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Kim Ju Won’s parody twitter

Quick post – Below are 3 latest tweets from a fan-made parody account by ‘CEO_KimJooWon‘.

It is really really hilarious. Yes, this is the best. I’m sure~~~ *lol*

Heart-sign capture thanks to DC inside SG Gallery

(right: people tweeting to ‘Ju Won’; left: ‘Ju Won’s reply to them, over the past 2 hours)

Kim Ju Won sshi.. if you keep ignoring my tweets I’m going to become a fan of Oska oppa instead.

It’s my right, whether I want to reply your tweets or not. If you ‘un-follow’ me, I want to question whether you have ethics on how we shouldn’t practice discrimination.

If you could be born again, what do you want to be?

I hope to be born as an elevator attendant.

Good morning imnida~ (respectful greeting)

그쪽 모닝은 오전이라고 부르기도 미안한 10시입니까

This ‘morning’ you say… are you referring to the regretfully late time of 10 am?

( -ㅇ-) s o r r y *with a Juwon wave* The last tweet sounds really funny in Korean. How does this guy maintain a parody account? With a copy of Hyun Bin’s Secret Garden scripts by his side?

~   H I S    E A R L I E R    T W E E T S   ~

3rd Dec: Joined twitter to establish communication with all my marginalized neighbors.

3/12: #Tag: solos (singles)_ what are the symptoms of lovesickness?

3/12: #Tag: undergrads_ Loel Department Store will hold job interviews for fresh grads in mid-December.

3/12:#Tag: twitter friends_ regardless of your status in society, I firmly believe we can indeed by friends.

3/12:#Tag: EngTwit_ hey, man!

4/12: kimsoohanmoogeobugiwadurumi

(from someone) Aah I want to watch it soon — Oska and Juwon’s kiss scene~ *scream*

4/12: (in reply) Never mention him and me in the same breath.

Still not sleeping at this hour? I guess you’re not going to the office tomorrow?

4/12: Answer: I work only on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Kim Ju Won sshi, you have already entered my heart

4/12: I’m not the type of person with such free time that I will enter your heart.

Ju Wonie is mine

4/12: How could you say that?

4/12: I’m having a stroll, wearing a tracksuit sewn by a master tailor from Italy.

4/12: Why is half the world starving?

Today is~  Se-Ga day~ Ju Won ah! Ra Im ah! I miss you~~~~ #Tag:Secret Garden

4/12: How could you call out my name and Ra Im’s name? Especially my name. I’m not the type of person whose name you could just call out easily like this.

4/12:#Tag: Informal language_ Formal language is for my ears, informal language is for my mouth. This is common sense for a guy like me.

Kim Ju Won!!!! Because of you, I’m going crazy ㅠㅠ

4/12: Why?

4/12: Family gathering in the weekend. During dinner, Director Park made me a little angry. But I tolerated it well.

*Si..igh* CEO Kim Ju Won ㅠㅠ

4/12: Yes?

4/12: Second day of communication with my poor and marginalized neighbors

(my favorite Ju Won tweet)

4/12: I’m practicing my sit-ups now.

4/12: Using Choi Woo Young’s top-quality speakers made in Germany, I’m listening to Baek Ji Young’s ‘That Woman’ now

Wah!! hehehe .. CEO, you actually have time to tweet ㅠ_ㅠ?

4/12: Although I’m not a person who has free time, just like how I manage myself well, I manage my time well too. That’s how I have time to tweet.

When you come to fetch me (in your convertible), please close the car roof.

5/12: This will not happen. ‘Cos I would feel sorry for my car.

Where is your department store? I want to be a VVIP too.

5/12: How much do you have in your bank account?

5/12: Munja wa shong, munja wa shong

5/12: In my top-quality home theatre, I’m watching the Damo DVD now

Do not recklessly mis-treat our Oska oppa, who is like a star of the heavens! Who else could have increased the sales of your department store -ㅁ-!

5/12: Sales of my department store? Who else to thank but the young, good-looking, tall, capable and broad-chested CEO?

5/12: Deep in thought on how I should deal with Secretary Kim.

If you have lots of money, give me just 10 million won! hehe

6/12: Excess words of the poor.

Kim Ju Won sshi, since you don’t work, why are you up so early?

6/12: ‘Cos I must practice writing my signature.

CEO, doesn’t Gil Ra Im tweet?

6/12: For a girl with bad brains, who’s working with her physical strength, and who uses her fists all the time, why would she be here engaging in this cultural exchange?!

