.. 그래도 계속 지켜볼 겁니다~ ♪♬

from wellmade star m’s me2day account

*one deep bow*

Thank you, SBS, Hwa and Dam Pictures, writer- and pd- nims… all staff…

oh, and thanks to the reminder by ainmine at the SG Fan Gallery, here is the Most Important Staff, appearing in a very important 1 minute of the drama:

수고많으셨어요… 이젠 푹자~!

Thank you Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won as Juwon, Raim, Kim sajang (CEO), Kim Ddol Chu, Gil Taeng Ja, ‘that stuntwoman’…. Thank you Hyun Bin’s codi / stylist for that churining training bok (suit)… *lol* it will be missed… And Raim’s foot-tapping, whoever’s foot it is, everytime it happens it’s a memorable scene.  ^^ And thank you Yoo Mi Jin, for all the stunts and for making Ra Im so much cooler than Ha Ji Won already made her. (Will saying thank you to Hyun Bin’s dimples make me . . . . .  n’mind I’ve said it. ^^;; )

Thank you Choi Woo Young, many people love you including that prick Juwonie, your mummy with her airsprays, your tortured manager, your loyal fans + Gil Ra Im your decade old fan, Ssun who hates loving you, and Seul. Thank you Oska, you don’t know how much I love ‘바로본다‘ (‘Gazing at you’) and how much I hate ‘상처만‘ (‘Only wounds’) because of you.

Thank you Seul. Your 2 speeches in episode 6 and 17 will always remain in the archives of my blog. Thank you for your faaabulous English. ^_^;

Thank you Juwonie omma. Although my favorite all-time bad mummy is still Kim Hye Ok, you positively convinced me how you could be Juwon’s mother and vice versa. How you like flower arrangement so much that your flower boy lives in a structure looking like a greenhouse* and works in an office like a florist shop.

*that greenhouse, instead of keeping the flowers warm, was pretty cold. Remember the visible breaths coming out of Hyun Bin and Yoon Sang Hyun while they were dressed down within their house? And Ha Ji Won too, in the recent episode. They have suffered much!

Thank you Director Park. Like Ra Im, I love your voice too. ^^ No one gets bullied by Juwonie with greater comic relief than you. I teared (from too much laughing) for your anguish when ‘Kim Ju Won’ was signed with a heart-teu byoong byoong~ (cute expression for little hearts like bubbles popping out of you)

Thank you Ji Hyun nim.. although you may no longer be on the number 1 dial on Juwon’s mobile, you provided an alternative into Juwon’s world of women and showed us that not all of them act like the ‘crazy’ ones Seul admitted herself as. ^^

I would like to thank the Action School as a whole, especially Hwang sunbae, for all the hilarious encounters in their attempt to help Ra Im bond with that ‘kid with lots of money’. Also the pork skin restaurant. People… do NOT try melting pork skin in your mouth. o.O *glare*

Kim biseo (secretary)… s o r r y (wave), I prefer Director Park! *rofl*

Ah Yeong ah~ Thank you for providing the school-girl angle to the drama, I’m really terrified of your dreams.

Ra Im’s dad. And his alter-ahjumma at the mysterious Shinbi Garden. *clasp palm to palm* -ㅇ- “Shin yee shi yo… (Dear God)… Please… happy or sad, please give us a good, worthwhile, satisfactory ending tonight!” And I’ll be terribly grateful.

Ah, that reminds me. Thank you elevators and escalators of LOEL Department Store. Escalators have never been shot so beautifully on-screen before, and thanks to the elevator I learnt about how claustrophobia can’t kill you. To all fellow Se-Ga fans who went breathless with Hyun Bin’s good acting, here’s a comment by nekoi in the ‘Juwon are you alive‘ post:

“so, is it no one else understands that, though it as a tramautic experience for people suffering from claustropobia, you can’t really die from it, because once you are unconscious, you actually start breathing again. It’s all in the mind. There are really oxygen around you. :) LOL”

– nekoi, if you are reading this, thank you once again..  I’ve never felt sillier.. ㅡㅡ;

Thank you, big bookshelf at Juwon’s home. I think I’m really going to get that book entitled “그는 추억의속도로 걸어갔다’ (‘He walked away at the speed of memories’). Yeah I’m actually buying a book for it’s title. (?!) Thanks to the book poetry, I found writer Kim Eun Sook’s twitter, and CEO’s parody twitter.

Thank you SAGAK-nim, for the cartoons.. I’ve to repeat myself here again that I didn’t create them, I just translated and shared them that’s all. My favorite sagak moment:

Lastly, thank you to all the crazy fans out there. For sharing, re-sharing, the experiences and emotions these past 10 weeks. This is the first time I tried sharing online so actively during a drama. But admittedly ‘cos it’s hard to wait for 2 episodes every week. The outpouring of fan creations to help with the waiting. I’m going to add a little thanks to iMBC’s FM4U, for helping with the wait during the weekdays by playing the OSTs and talking about Se-Ga. (Fine, talking about Hyun Bin.^^;) Even the ahjusshi djs couldn’t help but talk about him. *lol* *wipes a tear*

ㅠㅠ How are fans going to walk away at the speed of their Secret Garden memories?

4 responses

  1. nekoi

    ah, *blushes* I’d never meant for you to feel silly at yourself, just wanna comfort those who were really worried for Joowon at that time.
    I wanna take this chance to thank you instead for your interesting posts here, and for translating the comics! You’d helped made waiting for each Se-Ga episodes alot more bearable.
    THANK YOU for all the (tears and)fun!
    Rock on!

    2011/01/16 at 12:22 pm

  2. gk

    well, thank YOU as well for keeping us gardeners updated. ^^

    2011/01/16 at 2:30 pm

  3. maeye86

    gonna share this on my facebook!

    coz u wrote everything that i wanted to write.

    and yes, thank you otayamin! for all the entries, pictures,.. everything!! u shud know that ur blog is one of the most reading things for me for the past 10 weeks. kamsahamnida!

    as much as i really love and went crazy over (still am) the final episode… i am extremely sad that it is over!

    thanks otayamin!!!!

    2011/01/17 at 4:26 am

  4. theblackpatita

    hello!! thanks for sharing anything and everything about SEGA.

    this drama will premiere here in my country, philippines this april.we are very much excited! our withdrawal aing starting yet haha!!


    2011/03/30 at 4:56 am

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