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2011 – first captures

Hi all, Happy New Year~ ^^ I’ve just got home, and am going to rewatch the 2010 SBS Drama Awards again!

Shall capture some of my favorite moments here, what a feast for the eyes! Yeah I agree that there were many ‘how-could-it-be-this-way’ moments too, but people, this SBS Awards is more about ‘drama’ than ‘award’. Will you be happier if there was a double-daesang to please everybody? Is that the best? (Why, tune in to the KBS or MBC Awards if you’re not happy.. ;P)

If I could only have one last thing to say before I start my captures, it is :

Even if our dearest Jewelry Jung (Jung Bo Suk nim) didn't get the Daesang, I still think he looked charming and charismatic yesterday. Reminded me of Kang Ma-ae - with an added dash of cute~ ^^*

photo: TV Report

To accompany you through this read, stream this song in the background~ It’s refreshing! (with gumiho satisfaction)

The Pride of Korea’s Dramas — 2010 SBS Drama Awards!

photo: bntnews @ Hankyung.com

“How do you feel the first time you attend the SBS Awards?”

“Today I’m… full of anticipation… and am pretty nervous too…I hope for the best results today.” – Joo Sang Wook

One reason for the female artistes’ stoic expressions on the red carpet is the temperature. How do you smile when you step out into the freezing cold air wearing so little? (while making sure you don’t trip -.0)

Click here for more red carpet photos, thanks to 율키님

Nice entrance~ ^^*

Park Jin Hee ~ Aah, pretty!

Go Hyun Jung must have been freezing all the way up the carpet. Had awaited for her to say something with Kwon Sang Woo here, but SBS edited it off. -.-;

But I found it via KoreaSpotTV!

Yes, Go Hyun Jung is frozen cold. But when asked if she prepared her acceptance speech for Daesang, woah, she said YES! Before half-dragging Kwon Sang Woo into the warmer awards hall.

3 greatest actor and actresses, all too nervous~ Especially Lee Bum Soo's pose, look at him~ ^^;

Our Ha Do Ya~~~! ♡

Though I didn't watch Prosecutor Princess, I really like Kim So Yeon~

The distinguished above, are officially SBS’ most prized possessions in 2010 and coming 2011. Did you see their faces plastered earlier on the SBS building in the 2nd  capture above? *rofl*

More thoughts: Many dimples~ ^^;

20s: Youngest up there are Lee Seung Gi, Shin Min Ah, Hyun Bin

30s: Kim So Yeon, Ha Ji Won, Park Jin Hee, Kwon Sang Woo

40s: Go Hyun Jung, Lee Bum Soo, Jung Bo Seok

(yes, a bit of over-analysis here, just noting how SBS covered the various viewership age groups with their top 10 ^^;)

“Acting is like riding a bicycle. In order not to fall off, you must move without being too self-conscious.” – Jung Bo Seok

Finally the Secret Garden cast is here!

… ( ..) fine~ Finally Hyun Bin is here! 현빈 왔숑~! Hyun Bin wa shong! ^^;

Sigh... if only the MBC president didn't mention about her definitely getting the SBS daesang. -.-; MBC - how many ways I shake my head this year...

Song Chang Eui~! (behind, left)

Throughout the Newcomer Awarding, I couldn’t help but be distracted by another set of dimples strategically positioned for fan service in the background, courtesy of Choi Shi Won. ^^;

“I’m very honored and thankful for this award. Dearest mum, big aunt, small aunt, and… dad (sounds like an afterthought *lol*), I love you all very much. (Proceeds to thank his bosses) Ah, and for those that I forget to thank while standing here, I will personally contact you after this. Erm.. from now on.. please continue to support me for at least 10 more years. I will definitely become a better actor. Thank you! ” – Kim Su Hyeon

I would award him for a Cutest Speech Award! *lol*

Shin Min Ah agrees!

The Suju cheer begets another dimple moment...

.. to be reciprocated with this set.. 왠지 좀 이상한데... -.-;

Finally - Cha In Pyo!

Park Geun Yeong nim! wow~ (even if it's just a scene from My Neighbor, My Enemy)

Scenes like these... *big sigh* Reminds me of Son Ye Jin in Alone in Love (SBS, 2006)

Winning the ‘Human Drama Award’, this weekend drama portraying the growth of a divorced couple as they gradually understood each other’s wounds. It won the award because with a divorce theme, it can easily have been made into ‘shocking’ makjang drama, but instead it was made as a ‘good-hearted’ drama receiving much praise by the weekend audience.


Poor Seunggi~ (while presenting Best Supporting Actor / Actress for continuous dramas)

Lee Seung Gi: After confessing that ‘I will love you to death’ in Strong Heart, I feel embarrassed seeing you now

Moon Chae Won: But aren’t you supposed to be ‘sticking’ together with Shin Min Ah here today?

