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the great birth of singer Lee Tae Kwon

Using this post as a convenient playlist of the songs he sang in MBC Star Audition.. love his voice~ ^^

Featuring songs by

* CNBLUE * The Searchers

* Robert Palmer

* Jang Hye Jin & Vibe

* Toy * Kim Tae Won

* Lee Sang Woo

* Park Jung Woon

* Kim Gwang Seok


조용필 – 꿈          ‘Dream’, originally by Cho Yong Pil

illustration credits to 옆집아저씨~

화려한 도시를 그리며 찾아왔네.           Yearning for the vibrant city life, here I came.
그 곳은 춥고도 험한 곳.           That place, a cold and dangerous place.
여기저기 헤매다 초라한 문턱에서           Wandering around, past run-down doorways
뜨거운 눈물을 먹는다…           Gulping down hot tears…

머나먼 길을 찾아 여기에           Finding myself here after such a faraway journey
꿈을 찾아 여기에           Finding myself here in search of my dreams
괴롭고도 험한 이 길을 왔는데..           Along this miserable and tumultuous road, here I am..
이 세상 어디가 숲인지 어디가 늪인지           In this world, where exactly is the forest, and where the swamp
그 누구도 말을 않네…           Why wouldn’t anyone tell me…

사람들은 저마다 고향을 찾아가네.           Everyone is going back home.
나는 지금 홀로 남아서.           Except me, all alone now.
빌딩 속을 헤매이다 초라한 골목에서           Wandering among buildings, along run-down alleys
뜨거운 눈물을 먹는다…           Gulping down hot tears…

저기 저 별은 나의 마음을 알까..           That star up there, does it understand my feelings..
나의 꿈을 알까..           Does it understand my dreams..
괴로울땐 슬픈 노래를 부른다..           Singing a sad song when I’m miserable..
슬퍼질 땐 차라리 나 홀로..           The sadder I become, it’s better that I’m alone..
눈을 감고 싶어..           I want to close my eyes..
고향의 향기 들으면서..           And breathe the air of my hometown..

슬퍼질 땐 차라리 나 홀로..           The sadder I become, it’s better that I’m alone..
눈을 감고 싶어..           I want to close my eyes..
고향의 향기 들으면서..           And breathe the air of my hometown..
고향의 향기 들으면서..           And breathe the air of my hometown..

Kim Yoon Ah and Jaurim’s rendition of the great song on I Am A Singer~

김광석 – 사랑 했지만          ‘Although I Loved You’ originally by Kim Kwang Seok

Ji Chang Wook’s brave attempt..

박정운 – 오늘같은 밤이면          ‘A Night like Tonight’ originally by Park Jung Woon

이상루 – 슬픈 그림같은 사랑 ‘A Love like Sorrowful Pictures’ originally by Lee Sang Woo

The clip features Moon Geun Young and Kim Joo Hyuk in 2006 movie ‘Love Me Not’ (사랑따윈 필요없어)

부활 김태원 – 추억이면(異面)          ‘The Dark Side of Memories’, lyrics and music by Kim Tae Won (Boohwal)

MV starring Jo Seung Woo and Jang Hee Jin! ^^

토이 – 여전히 아름다운지          ‘Still As Beautiful As Before’, originally by Toy

장혜진 & 바이브 – 그남자 그여자          ‘That Man and That Woman’, originally by Jang Hye Jin & Vibe (Tae Kwon sang it with Kim Hye Ri)

‘Bad Case of Loving You’, originally by Robert Palmer

‘Love Potion No. 9’, originally by The Searchers

OST for 1998 movie ‘태양은 없다’ (The Sun is Not There)

‘Love’, originally by CNBLUE

~ more memorable performances ~

(thanks to csw707 for all the YT uploads)

May 20 duets

Baek Chung Kang with Kim Kyung Ho… woah~!

Shayne with Jung Yeob

I think this is my favorite Shayne song~ ^^ *sigh* And I’ll miss his ‘hyung-nim‘~

Why Se-ga fans will like Shayne too~ ^^*

May 27 grand finals

Replacing his rendition of 꿈, this song 흑백사진 by mentor Kim Tae Won has become my most unforgettable Tae Kwon song~~ And it’s his song.. ㅠㅠ

Admit it… David Oh’s cute~~ ^^; I bet ratings would have been higher if he could continue on the show…

And everyone else~ ^^ *

~ about the mentors ~

There wasn’t any good reason why I started watching witan – I just wanted to see Shin Seung Hoon that’s all~ ^^; Now that Season 1 has ended, I think I should write a little corner about all 5 mentors… especially for Bang Shi Hyuk, whom I was pretty biased against throughout much of the show – well.. y’know… looks- and words-wise, he’s kind of ‘bihogam‘ (‘unlikable’), but his works speak for themselves ^^;;

(in order of how they usually sit during the pre-mentor school days ^^, information from wikipedia korea)

Bang Shi Hyuk (39), composer and music producer

His blog: http://blog.naver.com/hitmanb

Some works:

GOD 0% | Park Hyo Shin 체념 | 2AM 죽어도못보내 | 2AM 전활 받지 않은 너에게 | Baek Ji Young 총맞은것처럼 | Davichi 시간아 멈춰라 | HOMME 밥만잘 먹더라 | Seo In Guk 부른다

Lee Eun Mi (45), singer

Her official site: http://www.leeeunmi.co.kr/

Her most famous song is 앤인있어요, which was used in the MBC drama Last Scandal OST (2008)

Shin Seung Hoon (43), singer-songwriter

His official site: http://www.shinseunghun.com/

Some works from his latest 20th Anniversary album:

보이지 않는 사랑 | I Believe | 그 후로 오랫동안 | 나보다 조금 더 높은 곳에 니가 있을 뿐 | You Are So Beautiful (Piano With Yiruma) | 미소속에 비친 그대 | 오랜 이별 뒤에

Just discovered this~ 전설속의누군가처럼 > original

I love it’s remake by Ali + Navi + Tamtam!

Kim Tae Won (46), musician, guitarist and leader of Boohwal

Some works he wrote and composed:

비와 당신의 이야기 (I also recommend Yoon Sang Hyun’s version.. er, by the way~ ^^) | the GREATEST Boohwal song ever Never Ending Story | 아름다운 사실 | 사랑할수록 | 비밀

Kim Yoon Ah (37), singer-songwriter, singer and vocalist of Jaurim

Her official site: http://www.loveyuna.co.kr/

Some works:

Shadow of Your Smile | 미안해, 널 미워해

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