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awaiting the 2010 SBS Drama Awards ^^

Image: 아시아님

I think the last time I awaited eagerly for drama awards was for MBC’s in 2008, where I wanted to see Kim Myung Min win for his Kang Ma Ae role in Beethoven’s Virus. It was doubly sad to see On Air come alive that day. ㅡㅡ;

Kim Ha Neul as Oh Seung Ah in On Air (March 2008, SBS!), rejecting her joint daesang award, but still comforting her fans with "I love you"

image: Newsen

The only thing that made me a little happier was that anyway it wasn’t his ‘first time’ winning a daesang, so… well, at least he got to experience a decent solo daesang moment, though as  a fan, I couldn’t ‘experience’ the happiness with him in 2005. ^^;

Kim Myung Min won his first daesang in Immortal Yi Sun Shin (2005, KBS)

image: Osen, 미래님

And these, I think,  are what the year-end drama awards are all about,  for the 3 stations. Fans want to re-live the moments they had enjoyed with  certain characters of dramas, stations want to strengthen relationships with talents (including production staff) that will be invaluable in the following year(s), while for the actors, actresses, and production staff, well, it’s probably all of the above, or none — just put on a good show, tears or no tears, prize or no prize.

And for me, not wishing to go through the little moments of anguish in 2008, I will not pin too much hope on anyone, but will just settle comfortably in the couch and enjoy the show. Yeap I’ve decided, I will watch the SBS awards this year!!

(sorry KBS, not a Takgoo fan.. ^^;)

5 out of 7 dramas I watched this year are from SBS! ~

산부인과 OB & GYN (Feb 3 – Mar 25)

Directed by Lee Hyun Jik, Choi Yeong Hoon; written by Choi Hee Ra

Starring: Jang Seo Hee, Go Ju Won, Seo Ji Suk, Jung Ho Bin, Song Joong Ki, Lee Young Eun

Firstly, here’s the dream hospital of all patients, what with doctors and nurses so good-looking, some even goofy and cute. And they even gave tuition to this spunky high-school kid… ^^; Coolest ob-gyn docs since Lim Ji Ae-nim in What’s Up Fox.. lol

Tae Sung (Kim Jae Wook) and Gun Wook (Kim Nam Gil) ... 2 memorable bad guys of 2010 ^^

나쁜남자 Bad Guy (May 26 – Aug 5)

Directed by Lee Hyung Min; written by Lee Do Young, Kim Jae Eun, Kim Sung Hee

Starring: Kim Nam Gil, Han Ga In, Oh Yeon Soo, Kim Jae Wook, Jung So Min, Kim Jung Tae

This was one of the best shows for me, despite the ending with the yoga center CF scene ^^; I can say that all the actors and actresses delivered, such as

Shim Eun Gyung as Won In

Oh Yeon Soo as Tae Ra


Kim Hye Wook as Madam Shin, the baddest of them all.. ^^;

and guest star

Toyohara Kosuke as Ryu Sensei, creator of the elusive glass mask

and who can forget the OST opening?

Bad Guy OST youtube links (thanks to Kikitoroka)

Part 1 (05.26) 가시꽃 Flower with thorns (Jung Yeop)

Part 2 (06.01) 웃지마, 울지마 Don’t laugh, don’t cry (4Men feat. Jang Hye Jin)|| 어디에 Where (Piano version)

Part 3 (06.09) 기다림은 상처만 남기고 Waiting leaves nothing but wounds (BMK)|| 슬픈 여자 Sad Girl (Seo Yoon)

Part 4 (06.30) 고해요 Confess (4Men feat. Ben of Bebe Mignon)|| 어디에 (Orchestra version)|| 웃지마 울지마 Don’t laugh, don’t cry (4Men only)|| 바보 Fool (Baek Ju Young)

Part 5 (07.07) 혼잣말 Talking to self (Jung Yeop)|| 몰랐었어 Didn’t know (yelocloc)

Final OST (07.21) 가끔은 혼자 웁니다 Crying often alone (Kim Yeon Woo)|| Main Title|| Sub Title|| 회상 Recollection|| 사랑하는 사람에게 To the person I love|| 아주 옛날에 A long time ago||흉터 The scar|| 향수 Perfume||Tattoo||스턴트맨 Stuntman|| Dogma|| Prologue and songs in Part 1-5

credit: 노진알’s cafe

내 여자친구는 구미호 My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (9-tailed Fox) (Aug 11 – Sept 30)

Directed by Bu Sung Chul; written by Hong Jung Eun, Hong Mi Ran

Starring Lee Seung Gi, Shin Min Ah, No Min Woo, Park Su Jin, Byun Hee Bong, Yoon Yoo Seon

I didn’t watch Brilliant Legacy, so this would be my first Seunggi drama, and oh well, he’s a comedic, earnest actor * ^^*

Daewoong ah.... So mokja... (Let's eat cow...)

credit: hWA’s blog

The cow (not beef) references were so funny, exploiting gumiho’s predatory instincts to it’s fullest comedic potential in this drama. Remember the drumstick pillow? *rofl*

And I like the idea of fox rain – passing rain on a sunny day. Sometimes when that happens it makes me wonder – did somebody make someone cry.. ^^;

Song with the same title Fox Rain, by Lee Soon Hee, thanks to CHIXJIRO

image: Sports Khan

대물 Daemul / President (Oct 6 – Dec 23)

Directed by Kim Chul Gyu; written by Yoo Dong Yoon

Starring: Go Hyun Jung, Kwon Sang Woo, Cha In Pyo, Lee Soo Kyung, Lee Soon Jae, Lim Hyun Shik

What more can I say… this is the first drama that made me post drama-related articles and thoughts on this blog. In fact I’m thinking of writing a new post on Choi Il Hwa’s amazing performance in ep 19 and 20. This drama made me appreciate the kind of ‘focused’ acting by veterans, Lim Hyun Shik, Lee Soon Jae, Park Geun Hyung etc.