SG: Well, because I had ‘stuck’ with you a lot last year, this year I will have to ‘stick’ to Shin Min Ah, you see. -.-;;

CW: Seunggi, you were not only nominated for Daesang in the Entertainment Awards, but here you are also nominated for the Drama Awards. You’re pretty busy in the end of this year aren’t you? Even if you had 10 bodies, it will still not be enough…?

SG: … Yeah, I guess 10 wouldn’t be enough. If I had 10 more bodies, I could have done more programs, that’s rather regretful, yeah.

CW: Seunggi, you can sing, you can act, can MC, you can do everything! So which one are you happiest while doing?

SG: … Ah.. I think I’m happiest this very moment, presenting the awards together with you today! (good one!)

CW: Not seeing you for so long, you are quite sly though you act innocent huh?

SG: … Yeah, and this script is pretty sly and acting innocent too.. *lol*

Lim Hyun Shik, ah!

Assemblyman Oh Jae Bong!!! *rofl* Oh I miss him!

Interesting stage design, view of Shin Sung Rok receiving his award

Didn't know Shi Won could emcee as well~ ^^

Kim Jung Eun: Hey if you think about it, we have similarities! You’re a singer who went into acting, while I’m an actress who went into singing!

Choi Shi Won: Yeah, and there’s one more – I’m hosting a music program too!

JE: Oh yes, the one from station ‘M’..

SW: Yeah.. You didn’t know that before, right?

JE:  (momentarily dazed) y-yeah…

SW: Oops.. sorry!

JE: (apologetic laughs) Yeah, I only knew after he told me back stage just now!

Lee Deok Hwa has such magnetic presence on-screen...

... and off-screen too, especially while the Giant OST played in the background. Another daemul! ^^*

He gallantly received his Best Supporting Actor for special projects, and said in his slow, grand way, “Why don’t you all take a seat please. Aw.. Go Hyunjung too, please sit.” *lol*

Well-loved veteran Lee Deok Hwa ends off his speech with a rousing, "Our dearest viewers, please, in this new year, do give more love and support to the older actors like me!"

Kim Seo Hyung is quite scarily impressive in this short clip

Best Supporting Actress for special projects, Hong Ji Min receives a sisterly embrace from Kim Jung Eun~ ^^

And starts off her fangirl mode with a Shiwon hug!

I love this girl’s attitude! On behalf of all the fangirls in us, she did what needed to be done *heheh*

“Hi! I’m more used to being called musical actress Hong Ji Min, but today I will call myself actress Hong Ji Min. ^^ Frankly, I’m very nervous to be nominated for this award, and I feel unfamiliar being in this place. In front of me is Go Hyun Jung onni, Kwon Sang Woo sshi, Cha In Pyo ohppa…”

Look at Cha In Pyo's face... kkkkkk

“Yes he’s an ohppa~ (adamant) All these are fascinating and new to me. (And she continues roaming her fangirl radar…) Ah.. Hyun Bin sshi (nodding expectantly)…”

I love watching Secret Garden nowadays…  (fan wave~)

“That ‘handaam handaam‘ tracksuit (created painstakingly one bead by one bead), I bought one as well!”

There are many people I would like to thank while I’m standing here.

I’m originally from the theater, so I would like to thank Director Kim Mi Shik very much for bringing me into the broadcasting station.

Also, for introducing my name, Hong Ji Min, to everybody, I would like to thank Secret Garden Writer Kim Eun Sook and Director Shin Woo Chul.

For enabling me to be able receive this award… currently while standing in front of the camera I’m still nervous, so to the person who says I shouldn’t be nervous, but instead enjoy myself in front of the camera, this person who’s less than 3 years older than me, but whom I address as ‘Dad’, Director Kim Hyun Shik thank you so very very much! Director, where are you?

Ahppa (Dad), I won a prize. Thank you! (She’s so cute!)

And while doing a drama like “I Am Legend”, us actresses really did it with much tears, many overnights, and much laughter. I’m so sorry, I’m supposed to give a short speech, but I will give a long one. Sorry! ‘Cos it’s broadcast live!” (Ah I love her! *lol*) Who knows when I have another chance to stand here again.. yeah… oh sheesh after being told to make it short, now I forgot what I wanted to say. Anyway thank you very much. While we were filming “I Am Legend”, although it was difficult, I want you to know that the staff also worked very hard as well. I want to thank the staff very much. And then although the Madonna band from the drama couldn’t come today, I want to thank Jun, Shin Jung (her band mates?), and the very lovely Jong Eun, thank you so much. Thanks for helping this unnie act comfortably… *sigh* thank you, really thank you..

*saeng u!* (konglish style)

look at Kwon Sang Woo! *lol*

Song Chang Eui -- daebak (com-)ment!

Yoo Min: Thanks to ‘Life Is Beautiful’, I had the opportunity to work in a Japanese drama, we are hard at work filming now

Song Chang Eui: I had sent you away too soon in ‘Life is Beautiful’, though I would have loved to continue my relationship with Chae Yong, if I could… but I couldn’t. I hope you can hold on to your love in your Japanese drama.

