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Ha Ji Won’s me2day posts, Filming Location #1~#22

This post is dedicated to lime , who introduced me to Ha Ji Won. ^^

What’s me2day? I haven’t checked out it’s FAQ, but this me2day account of talent agency ‘Wellmade Star M‘ looks like a collection of twitter posts of its stars, where Naver users can ‘like’ the tweets by clicking ‘me 2’ (me too) and leave comments on the tweets. Hmm.. which means it’s probably Naver’s version of Facebook?

Okie, on to Filming Location #1~

2 Dec 2010 : Day when Ra Im filmed her car stunt scene. After rolling down the car, Jiwon-nim* immediately checks out her mirror. “You look pretty even if you don’t look at the mirror,” the cameraman said, with which she replied,

“I’m not looking to see if I’m pretty. I’m checking my facial and eye expressions to see if I’m portraying the feel of a stuntman convincingly for the viewers. ^^”

That moment, the cameraman felt quite embarrassed. ** (9.50 am)

*I think the person writing these me2day messages are one of Ha Ji Won’s assistants, thus calling her respectfully with a -nim.

Filming Location #2

2 Dec 2010 : Inside Ra Im’s room. Do you remember this? ‘Munja washong~ Munja washong~‘ (You have a message) What kind of voice should she pronounce it before filming? In what kind of tone? She continued practising with ‘munja washong~’, making the staff members explode in laughter, and in the end Jiwon-nim also burst out laughing. ‘Munja washong~ Munja washong~‘ ha.. (9.56 am)

Filming Location #3

2 Dec 2010 : This is a day remembered as the day when the temperatures plunged. Although filming was in an indoor set, it was late at night and all actors and staff were freezing cold ㅜ ㅜ  When the ‘shoot’ instruction is given, Ra Im is full of vigor, but when at rest, even the brave Ra Im needs a handwarmer (the heater is used as a feetwarmer in the photograph ^^;) Look at her big toes forming a ‘V’, such sense ^^ (10.05 am)

Filming Location #4

9 Dec 2010 : Is she human? Or is she a mannequin? How can she look so beautiful and elegant? I wonder how the mee-chin* think about this ^^ (10.11 am)

* mee-chin : I had thought mee-chin referred to ‘crazy ones’, but I realised it meant ‘me2day chingu’ (me2day friends). s o r r y~ ㅡㅁㅡ

Filming Location #5

9 Dec 2010 : Release of these powerful, tension-filled yet elegant photographs from the filming location!!! Jiwon-nim once again marks her return to action scenes ^^ Hope she will go through these action scenes safe and unscathed… To be able to perform this role as Ra Im, who else other than Jiwon-nim? (11.12 am)

Filming Location #6

10 Dec 2010 : Is she in dreamland? In drama script-land? She looks like she’s sleeping…  But she also looks like she’s memorizing her lines… ^^ All of you too, it’s time to wake up now. Have a nice day all me2day friends!!! (6.39 am)

Filming Location #7

10 Dec 2010 : The sunshine Ra Im descends~! Our Actress Ha covered with sweat during her intense action practice sessions.. That sunshine smile that makes one forget all worries just by looking at it, where does it come from? ^^ (9.53 am)

Filming Location #8

12 Dec 2010 : Ra Im displaying her impressive sword-fighting skills in her role as Chae Ok. Rekindling the memories of past Damo fans… Creating new ones for current Secret Garden fans… And for Jiwon-nim’s fans, she creates yet another memory on why she will always be the actress they have supported… Check this out for yourselves tonight at 9.50pm in episode 10 of Secret Garden^^ (9.12 am)

Filming Location #9

12 Dec 2010 : It will be extra special to Jiwon-nim’s fans, who will be able to see a brief reprive of ‘Damo’s character Chae Ok when the broadcast airs in 3 hours’ time. After returning back to their original bodies, how will Ra Im and Ju Won’s stories develop? Everybody, you know you have to watch the actual broadcast right??? ^^ (6.46 pm)

Filming Location #10

14 Dec 2010 : Ra Im puts on makeup and styles her hair before meeting Oska. Jiwon-nim is lovable as she makes her preparations before meeting her favorite star, and the happiness she experiences after that which makes her star-struck for words. Everybody, how happy will you be if you get to meet Jiwon-nim? ^^ (10.34 am)

Filming Location #11

15 Dec 2010 : Jiwon-nim says,

“It’s so cold today ㅜ ㅜ It’s more than minus 10 degrees, please take care of yourselves everybody!!! We, the actors and staff of Secret Garden will reciprocate by working with one heart to make this a good drama. We will do our best. Please give us lots and lots of love~ Bye~~~ ^^” (10.20 am)

Filming Location #12

18 Dec 2010 : Here are photographs from the filming location of Raim and Oska’s rockclimbing scene in tonight’s Secret Garden episode 11!!! As a stuntman, Ra Im seems to enjoy the easy climb up the high rockwall. The winds were chilly and for a person like me who has a fear of heights, I look on at the filming location with both a frozen body and heart ^^ (6.22 pm)

