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Translated Secret Garden writer Kim Eun Sook’s long tweets refuting plagiarism claims by webtoonist Hwang Mi Na, but found interesting gems in her earlier tweets too. Here are some appetizers:

(12 Nov)

Sigh… It’s past 12 midnight.. I’m not even Cinderella but I really desperately want to run away. Finally..!! The first episode (of SG) has aired… gasp.. ratings..

“Bibidi bibidi boo~~~”

(26 Nov)

Director Cho: When is the script for episode XX out? ^^

Assistant writer: Around Wednesday? ^^

Director Cho: Is that the best you can do? Are you sure?

Assistant writer: If I said I’ll give you on Wednesday, would I not do so? Are you worried that I WON’T give it to you? Or are you being difficult because you think I CAN’T give it to you?

Director Cho: Then, I believe that’s the best you can do. Okay do it.

Reporting from a scene in writer Kim’s office ^^.. heheheh

(28 Nov)

When I asked Choi Min Ji (her 5-year-old daughter) if episode 5 was enjoyable, she said it was scary. “Scary? Why? Because a crow appeared? (in the secret forest)” “No. Gil Ra Im and Kim Ju Won drank wine and became exchanged. Daddy drinks every single day.. who will he become?” Gosh!! Now I totally understand why those below 15 years old require parental guidance when watching this show. ㅠㅠㅠ

(13 Dec – someone twittered her)

I think I have totally fallen for you writer-nim. What should I do? : )

(13 Dec – her reply)

You.. flew to me,  by mistake. Please walk away at the speed of memories. ^^

Firstly, about the plagiarism incident.

Since webtoonist Hwang Mi Na didn’t actually specify that the drama she’s accusing of plagiarism is Secret Garden, and that she refuses to elaborate to the media, it makes me wonder if this is a media stunt on her side… I just hope writer Kim Eun Sook doesn’t spend much time and emotions on this and have enough left for Secret Garden. ^^

(19 hours ago)

This matter angers me. Comic artist Hwang Mi Na has accused my drama of copying her webtoon ‘yi geot cheo geot‘ (lit. ‘this thing, that thing’; a very vague, careless way of something ‘in various aspects’). She listed down 1) Badly pronounced English 2) Fashion terrorist 3) The male lead goes to the female lead’s workplace to make life difficult for her 4. Poems appear in scenes, etc.

Hwang writer-nim, do you really think I plagiarised you? Regarding 1), badly pronounced English is commonly found. Expressions by ‘Heodang’ characters often fascinate people deeply. Does Hwang writer-nim really think this can be created only by you? 2) This assumption is ridiculous in itself. I don’t want to say more.

3) Regarding the male lead going to the female lead’s workplace to make life difficult for her, this is a setting that all romantic dramas use. From making her life difficult, the male lead can then progress in sweet loving ways (to a  relationship). This happened in my previous works, and in many other dramas as well. Even if I’m accused for being conventional (in using this setting), I find it illogical to say I plagiarised (this setting).

It’s like, if I used sugar and milk to bake bread, I had copied your recipe — what difference is there with the kind of plagiarism you accused me. 4) Regarding the appearance of poems in the scenes, strictly speaking, they were not ‘poems’ but ‘sentences’ constructed from book titles.

I personally liked these scenes and feel that they are the most appropriate way to express the inner feelings of a character who reads books in a massive library. Also with my creative literary background, is it strange to have ‘poems’ appear in my works?

I’m not sure if you have seen my debut drama ‘South of the Sun’ but in that drama the male and female leads wrote ‘poetic’ letters to each other and the female lead even recited poems herself. So should I claim that Hwang writer-nim plagiarised my works? If I did that, how would you feel?

Hwang writer-nim needs to elaborate on what exactly I plagiarized, item by item. The part where you claim vaguely ‘yi geot cheo geot‘, that is an irresponsible remark and I’m disappointed. Just like how Hwang writer-nim has pride in your works, I have pride in mine as well. This is a really regretful matter.

In conclusion it’s a pity that I haven’t read the webtoon ‘Botox’, or I could have been able to refute the accusations one item by one item. An irresponsible action like this – ‘let’s see what happens when shocking her with plagiarism accusations’ – it makes me extremely angry. That’s all I have to say.

From a totally unrelated point of view, I find the way she repeats ‘조목좀목 이대목 이재목’ (‘cho mok cho mok yi dae mok yi dae mok‘, lit meaning ‘item by item, this item that item’) very Juwon-ish — remember the way he describes his painstakingly made sequinned tracksuit, stitched ‘한땀 한땀’ (‘han ddaam han ddaaam‘, ‘one bead by one bead’), and in the latest episode 10 the purple ahjuma underwear tracksuit,  ‘한코 한코’ (‘han ko han ko‘, ‘one stitch by one stitch’)… *rofl*

Here are more tweet goodies.. (tweedies? ^^;)

(14 Nov)

The ratings report!!… is out. I’m supposed to remain humble.. should remain humble.. so that I won’t be criticized.. I know all that, but just for today I’m going to be haughty and puffed up today~ Gyaooo!! We’re first!!

