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10 Asia’s Thank You and No Thank You Awards, 2010

These awards are not official awards, but part of a series of articles by 10 Asia to round up this year’s drama hits and misses. The award names themselves are pretty entertaining too…  thus to 10 Asia — another  THANK-YOU-VERY-KAM-SA~!

original article –  Thank You Awards

Rice Offering to Buddha of 2010

KBS <Sungkyunkwan Scandal>'s 'Chalgeum Foursome' (L-R): Song Joong Ki, Park Min Young, Park Yoo Chun, Yoo Ah In

credits: shineeson’s blog

Filial daughter Shim Chung sacrificed herself to get 300 bags of rice as Buddhist offerings so that her blind father will regain his sight. However, KBS <SungKyunkwan Scandal>’s ‘Chalgeum Foursome’ has brightened up the eyes of many viewers so much that offering 2500 won in TV licence fees is no sacrifice at all.

What’s the ‘Chalgeum Foursome’? Short for ‘group of four boys, pretty as flowers, who make the ladies breathless just by passing them by’. They comprise of: Gu Yong Ha (Song Joong Ki), the ‘honey skin flower boy’, memorable for the wink he gives as he reveals his face with the unfolding of his fan; Moon Jae Shin (Yoo Ah In), whose carelessly tousled hair will reveal a steely meaningful gaze that has infected many with the ‘Geol Oh alri’ (see below for another Thank You award – Alri of 2010 ^^);  Lee Seon Joon (Park Yoo Chun), the well-raised lad from the ‘seon poong do gol’ (‘paths of the saintly and righteous’) who seemed to have stepped straight out of a painting, especially with those long eyelashes; from under which he looks at Kim Yoon Hee (Park Min Yeong) and behave with subtle childish antics, to which Kim Yoon Hee responds with a sweet smile and more aegyo.

To be bestowed with such generous eye candy, it is our humble wish to place an offering of 300 bags of rice at the entrance of Sungkyunkwan. Of course, we must stress that the offering is not because of any indecent desires, but simply the gratitude of viewers, thankful that these 4 exist, and even breathe the same air, as all of us.

Miro-tic* of 2010

*miro-tic = ‘miro’ means ‘lost in a labyrinth’; like a neurotic, a mirotic enters and is still unsuccessfully trying to get out of your mind

"Eun Jo yaa~" (KBS )

more excellent eun-jo-yaa moments at 소이님’s blog

It had been a simple beginning. KBS <Cinderella’s Sister>’s Ki Hoon (Chun Jung Myung) just called out “Eun Jo yaa~”, which opened the tightly-shut doors of Eunjo (Moon Geun Young)’s heart. The words that made her personally prepare a meal for hungry Ki Hoon. Words that made her personally take off his socks while he’s sleeping. Women all over the nation, even ‘Eun Jo’ herself, have all looked into the mirror and tried calling out “Eun Jo yaa”. Or even calling out their own names in that way. Of course, no reply follows.

"Jagi (darling) yaa~aa-AA-aah~" (KBS <Mary Stayed Out All Night>)

credits: 젖은풀씨’s blog

As <Mary Stayed Out All Night>’s Mary calls out “Jagi yaa aaaahhh~” and runs, Mu Gyul (Jang Geun Suk) replies, “Oh~ Mary~”.

These 2 ‘love calls’ have overshot the goosebump limits of viewers, such inconvenience. Think of the singles, how much conflicting feelings they have to s.u.p.p.r.e.s.s. especially at the end of the year?

“Something Guy” of 2010

Park Shi Hoo (SBS <Prosecutor Princess>, MBC <Queen of Reversals>)

credits: 인핸스님’s blog

‘Something Guy’ — a guy whom you’re not officially dating yet your relationship with him is special, where “something” seems to be happening. Every time the female lead is in difficulties, or in some kind of crisis, this guy will appear like prince charming on a white horse. But he doesn’t act condescendingly, rather he will be either ‘cool’ or ‘romantic’, conquering the hearts of female viewers. ‘Something guy’ of 2010, belongs to Park Shi Hoo.

In SBS <Prosecutor Princess>, he is ‘Seo Byun’ who transforms Ma Hye Ri (Kim So Yeon), and whose tear-inducing sincerity and playfulness includes recording his own voice as a voice alarm present for Ma Geom (Ma Hye Ri gomsa, ‘prosecutor’), the ‘yigeo’ kiss (see below) which makes him the indisputable king of ‘something’ relationships.

He follows up his ‘something guy’ character with MBC <Queen of Reversals>, upgraded to a 2nd generation chaebol Gu Yong Shik who is lovingly called ‘Go Peun Nam’ (‘guy that I would like to seduce’) by his young female staff. But of course, he becomes the ‘something guy’ to married woman Hwang Tae Hee (Kim Nam Joo)  instead. If we look closer, there might be another character who seems to suggest more ‘somethings’ than him — secretary Gang Woo (Lim Ji Gyu), who helped her change her punctured tyre.