I re-discovered Kwon Sang Woo, and his theme song by PSY (see video below), feel that Cha In Pyo is underrated here due to his baddie character, and of course, *sigh* can’t get enough of Go Hyun Jung.

If Mishil was straight out cunning and domineering, albeit with tinges of regret, Seo Hye Rim is a mix of reluctance, gentle dominance, and occasionally some childishness. How does she do it? Just when you think Tae San has done his calculations, Hye Rim outclasses him; and just when you think Do Ya can’t get any more childish, Hye Rim does a pout. (!)

video thanks to maypaymusic; lyrics thanks to naver

내 세상 – 싸이(Psy)


Check. this. out!

방구석에서 나와줘 여기는 길거리
하루쯤은 쌩까버려 니 고민거리
컴퓨터의 노예가 되버린 니 머리
숨이 턱막히고 피곤해 세상살이

아직은 못나가 하지만 조만간 잘나가 그러니 미리미리
내 얼굴 잘 봐둬 내 세상이 온다고

언~젠가 내 세상이 온다 언~제나 끝까지 가본다
원래 나~아 그래 나~아 괜찮아 잘 참아
언~젠가 내 세상이 온다 언~제나 끝까지 가본다
얼마안가 맞설거니까 왔다 기다려 내 세상

Yee haa~~

점잖아 보이던 아저씨 아주머니
시절이 어지러워 가벼워진 주머니
참고 또 참다 참다 술 한잔 하더니
일탈하고 이탈하는 오빠와 언니

어깨가 무거워 무거운 짐 벗어 던진 다음에는 그만큼 뜨거워
이 시절이 끝나고 내 세상이 온다고

언~젠가 내 세상이 온다 언~제나 끝까지 가본다
원래 나~아 그래 나~아 괜찮아 잘 참아
언~젠가 내 세상이 온다 언~제나 끝까지 가본다
얼마 안가 맞설거니깐 왔다 기다려 내 세상

내 세상이 온다 끝까지 가본다
맞아 죽나 굶어 죽나 깡따구의 본좌
그날은 꼭 온다 끝까지 가본다
맞아 죽나 굶어 죽나 인생 돌고 돈다

일어.. 나서.. 한번 더 뛰어!
언~젠가 내 세상이 온다 언~제나 끝까지 가본다
원래 나~아 그래 나~아 괜찮아 잘 참아
언~젠가 내 세상이 온다 언~제나 끝까지 가본다
얼마 안가 맞설거니깐 왔다 기다려 내 세상

'Gil Ra Im sshi.... how can you talk to the director like this? Gil Ra Im sshiIII?!"

image: 소녀감성‘s blog

시크릿 가든 Secret Garden (Nov 13 – 2011 Jan 16)

Directed by Shin Woo Chul; written by Kim Eun Sook

Starring Hyun Bin, Ha Ji Won, Yoon Sang Hyun, Kim Sa Rang, Lee Philip, Lee Jong Seok

주원이 라임와 영혼이 바뀌면서 여긴 정체성도 따라 바꿨다.  Er… my blog changed it’s soul too, after Juwon and Raim did (?) ^^; Like theirs, I’m sure it’s going to be temporary~ ^^

One more impact of the drama for me? Since Go Hyun Jung won the daesang last year in MBC, I won’t be as looking forward to her attendance as I would for the SG cast to be there… Even if SG doesn’t end in 2010, they had better attend the SBS awards, Juwon + Raim + Oska..

else I will change the channel!


* *

(Here’s SBS’s answer~ ^^ㅋ)

Thanks always to Ssun, for this compilation of Secret Garden moments~

7 responses

  1. apdy

    Heh, I never like the presenetation format of Korean Awards… But I’ll watch the SBS one for Hyun Bin! Best couples should go to Gumiho & Garden!

    2010/12/13 at 4:02 am

    • kpopfan

      I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! I love those couples and Secret Garden’s main cast should be at the drama awards too!

      2010/12/24 at 5:50 am

  2. stef905

    Daesang for Go Hyun Jung unnie! 😀

    2010/12/28 at 11:30 am

  3. leyzlie

    go hoihoi couple.. =)

    2010/12/30 at 3:30 pm

  4. glacierkn

    Does anyone know where to watch or download the drama awards?

    2010/12/30 at 11:24 pm

    • shyangz

      found this tip by otchosais @ Soompi :
      type channel KBC (sbs) korea 🙂

      2010/12/31 at 3:05 am

      • glacierkn

        Thanks! The station doesn’t load very well, so I can’t watch it, but I did see some parts of the show:)

        2010/12/31 at 12:51 pm

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