(19 Nov)

I met a friend whom I had not contacted for 20 years. She’s now a mother of two children and works as a great teacher. We had a good chat for 5 hours, of which 4 hours were spent talking about ‘Hyun Bin’. ㅠㅠㅠ When we parted, my friend said, “I’m proud because of you”… of course you are..

image thanks to 리미니카님

(15 Nov)

‘”Made by an Italian expert craftsman who made only tracksuits, bead by bead,  for over 40 years”, now everybody says the lead character of <Secret Garden> is the shiny tracksuit. ㅠㅠ Still, this is due to my good choice in casting ^^

(21 Nov – in reply to someone whose tweets are unavailable)

I guess Oska probably proposed to work with Oh Seung Ah* but was rejected, or was scolded badly by Jang Ki Joon*.. heheh That’s because.. when Oh Seung Ah was younger, the idiot (?)* who tried to cheat her is currently Oska’s manager Choi Dong Kyu^^ hehehe

*Oh Seung Ah and Jang Ki Joon are characters in drama On Air, where the former was a celebrity and the latter her manager. When Oh Seung Ah was an unknown, she had gone for a talent audition and nearly got cheated by a lecherous agency boss.

(21 Nov – in reply to someone whose older tweets are unavailable)

My plan and strategy is to somehow scrape and paw my way desperately to finish 20 episodes… but 20 episodes is really looooooong. ㅠㅠ But still, if the beginning means half is done, then well I just have to finish the…. other half? ㅠㅠ

(6 Dec)

To all of you cheering us on, thank you very much. There’s a lot of talk about the ending these days. It seems that fake endings not written by me are very rampant out there. ㅠ.ㅠ If you continue doing this I may well become ‘femme fatale(?)’ writer Kim!! A relapse of Monday morning blues. ㅠ.ㅠ *groan*…

(24 Nov – someone twittered her)

Hello teacher Kim Eun Sook ^^ Thanks for being the lubricant in my stale and boring life. I’m enjoying myself watching Secret Garden. Looking forward to the future episodes. ^^ But looking at Ra Im’s bag suddenly brought tears to my eyes. I wasn’t very rich so when I was in college I wore my past school uniform, and was asked ‘Why are you still wearing your uniform? Don’t you have other clothes..” It brought back memories of those days when I was sad and depressed. Heheh ^^;;; I will be twittering you more greetings next time.

(26 Nov – writer’s reply)

To tell the truth, in the episode showing Ra Im’s bag, I had actually went through a period when I used a bag that looked exactly like that. Before I became a writer I was a poor urban refugee. Hope this gives you strength, fighting!!

(26 Nov)

am 07:00 It’s still dark outside. From now onwards ‘day’ scenes will be reduced and more ‘night’ scenes have to be written. Because (winter) days are shorter, it’s difficult to film if there are many day scenes. But if there are many night scenes, then the staff will suffer a lot. They’ll have to fight the cold into the wee hours of the morning. Filming in winter is seriously.. ㅠㅠ

(9 Dec – someone twittered her)

Writer-nim. Please please don’t make Oska a gay~~ Secret Garden is the reason I can go through the whole week, how can Oska be gay ㅠㅠ

(10 Dec – writer’s reply)

It’s just a joke played on Oska. ^^ Don’t worry too much.

it's a joke...?!

^ Thanks to Starcandii’s Memory Lane gifs @ Soompi

(14 Dec – someone tweeted her)

Couldn’t watch Sunday’s actual broadcast, I watched the repeat broadcast, how could it be so good… the lines are so exquisite… writer-nim you are really a sense-ggengyi (expert )~ i will live looking forward to the next weekend!!

(14 Dec – writer’s reply)

You don’t seem to be keen on being a dakbonsa, are you? Is this the best you can do? Are you sure?

* dakbonsa: person who resolves to absolutely watch the actual broadcast (of a favorite drama)

(14 Dec – replies to writer)

Sorry for not being able to catch the actual broadcast. I can apologize for a hundred times, thanks for giving me a chance to apologize ㅋ I swear with my life that I’m going to be a dakbonsa~ Because I’m suffering from Juwon alri now~

*alri – sickness of the heart, from liking somebody too much

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  1. Anonymous

    That’s so much fun. I wish she tweeted in English. So we could join the party. 😦

    2010/12/15 at 3:01 pm

  2. nhyn

    hahaha her replies are really funny 😀 im gonna attempt to tweet her some day using google translator LOL

    2010/12/15 at 6:37 pm

  3. rainyrain

    could you please help me , I want to know SG’s writer direct twitter link , I tried to find her by writing her name in twitter but couldn’t , please hel me 🙂

    2010/12/15 at 10:21 pm

    • shyangz

      her name is ‘dramaonly’, i also added her twitter widget on the right side of this blog~ : )

      2010/12/15 at 11:51 pm

      • rainyrain

        thankuuuuuuu 🙂

        2010/12/16 at 6:58 pm

  4. jenniferwong

    I could describe – you are wonderfully. Hope you could upload somemore in future. ^^

    2010/12/16 at 2:10 am

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