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LOEL department store

Photo by 최은경님

The famed escalators that save Ju Won from his claustrophobia can be found in the LOTTE department store above the Cheongnyangni (University of Seoul) Station, subway blue line 1.

~ Guide to Filming Locations in LOEL / LOTTE ~

Thanks to 밀밀님, who photographed this filming location banner at the entrance of the Lotte Department Store, during an event from Jan 10 ~ 23 , 2011. Visitors / fans who take photos of the indicated locations can exchange their photos for a present at the 6th story. How surreal it would be if Hyun Bin had held a fan-signing event here… (wearing an Italian tracksuit? *rofl*)

(the scene descriptions are kind of funny, have a good laugh~ ^^)

7th story: Where Ha Ji Won jumped from the railing while filming stunts (Episode 1,2)

6th story: Where Hyun Bin came walking to Ha Ji Won and told the director he’s Ra Im’s fan (Episode 1,2)

4th story: Where Hyun Bin ignores the rows of staff greeting him while taking escalators up to his office (Episode 1)

1st story: Entrance where claustrophobic Hyun Bin is rescued out of the building (Episode 16)

B2 story: Where Hyun Bin says “munja washong” while eating commoner food in the cafeteria (Episode 7)


~ More photos of LOEL / LOTTE ~

The Cheongyangni branch opened recently in Aug this year and is located in the Dongdaemun area.

This post started because fashion blogger Park Ji Hyun observed the above CEO actually following the fashion s-t-y-l-e (in Director Park speak) of the real LOTTE CEO Lee Chul Woo-nim…

(Photo: Money Today)

Photo by 별바라기

All screencaps in this post thanks to http://jiyunni.tistory.com/908 and http://barbieone.blog.me/10097582018

Photo by 밀밀님

Photo by 밀밀님

Photo by 사이로님

Photo by 밀밀님

*ahem* This is the place where CEO Kim was saved out of the %!@#!$ elevator that tried to kill him. *serious-expression*

Photo by 밀밀님

Outside the department store, but not in the drama ^^;

Photo by chlelgys님



Cheongnyangni Branch of Lotte Department Store increases monthly earnings by 3 billion won*, thanks to Secret Garden filming

excerpt translated from a Financial Times article by reporters Yoo Han Hee, Kim Eun Jin, Park Ha Na (2011-05-15)

*3 billion won = 2.7 million USD

‘When a drama is popular, our businesses become popular too!’

As Secret Garden, Boys Over Flowers and other hit dramas jolt all of Korea, the ones laughing the hardest behind the scenes are the businesses. Whether it’s their sponsoring of Product PLacement (PPL) or the use of their venues for filming locations in these popular dramas, it has led to the increase of their brand awareness as well as sales. Rather than millions of won spent in TV ads (CF), effects are better when businesses “strike lottery via dramas”.

■ You’ll never know till the (drama’s) lid is lifted

The effect of the PPL definitely depends on the success or failure of the drama, which can only be known after the drama has been aired, and can never be accurately predicted.

Park Chang Shik, president of the Korean Drama Association said on May 15, “While there are companies which invest 100 million won and earn  1 billion, on the flipside there are those who end up with the opposite result, thus this investment is like the lottery effect… The most crucial conditions is to enable the viewers, producers and the sponsoring brands to all reap benefits by having good lines and scenes to enable the products to appear at the most appropriate moments and increase the quality of the drama.”

There are concerns regarding whether viewers can really be consumers who support PPL of popular dramas. Lee Yoon Jung, a professor from the social educational science faculty of Gyung In Education University said, “After a PPL is attached (to a drama), the consumer behavior is impulse buying.” She suggested, “Although many forms of marketing techniques can be seen in a drama, it is most important to attract the attention of consumers by careful planning and taking into consideration their moderate consumer tendencies.”

■ Costing less than 10% of the advertisment fees yet having a daebak effect (?)

The fees of PPL range from 0 won to hundreds of millions of won. But they cost less than 10% of (non-drama) advertisements, which includes the cost of models and production fees.

The circumstances when PPL costs 0 won is usually for providing venues for filming. The star of this example is Lotte Department Store. Its branches such as those in Sogong-dong, Seoul – the main store, Avenuel store, Cheongnyangni store – appeared since Nov 2010 to Jan 2011 as the stores owned by ‘Secret Garden’ main character Kim Ju Won (Hyun Bin).

The Cheongnyangni branch, which opened after renovations in Aug 2010, saw it’s average daily sales hitting a record of nearly 1 billion won. After it’s opening, it’s average daily sales increased by about 100 million won, from its usual 900 million won. The majority of the drama’s viewers are female consumers 20~30 years old, and they visited the Cheongnyangni branch and contributed to ‘young-casual’ clothing sales, which saw a growth of 215.5% in the same duration as the drama broadcast.

Broadcasting rights of Secret Garden has been sold to Japan’s NHK, China and 13 other countries, thus the department store is anticipating an influx of foreign tourists. Bonjuk’s Donahm-dong branch appeared in drama Boys Over Flowers. After the drama was filmed and aired, it became the top-grossing branch of the porridge franchise. Since the drama has ended it’s run till today, the shop has seen not just local fans but also those from overseas. For example, Japanese customers make up about 20 ~ 30% of it’s overall customers.

■ Automatic advertising occurs just by making the main characters hold the product

LG Fashion’s male clothing brand TNGT sponsored about 80 suits in Midas, the drama that recently ended on May 3. That main lead Jang Hyuk is also a TNGT model helped to promote the brand positively. In order to showcase all 80 suits in the drama, Jang Hyuk even wore suits in scenes when his character was resting at home.

Meticulous placing of PPL resulted in sales and awareness from the public. Since April last year, TNGT’s net sales increased by 70% when compared to the same period last year. TNGT’s homepage  received about 3000 online visits which is 10 times the number of visits it received before the drama broadcast.

LG Fashion’s department head Park Seok Yong said, “Usually sale transactions in spring are lower, but our sales during this March and April is similar to that of the (more profitable) winter sales.” “Suits usually make up less than half of male clothing sales, where casual brands reign, but in April alone, suit sales made up 70% of TNGT’s earnings.”


just an fyi, Lotte ranked joint 6th largest department store in the world, in Forbes’ Global 2000. ^^

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    Loved the drama Secret Garden; filmed in this location. Is there any way I can get an autograph from the CEO of the drama (the male that was the main actor who was scared of elevators). I live in the USA and I love South Korean dramas. Would love to get an email from him also. Beautiful Beautiful department store; something I’ve never seen before. CLASSY

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