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If Gu Ae Jung had a me2day …

This me2day parody (called ‘ma2day’) is thanks to the great 10Asia Magazine Team – writer Hwang Hyo Jin and editor Jang Kyung Jin. Please go to the original article and click on the ‘GOOD’ so they’ll come up with more! ^^

Jewelry Girls forever!!

9 MAY 2011

[2.31pm] I’m back after filming a minor role in a drama. Thanks to Dokgo Jin sshi, who recommended me for this role. Although it was difficult and tough doing action roles for the first time, the director said that if this turns out well, he will give me opportunities in the future, so I grit my teeth and beared with it. hah I guess I’ll be able to act again in the future, right?

‘cow-worded moustache’          hahahahahahahahaha it’s just hilarious hahahahaha i can’t help laughing hahahahahaha

‘clearly OUT’          hey, i must get 0.001 second captures of this scene and spread it around

‘Dokgo the Heart’          Gu Ae Jung sshi. I have a serious question to ask. Why are you always sticking by Dokgo Jin sshi’s side? Admit it, it’s evident that you want to become famous through him.

* it’s easy to think that all the funny nicknames are written by implied characters in the drama. But I feel they’re more likely FANS of those characters who hate Ae Jung for being a celebrity with ‘bihogam‘ (ability to not be liked, unlikeability?)

– – – – –

[3.02 pm] Having been filming since dawn, my entire body must be exhausted. ㅠㅠ nosebleed! ㅠㅠ

‘Dokgo the Heart’          Gu Ae Jung sshi. What a great way to manipulate the media eh?

‘The Cutie Seri jjing‘          Though I’ve been observing her since the days of Jewelry Girls… I’m speechless. She actually took a picture of her nosebleed via sel-ca (self-camera)?! Doesn’t she have much less schedule than Kang Seri?

– – – – –

10 MAY 2011

[5.30 am] Reached the <Couple Making> studio

– – – – –

[5.33 am] 1 hour to the start of filming. I guess I came too early.

– – – – –

[5.37 am] Bored…

– – – – –

[5.39 am] Going to have a cup of coffee with ohppa (older brother).

– – – – –

[11.14 am] I finally went for treatment in the oriental clinic. And got some ssanghwa soup concoctions too. Oh yes, does oriental medicine cost so much nowadays? My first time drinking this, and it costs 500,000 won per month. I’m supposed to drink this for 3 months, I must really open my eyes wide and work really hard. ^^ All of you, please cheer me on!

‘heart_6090’          aah, this is so annoying. can you stop talking about money please! is being penniless your concept or what?

‘Dirty Cheapskate’          see the endless cheapskate revelations~~~~~

‘cow-worded moustache’          More events for you! (in a mean way)  hahahahahha I saw it all, at a night club in Bu Pyeong ㅇㅇ

‘resident of Suwon’           @‘cow-worded moustache’ I saw her too, at a night club near the Gwon Seon junction in Suwon~ To tell the truth, the ahjusshis there had no idea who she was. And all she could sing was ‘dugeun dugeun‘. How much does she get, doing these events?

– – – – –

11 MAY 2011

[9.25 am] It’s raining heavily today too… The radio schedule I originally had was cancelled, and now with this rain, it brings back many thoughts of the past. Looking at an old photo where the Jewelry Girls were still active. Mina, Seri, Jenny unnie (elder sister) and me… During those days everyone were still so squeaky fresh. Gu Ae Jung shall face the future like a hardworking newbie! And oh yes! All you ‘Jewelry Best Friends Forever’ (their official fanclub?) out there, hands up! ^^

‘The Cutie Seri jjing‘          This makes me so speechless… How can any human be so thick-skinned? Who had caused the hugely popular Jewelry Girls to disband? You still don’t seem to have repented one bit at all, uploading this photo without any shame…

‘Jewelry BFF’          I belong to the Jewelry BFF. In the past I had gone for a Jewelry Girls fan meeting, where Ae Jung sshi kept talking strangely it to~tally ruined the atmosphere, for the other members and fans alike. Although I can’t really remember what exactly she said. Anyway whether the past or present, she’s totally unlikable. No matter what kind of media manipulation she’s doing, she’s just beyond cure.