Extra: the ‘yigeo’ kiss

Seo Byun: From now on, I think I’m going to do something.

Ma Geom: What~~~ are you going to do?

Seo Byun: Firstly, I’m going to hug you..

Ma Geom: omo!

Seo Byun: and then… yigeo! (‘this‘)

‘Alri’ Of 2010

As Kim Ju Won said in Secret Garden, love is like a “hormone disease”. Thus, an “alri” is a disease where you are so lovestruck by a character in a drama that you can’t get out of it. What’s more, alri victims refuse treatment and enjoy the suffering and ravages of the disease. The top 3 alri of 2010, more deadly than bird flu or H1N1, are the Seo Byun alri, Tae Sub alri and the Geol Oh alri.

Seo In Woo byunhosa ('lawyer')(Park Shi Hoo), a Korea's version of superman who takes care of everything that affects Ma Hye Ri though he acts nonchalant and plays jokes in front of her.

credits: 쉬크녀’s blog

Tae Sub (Song Chang Ui), swallowed by that faint and flickering, pure yet ill-fated love in <Life is Beautiful>

credits : 윤짱님 at Song Chang Ui cafe

Geol Oh (Yoo Ah In), who is wary of girls and especially couldn't confess a word of his feelings in front of Yoon Hee, but is always a step behind her, protecting and watching over her.

credits : 야웅이 @ Yoo Ah In fan cafe DREAM

Just try catching any of these 3 alri, and this suffering will be chronic for life. And it’s incurable.

Fox(-y Seductress) of 2010

MBC <Pasta>'s Seo Yoo Gyung

credits : neo2beo님

She pretended not to have understood of Choi Hyun Wook (Lee Seon Gyun)’s suggestive comments. But while taking out her keys from her coat pocket, she initiated some skinship with subtlety.  Pretending to be a fool in love. Yet this is the very girl who attacked her man with an ambush kiss inside an elevator. She also pretended not to know what’s ‘honey’. When asked “Who do you love more — the pasta that you can’t live without, or me?” She replies without hesitation, with aegyo “Of course you chef~” Her high self-confidence can be seen when she declares, “Chef, you can’t hide the fact that you like me. Over!” MBC <Pasta>’s Yoo Gyung (Gong Hyo Jin) is a highly-skilled fox (devious seductress) in sheep’s skin. She should go ahead and open a school to teach ‘ways to  improve your female lead acting skills”.

2nd Generation Chaebol of 2010

SBS <Secret Garden>'s Kim Ju Won

In dramas, a 2nd generation chaebol always falls in love with a poor girl. He will get furious after experiencing the first injustice in his life, such as being splashed with water and / or a slap in the face, declaring, half in war and half in awe, “You’re the first girl who ever did this to me!” before inevitably falling for her.

But not SBS <Secret Garden>’s Ju Won (Hyun Bin), a unique 2G chaebol who falls in love with a poor girl because of an ‘obligation to society’. Falling in love at first sight with Ra Im (Ha Ji Won), he sends her to hospital after realising she’s injured, because he asserts that it is part of the “morals of society’s ruling class” to perform kind deeds, thanks to his good family upbringing.

However when the morals of today’s ruling class is reflected in the many incidents where “the baseball bat begets reality”, one wonders if Kim Ju Won will be the same. Excuse me sir, but aren’t your idea of love too ideological?

Jewelry of 2010

보석 (寶石 posŏk) precious stone, jewel, or “jewelry” for a cute Konglish touch~

credits: BizHerald interview

In MBC’s <High Kick Through The Roof>, he went to great distances in search of willing listeners to his tough life while fighting for power with Sae Kyung the kitchen helper — who else could portray this useless guy to perfection, but our Jewelry (“bo seok”) Jung. When he was cast in <Giant> as Cho Pil Yeon, the evil-est guy where not a drop of blood nor tear exists in his very being, people questioned “Can Jung Bo Seok flesh out this hardcore bad character?” And he outshone those expectations with his brilliant performance. In his thirst for power, he who obliterates any “idiot that I don’t like, because he doesn’t listen to me”, he even resorts to self-injury as a threat, as he became hailed as “Pil Yeon, the God of Evil”. Currently, he stars in MBC’s <Lovers in the Storm> as Yoo Dae Kwon the cold-hearted businessman. In the many glittering bo seok (jewels) of this year, the most blinding jewelry of them is unquestionably Jung Bo Seok.

Couple of the Heavens of 2010

Not just for / from dramas, these couples are simply fated for each other. In <Life is Beautiful>, Tae Sub (Song Chang Ui) asked, “Did I say ‘thank you’?”

