bong Do’s comrade in gom-tang, he teaches Do Ya how to make ‘passable’ gom-tang in 3 months. His comedic appearance helps to heal the sadness following Ha Bong Do’s sudden passing, for Do Ya as well as many viewers.

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