6/12: Third day of communication with my poor and marginalized neighbors. I learnt a lot and deepened my understanding about Gil Ra Im.

(ok, shall end off the translations with my 2nd favorite tweet!)


Thanks to the comments posted below, it inspired quite a few thoughts about the power of twitter on the imagination..

1.I found this twitter account from the list of people that writer Kim Eun Sook follows on her twitter.

This CEO is among the 19 people she follows, along with her friends and Kim Jung Eun (Lovers in Paris female lead). It makes me wonder if the twitter interactions between this ”Ju Won’ and the real world inspires her with ideas for her script.

2. Writer Kim follows only him and not the rest

I was reading through Jong Su, Oska, Ra Im and Ju Won’s tweets, and personally, I love Ju Won’s tweets most. Followed by Oska. Ju Won’s tweets can be naive, then brutally arrogant, or just speaking the truth in a cold, brusque manner (‘Answer: I work only on Tuesdays and Thursdays’ – he sounds like a notice on a shopfront, he can’t even care to add in a little ‘jeong’ love to make his reply sound human. ) It is not only funny but sometimes thought-provoking.

Oska’s tweets are just funny, even slapstick funny. If you start your day with Ju Won’s tweets, you would love to end yours with Oska’s. (I can’t believe I’m saying something as Oska as this… -.-;;)

3. Maybe writer-nim follows Ju Won because he’s going to change drastically?

The Bubble Theory. I bet all Se-Ga-holics* are wondering and fearing what writer Kim means when Ju Won said the little mermaid will disappear into bubbles. I don’t want to go into that, but I guess that Ju Won’s journey into Ra Im’s Wonderland will cause his character to go through much twists and turns, much bubbling in his neurotic mind.

By the end of the drama, I believe Ra Im, Oska and Seul’s characters will still be pretty intact (perhaps with more wisdom and understanding on their part) but Ju Won could be dramatically different. As writer-nim slowly moulds his character along the way, she could perhaps use this parody account to see if ‘Ju Won’ is growing well.

*Se-Ga-holics = Secret Garden alcoholics. Koreans like to add -holic to something they are hooked on, eg loveholic. Se-Ga because Secret Garden is a long 5 syllables in Korean ^^; And I feel alcoholic is valid here because if not for THAT wine, there won’t be Se-Ga.

4. Oh well, the parody account might be one of writer-nim’s designs, or of her assistant writers, by Ju Won’s Hyun Bin’s bored cody, or even Secretary Kim when he’s waiting for his boss to finish his stroll…. or *gasp* maybe it’s Director Park???! Hey, since he had tried to copy his signature, why wouldn’t he want to pretend being him on twitter-sphere? *rofl*

10 responses

  1. May

    OMG, these are so epicly hilarious!

    Thank you so much for sharing! Hahahah!

    2010/12/17 at 6:24 am

  2. nhyn

    LOL (you might have noticed i go here a lot. it is still NOT saturday T______T so im just fishing what i can to get by…) anw, back to the tweets: LOL LOL i cracked up for a whole 5 minutes because of the “hey, man!” LOL LOL LOL that was sooo funny in the drama, too. And the “no free time to enter your heart” tweet lol this person has indeed captured the essence of JW!!! do you think it’s the writer herself??? for promotion???

    2010/12/17 at 6:46 am

    • shyangz

      hmm.. I don’t think it’s the writer herself. Because ‘Ju Won’ tweets very frequently (like 30 mins ago?) But yeah you’re right, this fan caught the essence of Ju Won. It will be fun if there was a ‘Ra Im’ or even better, an ‘Oska’ twitter out there too! *rofl*

      2010/12/17 at 8:00 am

      • nhyn

        yup and they can all have a party together 😀

        2010/12/17 at 6:36 pm

  3. apdy

    He tweets so frequently that I had to ‘unfollow’ him!

    2010/12/17 at 9:51 pm

    • shyangz

      *rofl* x 10000000000…
      you know what? I think you should tweet this comment (in english yes!) to him directly. Would love to see how ‘Ju Won’ reacts to that.. lol

      2010/12/18 at 4:05 am

  4. ozera

    check out this account too:




    2010/12/17 at 10:55 pm

    • shyangz

      thanks ozera! loving Oska’s twitter too..

      2010/12/18 at 7:58 am

  5. Sophie

    Thanks for the translation of all those tweets! They’re hilarious. I wish I could understand all of his other tweets too…

    2010/12/20 at 6:43 am

  6. oska T.T

    As much as I love JW’s tweets, I died when Oska’s twitter disappeared T.T

    2011/02/11 at 6:22 am

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