.. 그래도 계속 지켜볼 겁니다~ ♪♬

By whom? By ME!

Joining the ranks of twitter parody account CEO_KimJooWon and the neurotic Juwon video creator ‘ing‘, here’s somk6865, from the Secret Garden Fan gallery, who wrote this fantastic post called

Juwon’s Request for a Drama Extension

image thanks to 곰땡님

Can’t we extend our Secret Garden??

I’m saying we MUST extend it!!

I want you to extend it, EXTEND IT~!!


Although our Secret Garden ends at episode 20, but it is not a drama that can just end like that!!

It’s not acceptable that the drama is not extended!!

Secret Garden is written by Kim Eun Sook, writer of many hot issue dramas, who wrote this drama sincerely one~ word, by one~ word

and directed by Shin Woo Chul, director of many impressive scenes, who directed this drama one~ scene, by one~ scene – it’s this kind of drama!

That’s why I! That’s why I’m standing in front of you (the SG writer, director, SBS president) and clinging desperately to you!

Why are you not answering! Do you know how long I had to think hard about this! Doesn’t make any sense?? Which part of what I say doesn’t make sense!

You said that you had no intention of extending the drama, you had said you didn’t want to extend!

So, I’m requesting you to extend it, deliberately asking for the impossible, clinging with such desperation, what other choice do I have!!

Of course, to ask for the impossible this way, this will be the most tortuous single moment of my entire life,

but with regard to the current circumstances, the fact that I’m not getting the extension is the real scenario!!

How’s this!! Ain’t I cool or what?

You said you would never write any further!! Just like other dramas..!!

You.. never even spent 5 minutes thinking about your fans,

do you know the ridiculously long time I spend thinking about Secret Garden’s extension!!

So, I shall make a big fuss and request for an extension here, and if you really extend it, I will give you a standing ovation and be a dakbonsa (one who watches all actual broadcasts religiously)!!


You say I’m crazy!!?? You don’t believe I will really write extension requests here and there and everywhere??

I’m this kind of person!! ‘I’m a shy person..” Words like that will not be part of my extension requests

“Bold and forthright, that’s me!!” I will write it like this, I’m this kind of person, ME!!


Anyway whether you eventually extend it or not… It’s just (choosing) one out of two (possibilities)!! Isn’t it?? I’m right, aren’t I?

I like Secret Garden and if I continue watching Secret Garden, in the current circumstances this is the best option, that’s why I’m asking for this impossible!

Of course facing the harsh reality and not having an extension, it’s possible that I’ll end up fighting with other Secret Garden fans, that’s possible too!

All those wives who are Secret Garden fans and and are holding a death grip on their TV remotes; all their husbands who are opposing them and counter-threatening them to kill themselves;

All those viewers who love Secret Garden much more than other dramas;

All the tens of thousands of people in dramaland;

All these reasons on behalf of the fans, I’m saying that you may end up being hurt by them, these words not only to the writer-nim but also you, SBS president!!


Because the extension of Secret Garden is a business deal concerning the love and fantasy of tens of thousands of fans!!

I bet in the end, you will choose my proposal! If I get my extension after fighting with all these people, will I still be able to continue being a Secret Garden fan?!

If not, should  I give up on the Secret Garden extension and find another drama that becomes the tonic of my life?

You, do you prefer the 2nd option??


I’ll give up, I’ll forget about Secret Garden, and simply watch another drama!

I’ll cheer ‘fighting’ to another writer, another director, other actors, you’ll like that, don’t you..!

But how long will that happiness last…?

I will lose my everything and you, writer and director, can live happily forever.. will you be able to do that?

I don’t have the confidence to say that I will not resent and hate you, writer and director, if you don’t give me the extension…

Even if you planned to start with a 20-episode drama, will you really end with a 20-episode drama…?

Yes, you’ll do 20 episodes, but where’s the harm doing 5 more episodes?

Even if your heart doesn’t feel like it, you have no intention of doing it, why don’t you just try it for once anyway!!

To tell the truth, writer-nim, your heart wants to do it right! Because you love Secret Garden too!

Look at that, look at that~! Fidgeting and trying to lie again…

Think about it seriously and do the extension!

Because I had thought about it seriously and requested for an extension you see!!!



I don’t think I did this writer justice when translating from Korean to English, so here’s the original below, with each~ drop, each~drop of Ju Won flavor intact~ somk6865님, 김사장 빙의글이 확실하게 최선입니다! ^^;



우리 시크는 연장 하면 안됩니까??

연장 해야지 말입니다!!

연장해 주라고 주라고~!!


우리 시크는 20회 까지만 하고 그냥 끝나면 안 되는 드라마야!!

연장 안 하고 그러면 안된다고!!

시크는 핫이슈 드라마만 쓴다는 김은숙 작가님이 한글자 한글자 정성들여 쓰고

샤방샤방한 장면만 연출한다는 신우철 감독님이 한장면 한장면 연출한 그런 드라마라고!!


