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Style Icon Awards

I find these awards intriguing… just look at the award names! ^^; The executive committee seems pretty diverse, though I wonder if everyone of them had a say in every category.

And now, presenting the 2011, 2010 AND 2009 Style Icon Awards!

Official site: http://sia.lifestyler.co.kr/about.asp

2011 Style Icon Awards

3 Nov 2011 (Thur) @ Sang Ahm-Dong CJ E&M Center

( Selection ) Committee

Snippets of their achievements (if not already mentioned in the 2010 awards) ~

top row: Kang Myung Seok is chief editor of entertainment webzine 10asia (my favorite news site! here is a translation of one of his columns); Kim Jung-A is creative director of Innocean Worldwide and was one of the grand jury in the 2011 New York Festivals Advertising Awards.

second row: Yoon Kyung Hae is CEO of Hearst Joongang and publisher of Cosmopolitan and JLook magazines in Korea.

third row: Lee Kyung Hee is the deputy chief editor of The Korean Herald; director Jang Jin produced, directed and wrote many popular movies such as Welcome to Dongmakgol, Going by the Book, Guns & Talks.

fourth row: Chris Han is the designer and owner of Chris Han Cobalt based in New York. Han Hye Yeon is a top stylist who have styled the likes of Lee Hyo Ri, Kim Tae Hee and Yoon Eun Hye, among others.

Winners (1 Grand Award, 10 Style Icon Awards, 3 Special Awards … and 3 more ^^; )

Style of the Year (Grand Award), Style Icon Award -- Cha Seung Won

“I met a good project this year, and because of that I received a lot of love, such that I can receive 2 wonderful awards here. It feels great. Whether I’m worthy of receiving these awards in 2011, or whether I’m showing all of you sensible stylishness, I don’t know, but I’m a person whose style is about ‘living with determination’. I’m good-looking right?”

(on the Style Icon ad teaser in front) Less car and more Cha Seung Won please! ^^;

Style Icon Award -- IU

Style Icon Award -- Jung Jae Hyung (and the Little Blue Belt!!) *lol*

just because… there’re 2 of my favorite style icons in this MV! ^^*

Style Icon Award -- Go Soo

Style Icon Award -- Ji Sung

Style Icon Award -- Yoo Ah In

Style Icon Award -- Lee Seung Chul

“Thank you. Actually, this award should go to producer Kim Yong Bum, but I got it instead. He made the greatest program in Korea, giving the people of this land the opportunities to realize their love and dreams for music. I thank you once again and hope that you would give encouragement by applauding all the people behind Superstar K.”

Style Icon Award -- Lena Park

Style Icon Award -- Go So Young

Style Icon Award -- Girls' Generation

( click to enlarge ^^)

New Icon Special Award -- Kim Soo Hyun

New Icon Special Award -- Shin Se Kyung

Contents of the Year Special Award - movie "Sunny"

SIA's Discovery Award -- Park Shi Hoo

SIA's Discovery Award -- Jo Yeo Jung

KIA SOUL People's Choice Award -- Kim Hyun Joong

FYI, here are the online voting results:

1) Kim Hyun Joong (28,846 votes)

2) Hyun Bin (25,730 votes)

3) Gong Hyo Jin (25,409 votes)

4) Ha Ji Won (22,377 votes)

5) Kim Byung Man (22,336 votes)

6) Jung Jae Hyung (21,626 votes)

7) Cha Seung Won (21,460 votes)

8) Park Shi Hoo (20,321 votes)

9) Girls’ Generation (20,058 votes)

10) Lena Park (19,157 votes)


2010 Style Icon Awards

Official site: http://www.olivetv.co.kr/micro/2010styleicon/default.asp

17 Nov 2010 (Wed) @ Sang Ahm-Dong CJ E&M Center 1st Floor

The Executive (i.e. Selection) Committee

Snippets of their achievements~

top row: creative director Jeong Gu Ho won various Best Costume awards for his work in movie Hwang Jin Yi (2007); photographer Kwon Young Ho contributes to magazines like Vogue; Min Hee Shik is Esquire Korea’s chief editor since 2004; stylist Seo Eun Young also worked in movies, her latest was Cyrano: Dating Agency.