Filming Location #13

18 Dec 2010 : What’s this??? What did Ra Im do to her idol Oska’s butt??? What will happen if Oska’s fans get jealous??? ㅜ ㅜ Look at Jiwon-nim enjoying herself *lol* Really makes you curious about Secret Garden’s episode 11 ^^ (6.27 pm)

Filming Location #14

19 Dec 2010 : Ra Im drinking??? Why??? Following the order of photographs from top to bottom, Jiwon-nim looks really amazed and happy like a child. She looks like she’s saying, “Is this for real?” and seem to be enjoying herself ^^ Why is Ra Im drinking in today’s episode 12? Is it a punishment? Stay tuned~ (5.58 pm)

Filming Location #15

19 Dec 2010 : Ra Im asleep together with somebody looking on with pitiful or is it longing eyes… With these photographs, further explanations are unnecessary, and all that needs to be said can be understood just by looking at Jiwon-nim’s eyes. Everybody stay tuned to Secret Garden episode 12 airing soon ** (6.32 pm)

Filming Location #16

20 Dec 2010 : I couldn’t forget Ra Im’s eyes and what she said yesterday.

“Come again… Tomorrow too… And the day after tomorrow…”

In order to convey a great script better to the audience, the actors and staff fought with the cold and suffered much. The above is a capture of a moment when Jiwon-nim felt the cold ^^ (7.26 pm)

Filming Location #17

22 Dec 2010 : Ra Im seems really happy ^^ Where is she? With whom?? Doing what??? Is it a place where its bright and filled with hope??? The answer can be found in this Saturday’s Secret Garden episode 13. But that will be 3 days later. Sob sob~ (11.12 am)

Filming Location #18

24 Dec 2010 : It’s Christmas, but why is Ra Im trembling in the cold? Looking at her, my heart ㅜ ㅜ In this week’s episodes 13 and 14, there will be many plot developments. That’s all I can say beforehand, but…

(The writer continues in the tone of Ahn Il Kwon)

(12.20 pm)

Filming Location #19

24 Dec 2010 : Jiwon-nim rests shortly while filming her action scenes… To warm her body, she wears her winter parka and drinks some coffee. Her face looks really tiny ^^ The parka is so thick it’s concealing her, does Ra Im prefer this as her tracksuit? Find out in this week’s Secret Garden~ ^^ (5.34 pm)

Filming Location #20

25 Dec 2010 : Being surprised, taken aback, not knowing what to do — look at Jiwon-nim acting out the variety of different expressions!!! What’s happening in Christmas? Will Ra Im have a happy Christmas? Or will it be a nightmare during Christmas? It’s tough to have to wait and see~ You’ll regret it if you miss today’s Secret Garden!!! ^^ (2.27 pm)

Filming Location #21

26 Dec 2010 : Hi all you me2day friends out there ^^ Did you catch the actual broadcast diligently yesterday? You will get to see the fast progress of Ra Im and Ju Won’s story soon~ That kiss scene between Ra Im and Ju Won at the party. Ah… It’s tough having to wait to see that. Come faster, Secret Garden episode 14 ^^ (10.57 am)

Filming Location #22

26 Dec 2010 : Ra Im and Ju Won’s kiss scene at the party!! The emotions you experience in fairytales, the endings that the main leads of fantasy movies get!? Don’t you think the feeling is similar here? No? How will they develop from here??? Stay tuned tonight at 9.50 pm Secret Garden episode 14 ^^ (12.17 pm)

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  1. Ange

    thanks so much for all your translations!
    ha ji won is such a dedicated actress, i’m such a big fan of her now 🙂

    2010/12/27 at 12:45 am

  2. HJWfan

    seriously.. the pictures are sooo clear.. thanks a lot.. i’ve been meaning to watch what she could offer.. she is truly an amazing actress.

    2011/01/25 at 9:35 pm

  3. bea

    can you tell me what is the URL where you get all this updates about Ha Ji Won. Thank you! ^^

    2011/05/15 at 12:55 pm

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  5. gerlie1124

    hi im the fan of ha ji won and hyun bin i love secret garden hope u have new movie together !!!!!! love you guys

    2011/05/25 at 6:33 am

  6. intensepassion

    HJW ❤ HB ….love you both : )

    2011/06/28 at 12:52 pm

  7. http://me2day.net/wellmadestar …. is it real?
    just asking… 🙂

    2011/07/03 at 2:57 pm

    • shyangz

      thanks for your question… i wouldn’t have known it was Ha Ji Won’s birthday! ^^; Yeah it’s the official me2day account of Ha Ji Won’s talent agency. Here’s more evidence~~

      3 Jul 2011 : To all who gave me birthday wishes and love .. I sincerely thank you very much ^^ Ever since I, Ha Ji Won, was born to this world, knowing all of you who are like blessings.. Moment after moment, I’ll always remember you, and I will try my best and aim to improve myself.. Everyone ~~~~ Today too.. I love you..!! (10 hours ago)

      2011/07/03 at 3:16 pm

  8. wow if you are really miss ha ji won i definetly admire you im jovilyn from phillipines hope you read my message i promise that i will always support even you are far

    2011/09/03 at 7:55 am

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