그러니까 지금 나! 그쪽(작가님, 감독님, 드라마국장님)한테 대놓고 메달리고 있는거야!

왜 대답이 없어! 오래 고민 한건데! 말이 안돼?? 말 안되는게 뭔데!

그쪽은 연장할 생각이 없으니까 연장 안 한 다면서!

그러니 내가 연장 해달라고 떼쓰고 메달리고 해야지 어떡해!!

물론 이렇게 떼쓰기 까지 내 인생 통틀어서 가장 힘겨운 시간을 보냈지만

현재로선 내가 연장을 안달내는 그림인건 맞거든!

어때!! 쿨 하지!

이런거 잘 떼 안쓴다고!! 다른 드라마에는..!!

그쪽은 폐인들 단 5분도 생각하지 않는 반면에

난 터무니없이 장시간 시크연장을 생각하고 있다고!!

그러니 내가 시끄럽게 여기저기 연장 요청하다가 연장되면 기립박수 치면서

닥본사 한다니까!!


미쳤다고!!?? 내가 여기저기 연장요청 글 못올리것 같아??

나 그런 사람아니야!! 수줍게 저기요.. 하면서 연장요청 하지않고

당당하게 저기 있잖아!! 하면서 연장 요청할 수 있는 그런 사람이라고 내가!!


어쨋든 결론은 연장 하거나 연장 안하거나… 둘 중 하나잖아!! 아니야?? 맞지?

난 시크가 좋고 시크를 계속 보려면 지금으로선 이게 최선 이니까 난 이렇게 떼쓸거라고!

물론 현실에 부딫혀 연장 안해서 시크폐인들과 싸울 순 있겠지!

아내들이 시크 폐인이라고 리모컨 사수하는걸 죽어라 반대하는 신랑들과

다른 드라마국 사람들과

폐인들을 위한다는 이유로 작가님을 다치게 할 수도 있는 국장님을 상대로 말이야!!


시크연장은 수많은 폐인들의 사랑과 환상이 얽힌 비지니스거든!!

결국 난 선택을 하겠지! 이많은 사람들과 싸워서 시크연장을 얻어 계속 시크폐인이 되느냐!

아님 시크연장을 포기하고 앞으로 내삶의 활력소가 될 다른 드라마를 보느냐..

그쪽이 원하는게 2번이야??


내가 포기하고, 시크를 잊고 다른 드라마를 시청한다 쳐!

그럼 다른 작가, 다른 감독, 다른 배우들을 또 화이팅 하며 좋아라 하겠지..!

근데 그 행복이 얼마나 갈까…?

내 모든걸 잃게 하고 작가님과 감독님은 오래오래 행복하게 살았습니다.. 할수 있어?

난 시크 연장 안해준 그쪽들 원망 안 하고 미워하지 않을 자신 없는데…?

20부작 드라마 시작 하면 다 20부만 하고 끝내?

20부만 한다 그러고 5회 더 하면 어떻게 되는데?

마음 안가고 뜻 없어도 그냥 한번 해 봄직 하잖아!!

솔직히 작가님도 그럴맘 있잖아! 그쪽도 시크 좋아하잖아!


이봐 이봐~! 방금도 움찔 해놓고 서짓말 하기는…

진지하게 생각해 보고 연장해줘!

난 진지하게 생각해 보고 연장요청질 하는거니까!!


5 responses

  1. nhyn

    LOL LOL this is fantastic! if youre saying you didnt do this post justice, it must be really really epic and awesome, because your trans alone made me laugh like a lunatic XD

    anyway,im actually glad they didnt extend it. the story is fine as it is, i dont want it to drag 😀 it’d be best if she has like a spin-off or “alternative universe” version. thatd be cool ^_^

    2011/01/06 at 3:48 am

  2. May

    Haha, this was such a fun read :p
    To be honest, I am glad it wasn’t extended too.
    HOWEVER, I would like a season 2 😀
    You should reply and tell her to write a plea for season 2 instead xD
    it’s more realistic (well, not by much)

    thanks for always sharing your translations with us! (:

    2011/01/06 at 8:35 am

  3. apdy

    An alternating speech of Joo Won proposal to Ra Im that he’ll be the Little Mermaid. When are they going to drop that ‘stitch-by-stitch’ – we hear it in recent eps but really has not effect anymore.

    Sorry Joo Won but I’m not siding w/ you on the extension. Spare me please! I want my life to become normal again cuz reading this post @ 3 AM in the morning isn’t healthy.

    2011/01/06 at 9:09 am

  4. lyrayoo

    an extension. what conflict will they have? how to find an italian artisan to stitch another . spangle? hahaha. agree on the comments above. the ending for me is not grand yes, but it was the most in content ending i have watched this year without having a state of delirious attempt to beg the writer to make an alternative ending.

    i was like crazy smiling when im reading this. you gave justice there deary. couldnt ask for more! 😀

    2011/07/11 at 12:06 pm


    2011/07/11 at 1:40 pm

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