center row: designer Woo Young Mi won the President’s Award in the 1st Korea Fashion Grand Awards (2008); celebrity makeup artist Lee Kyung Min’s clients include Choi Ji Woo, Lee Young Ae, Kim Nam Joo; Lee Myung Hee is Vogue Korea’s chief editor; director PD Lee Jae Kyu’s productions include movie Influence and dramas Damo, Fashion 70s and Beethoven’s Virus

lower row: Lee Hye Joo is W Korea’s chief editor; Jung Yoon Ki (and his company) is responsible for the styling of Go So Young, Jang Dong Gun, Go Hyun Jung, Lee Hee Ae, Jung Woo Sung, etc (there’re too many top stars… I write this ‘etc’ with regret); photographer Zo Sun Hi published ‘The Book Collaboration with 2pm by Zo Sun Hi’; CF director Cha Eun Taek won the MV Director Award at the 21st Gold Disc Awards (2006)

Winners (17 Main Categories)

Style Icon of the Year (Grand Award) -- Lee Byung Hun (photo: Newsen)

International Style Icon -- So Ji Sub (photo: reporter Kim Jung Wook, edaily SPN)

Style Icon TV Star -- Kim Jung Eun (photo: Newsis)

Style Icon FASHIONISTA -- Oh Yeon Soo (photo: Hankyung)

Style Icon Movie: Actor -- Joo Jin Mo; Actress -- Lee Min Jung (photos: TV daily, Arts news)

Style Icon Talent: Male -- Chun Jung Myung; Female -- Shin Min Ah (photos: Hankyung, SSTV)

Style Icon Male Singer -- 2PM (photo: SSTV)

Style Icon Female Singer -- 2NE1 (photo: Review Star) (together with designer Jeremy Scott)

(photo: Choong Chung daily news)

(photo: Newsen)

Did a double-triple-take with 2NE1… CL dangling a ‘Jeremy Scott’ clothes hanger and Jeremy Scott striding on the red carpet with a top hat + padlock pants + 2 furry friends… THIS is iconic style (!)

Jeremy Scott X Adidas -- Teddy Bears (sneakerfreaker.com)

These are the happiest shoes I’ve ever seen. They probably told Jeremy, “Bring me to the Style Icon Awards, please please puhlease?! (okay.) Yaay!!!”

New Style Icon: TVing Talent -- Song Joong Ki; Movie Actor -- Choi Seung Hyun / Top (photos: Newsen)

New Style Icon: Singer -- C N Blue (photo: edaily SPN)

Style Icon Culture and the Arts -- Park Kal Rin (photo: Newsen)

Style Icon Model -- Han Hye Jin (photo: SSTV)

Designer of the Year — Tory Burch

(I couldn’t find photos of her or her representatives receiving the award, but you can visit her website)

Style Icon Executive Committee's' Choice Style Leader -- Gong Hyo Jin (photo: Newsen)

Winners (3 Special Categories)

Style Icon Special Award -- Andre Kim (received by son Kim Joong Do) (photo: SSTV)

Sky Beautiful Sharing Award -- husband and wife Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae (photo : edaily SPN)

“I thought we came to receive the Beauty and the Beast award. We still don’t qualify for the Beautiful Sharing award but we will try to become worthy. We will work hard from now on, so everybody, look out for us, and come join in the fun.” – Tiger JK

Style Icon CJ ONE Most Popular Award -- Kim Hyun Joong (photo: Newsen)

FYI, here are the online voting results:

1) Kim Hyun Joong (366,557 votes, 62%)

2) Park (Micky) Yoo Chun (115,398 votes, 20%)

3) Lee Seunggi (29,659 votes, 5%)