Yoo Min: Yeah I must… ^^ Oh, why is Kyung Soo not here with you today?

Song Chang Eui: (without hesitation) Well, Kyung Soo is right here in my heart (!!!!)

Lee Jae Yong, Best Supporting Actor for drama specials *applause* nod nod nod..

Lee Jae Yong thanking Kwon Sang Woo, whom he always regards as a son deep in his heart. ^^

One of my favorite scenes~

I'm so glad Kim Hye Ok got a nomination, though I think she should have won, too.

Acting… means love – Park Shin Yang

(far left) Cha In Pyo points to Go Hyun Jung, but Shi Won has someone else in mind...


Can No Min Woo really do that?!

The Daemul family ^^

SBS Dramas showing Changes of the Times.

In 1999, drama male leads are most likely 1. doctors; 2. prosecutors; 3. lawyers. But what’s the most popular male occupation? The occupation that catches female viewers — being a 2nd Generation Chaebol! However, times have changed. Nowadays…

Male leads tend to talk a lot...

and get (physically) hit by women and look pathetic...

But how about the women? In the past, the top occupation for women is being a full-time housewife, followed by being a secretary, a nurse.

But now, females can be doctors,


and even a president!

New Trends in SBS Dramas

Medical sageuks (historical dramas)

Revamped music dramas

1st medical sports drama in Korea

Fresh perspective on the ancient myth of gumiho

And a new twist to the love story between Cinderella and a Chaebol

Lim Hyun Shik – What Acting Means to Me…

Having acted for over 40 years, I’m not too fixated on being the lead character.

Because I’m already the lead character in the way I live in this world.

(He talks with sweet relish when reminiscing his youthful good looks)

To him, acting is a marathon where it doesn’t matter who wins.

Love the way the gigantic back screen shows the drama's memorable scenes while Seung Gi sings in front, which then dramatically opens to reveal Shin Min Ah as she joins in the song

Finally the Best Couple Award~

Lee Soo Kyung: Ha Ji Won sshi, these days, the foam kiss scene is all the rage in Korea. How was the feeling of foam-kissing with Hyun Bin?

Ha Ji Won: Well… it’s my first foam kiss too. Usually during filming, Hyun Bin sshi will look at you with a meaningful gaze, helping me to feel the scene and make filming easier.

Lee Soo Kyung: And now to the one who makes your heart flutter, Hyun Bin sshi~ Hyun Bin sshi, these days in the drama, beneath that mask of someone from an elite class, you’re someone with effortless elegance and a sexy brain (?? what kind of script is that?), where do you personally think your charm lies in?

Hyun Bin: Erm…… All of that? Ah, no no.. Actually that shouldn’t be answered by me…
Lee Soo Kyung: Yes, of course… ALL was heard loud and clear. *rofl*

I didn't watch Giant, but it seems like a cosy family moment as they tease the Woo-Joo couple.

As daddy Lee Deok Hwa looks on~ ^^;

Dear readers, I’ve finally reached the end of the first segment. *bows*

(And suffering from recapping fatigue — clicking spinal sounds >.<) Oh boy~ Thanks for reading till here. I think I made another record for longest post, since the Icon Awards. *lol*

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  1. apdy

    First shot of Hyun Bin looks like he was out of breath for a few secs [being rushed to the table perhaps] — too bad they didn’t have pics of him walking the red carpet.

    While almost every guys are in black, he’s going with blue. It looks good against the stage backdrop (photos release by media), cos the color is one shade lighter under the lights =D

    2011/01/01 at 7:51 am

    • shyangz

      Yes! I was also looking for the red carpet photos of him! And with the drama’s popularity, I don’t think SBS would totally edit out their red carpet scenes either, so they must have rushed here post filming (?) Woah thanks for pointing out the blue! He looks better here than Ju Won! *lol* Though some netizens have pointed out, “Is that hair his best? Is he sure?”

      2011/01/01 at 7:56 am

  2. anna

    whoaaa I can’t believe you actually made a recap of this show!!! LOVE IT!!!!

    2011/01/01 at 6:38 pm

  3. Sara

    thanks alot for translating….very happy for the winners moreso for my favorite drama of the moment Secret Garden…. a big night for them getting the netizens award as well as acting awards…am in awe of Hyun Bin’s acting skills after episode 15….hope you’ll continue with the segment

    2011/01/02 at 1:24 am

  4. Ange

    ah thanks so much for recapping! i agree, the SBS drama awards this year seem to have the most stars!

    2011/01/02 at 5:40 am

  5. Lin

    Thanks a lot 😀 !!

    2011/01/02 at 9:33 am

  6. hyun bin and ha ji won is alovely couple i love them both

    2011/06/01 at 4:48 am

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