‘clearly OUT’          that’s why it’s time for you to be clearly OUT, that’s what I’ve been sayin

‘The Cutie Seri jjing’          @‘clearly OUT’ I agree. If she continues like this, it makes her a very low human being.          @‘Jewelry BFF’ Which year did you become a member?  I think I’ve heard talk like that, though I’ve not seen it directly myself.

‘*heart*harumi’ I’m a fan of Candies. I heard that Gu Ae Jung had reprimanded Candies for not greeting in the tv station and tried to discipline them. There were rumors that she hit them too.

– – – – –

[3.29 pm] Listening to the rain, I feel sleepy.

‘golden surplus’          surplus king of doing nothing

– – – – –

[3.30 pm] I can’t fall asleep… with no work to do, I feel uneasy

– – – – –

[3.32 pm] I’m really going to sleep now.

*-_-*          what are you doing alone?

– – – – –

14 MAY 2011

[6.13 pm] Finished charitable work at Old Dok Man’s house. Here’s the photographic evidence! ㅋㅋ I did some laundry, made delicious food, and enjoyed my voluntary activities. I feel refreshed after doing good deeds for the day. I must do this more often in the future.

‘Crazy about Dokgo’          but you don’t look very refreshed above?

‘cow-worded moustache’          @‘Crazy about Dokgo’ precisely hahahahahahahaha

Ddong Ggo Jin’ (aka Sh*tty Jin)          I think you wrote this to get the press to report it…probably in microsopic parts of the media? Obviously.

– – – – –

[10.05 pm] I’m going to visit Jenny onni’s place.

– – – – –

[10.09 pm] Having beer and pizza!!

– – – – –

[10.12 pm] Yummy!

– – – – –

[10.12 pm] Jenny onni says that pizza tastes the best when it’s piping hot.

– – – – –

16 MAY 2011

[3.01 pm] Tadaa! I am being photographed for my interview. Am I pretty? ^^ This dress is really expensive… It was so pretty I started singing unconsciously~ My heart goes dugeun-dugeun *musical note* This interview will be published in <10AahseeAah>’s July edition. Please please you must read it!

‘Mr. Tick Tock’s Lover’          sooo tacky.

‘Dirty Cheapskate’          not pretty not pretty not pretty not pretty not pretty not pretty not pretty not pretty !!!!!!!

‘Vitamin Water’          The Gu Ae Jung Curse. <10AahseeAah> will probably close down next month.

– – – – –

[4.44 pm] Everybody, thank you so much ㅠㅠYou have sent so many presents to me. When will I be able to open all of them… such a happy problem to solve ^^ If I don’t take care of them soon, Dokgo Jin is going to say these are his and kick up a fuss. Better bring all of them home asap!

‘Dokgo the Heart’          Are you sure they’re really for you? Look closely at the receiver name please.

‘heart_6090’          @‘Dokgo the Heart’ Yesterday, didn’t the Dokgo Jin Fanclub send it’s tribute to the agency?

Ddong Ggo Jin’ (aka Sh*tty Jin)          @‘heart_6090’ Not the agency, we sent it to the movie filming location~ We sent 100 boxes of PO-DO! (grapes!)

‘The Cutie Seri jjing          @‘clearly OUT’ Just look closely at the receiver name 22222222

– – – – –

19 MAY 2011

[10.03 am] Everybody good morning!

– – – – –

[1.17 pm] Yesterday I received something really touching ㅠㅠ I also prepared something for everybody. Tadah! This CD that’s no longer on sale even if you wanted to buy — a Jewelry Girls’ album! Besides my signature, there’s also Jenny unnie’s signature… erm…I will try to get Seri’s signature too heehee One of you who leave a comment below shall get the CD! Hurry~


If only Gu Ae Jung could do to all her anti’s what she did to the meanest hallyu star…

유 킹 싸가지 베리머치 더티 짱!

~ 출처 ~

(ironically it’s in English but I can’t really explain it in English..

You! King %!@#!!! Very much the (dirty?) jjang!‘ 

somewhat like, uh, “%!@#!#$!!%@ You win, you loser!”)

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  1. karened

    OMG this is amusing…but so saddening at the same time!!

    2011/07/06 at 6:13 pm

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