4) MBLAQ (12,142 votes, 2%)

5) 2PM (11,299 votes, 2%)

6) Lee Min Ho (9,771 votes, 2%)

7) Shin Min Ah (8,918 votes, 2%)

8) Song Joong Ki (8,895 votes, 2%)

9) Beast (8,408 votes, 1%)

10) Big Bang (7,065 votes, 1%)


2009 Style Icon Awards

11 Nov 2009 (Wed) @ N Seoul Tower

The Executive Committee

Snippets of their achievements, if not already mentioned in the 2010 awards~

top row: Kim Sung Il styles Kim Hyun Joo, Kang Seon Yeon, Kim Sa Rang etc.

2nd row: Park Sung Min won the Gold Award for his GM DAEWOO work in the 2004 Korea Advertising Grand Awards; OD Musical Co. representative Shin Choon Soo won the MK Outstanding Venture Company Award in 2007; Yoon Kyung Hye is Chief Director of Hearst-JoongAng and Publisher of Cosmopolitan Korea

3rd row: Lee Ji Hee won the Grand Award for her Kyobo Life CF campaign at the 2004 Korea Advertising Grand Awards; Choi Bo Yoon oversees the Entertainment, Life and Style sections of Chosun Ilbo.

4th row: Go Seok Hee is a professor at the Department of Fashion Design at SADI


Icon of the Year -- Kim Hye Soo

She also wins in the Talent: Female category.

(photo: 립스틱정글’s blog)

TV Star -- Kim Nam Joo (photo: TVReport)

(LG) Cyon Chocolate Fashionista: Female -- Shin Min Ah; Male -- Kim Sung Soo (photos: Star News)

Actor -- Jung Woo Sung

(photo: 아멜리에’s blog)

Ha Ji Won wins twice, in the Actress category and another one called 'Fun Fearless Female' (photo: MK Star Today)

Talent: Male -- Kwon Sang Woo (photo: Star news)

Singer: Male -- Drunken Tiger

(photo: 아멜리에’s blog)

Singer: Female -- 2NE1

(photo: 아멜리에’s blog)

New Icon: TV -- Kim Nam Gil; Movie -- Lee Min Ki (photos: Star Today, Asiae)

Sports -- Choo Shin Soo (MLB player)

(photo: cutejihun’s blog)

Performing Arts -- Lee Seung Chul (photo: Star news)

CGV Culture and the Arts -- Park Chan Wook (photo: CJ media)

Model -- Kim Yeong Kwang

(photo: glitter주’s blog)

Special Award -- Jang Jin Yeong (received by husband Kim Yeon Kyun) (photo: CJ Media via Money Today Star News)

“I married Jin Yeong while she was fighting her cancer, and I wanted her to enjoy happiness like other women. She had been most happy while looking at an evening dress. That dress, it was used as her shroud before she was laid to rest. Jin Yeong ah, don’t feel sorry, don’t worry, because I’ll be fine. I hope you are resting comfortably in a place without suffering.” – Kim Yeon Kyun

(Jang Jin Yeong passed away on Sept 1 2009 after losing her fight with gastric cancer)

Beautiful Sharing -- Kim Hye Ja (photo: CJ media via Star news)

and last but not least…

Viewers Choice Most Popular Icon -- Kim Hyun Joong

(photo: 새드엔딩’s blog)

Specially for all Hyun Joong fans…


Thanks to 라온님 for making these gifs right-clickable.. ^^


I think this is the longest blog post I’ve ever made, and I’m surprised to find so much inspiring and funny moments in an event like this. It has been a satisfying journey, with the gif endings the icing on the cake… ^______^ Will Kim Yuna win something next year?

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  1. Yuyu

    Got to love Tiger JK’s speech. Very charming and sweet. So JiSub needs to slim down a bit.
    Hyun Joong looks like a noble prince there. I thought he won last year also, right???

    2010/11/17 at 6:55 pm

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