Kyung Tae (Lee Sang Woo) replied, "Well... did I say 'I love you'?"

credits: 와니♡ 님 @ dc inside

If you’re still unconvinced with their fated pairing, look at what jealous naysayers did, inadvertently bringing attention to their genuine love ..

"If my son watches <Life is Beautiful>, becomes gay and dies of AIDS, SBS must bear responsibility!"

Credits:  Kyunghyang News

Korean ommas – a formidable force the rest of the nation and the world cannot belittle, ever~ ^^;;

credits: 3535님 @ dc inside

Other made-in-the-heavens couples are Director Kwak Jung Hwan and Writer Chun Sung Il, who both helmed KBS’ Chuno and Runaway Plan B  in just one year, while Director Shin Woo Chul and Writer Kim Eun Sook complete their 6th collaboration together with this year’s Secret Garden. Thanks to these 3 couples, it has been an undeniably satisfying year for all viewers.

Reincarnation of 2010

Kim Yoo Jung (KBS <Gumiho: Tale of the Fox Child>, MBC <Flames of Desire>, SBS <Pure Pumpkin Flower>)

credits: Newsen

She was Yeon-ie in <Gumiho: Tale of the Fox Child>. She died. And her soul took over the body of Cho Wook (Seo Shin Ae). In the first episode of MBC’s <Flames of Desire>, she took on the childhood role of money-obsessed Na Young (Shin Eun Kyung). The following week, she appeared again, in the childhood role of In Ki (Seo Woo), the other lead character who’s a carbon copy of Na Young. “In my next life, I don’t want to have a murderer as my dad, I’m going to be reborn with a great dad!” She wails as she turns her back on her hometown. And she was reborn in SBS’ <Pure Pumpkin Flower> as the childhood version of Soon Jung (Lee Chung Ah). What’s more, Yoon Doo Soo naeuri (Jang Hyun Sung), whom she killed in <Gumiho: Tale of the Fox Child>, reincarnated as Soon Jung’s dad too. This kid who must be killed for survival, she is undoubtedly the “Kim Gab Soo of child actors”.

Golden Fishery (or “Big Catch”) of 2010

Lee Young Ae of tvN's Rude Young Ae

One could fall in love with anybody in the world. But not Young Ae (Kim Hyun Sook) in tvN’s <Rude Young Ae>. Up to the previous Season 6, she’s still munching on her pork knuckles, if she’s not busy thrashing perverts along the road alleys. Although every single guy she dates depresses her, she heads valiently into this rude world with a never-say-die spirit, a typical Korean working woman’s guiding light and yet, much more. Like sweet fruit for the labors of her past seasons, Young Ae finally gets into a relationship with her hot manager Jang Dong Gon (Lee Hae Young) in Season 7. No, that’s not all — hotter colleague San Ho (Kim San Ho) confesses that he wants to win her over from Manager Jang! Girls, toss away your fishing rods! What’s this – this betrayal for all of us who work late (and will never get 0.5% of a chance)!! No… this is so not the way to make us stay tuned for Season 8.. erm.. m-maybe?

summary of original article – No Thank You Awards

Teacher of 2010 : KBS <Please Marry Me>’s Kim Tae Ho, MBC <My Sweet Home>’s Lee Sang Hyun

Most Influential / Insignificant Character of 2010 : Dong Yi vs Tibetan Palace Maid

Tenant of 2010 : MBC <Playful Kiss>’ Oh Hani

Diner of 2010 : SBS <Daemul> President Baek Sung Min

Supper of 2010 : SBS <Doctor Champ>’ pork

“With little fat, thus no concern for gaining weight, this chewy local pork”

other contenders (all local produce) : makgolli wine in KBS <Cinderella’s Sister>;  beef / cow in SBS <My Girlfriend is a Gumiho>

Queen of 2010 : SBS <Smile, Mum>’s Queen of Cannes Shin DalRae, and her mum Dancing Queen Cho Bok Hee

Houseowner of 2010 : MBC <Personal Taste> Park Gae In

Couple of Hell of 2010 :

Baek Hyun ♡ Pul Ip (KBS <God of Study>)

Jung Gyu ♡ Yeon Yi (KBS <Gumiho: Tale of the Fox Child>)

Pokerface of 2010 : MBC <Golden Fishery> Lee Tae Yeong, Han Ji Min

Hello Rookie of 2010 :

MBC <Women Who Still Want To Get Married>’s Ha Min Jae’s band Purple Rain,  KBS <Mary Stayed Out All Night>’s Kang Mu Gyul’s Totally Invincible Band, SBS <I Am Legend>’s Comeback Madonna Band

On Totally Invincible Band: “With just 1 guitar, how is it possible to do stroking and playing arpeggios at the same time, and singing with echo effects even when there’s no mike?!


Enjoy the namelist! The reasons for their nominations will probably be finished over the weekend~ ^^

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