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If Dok Go Jin had a diary…

“Because, I’m Dok Go Jin.”

This Dok Go Jin’s ‘Secret Diary’ is again thanks to the great 10Asia Magazine Team – writer Choi Ji Eun and editor Jang Kyung Jin. Please go to the original article and click on the ‘GOOD’ so they’ll come up with more! ^^

Saturday     1

I’ve decided to start a diary from today. In order to perfectly control My Life*, through this special method of mine. Only me. Just me. I CAN GO TO USA.

Goals of this year

1. Ma-s-ter English (to be able to do spea-king, lis-te-ning freely)

2. Go to Hollywood

3. World Star~

* all efforts by Dok Go Jin to learn English will be acknowledged here with pink italics! ^^;

Tuesday     22

Reached LA. Breathing in this Hollywood air of freedom, as I go jogging, which I’m always diligently doing.

Thursday     24

<Ninza Assault> audition.

Although it makes me more nervous than during the audition of <Libera Me>, I shall overcome it boldly because I’m a pro~ When I finished, Peter looked at me and said OK and nodded 3 times. Previously when Rain auditioned, he only nodded twice. I have a good feeling about this.

Friday     25

Was shopping when Seri called, asking me to get a present for her to uphold our couple image. This %!#@ wants to use me to show off, but why does she make such a fuss about using my money …

Told Jaesuk to buy something random below 500 dollars and that guy actually bought something that costs 495 dollars. Should I send him back to Korea via economy class?

Saturday     26

Reached Seoul. The moment my feet touched the ground, Director Jang called and nagged about more extra filming. Shouldn’t have shot a film with him again.

Thursday     3

After filming an action film in Incheon, my ear drums ruptured. My head aches. I’m so going to destroy Director Jang’s eardrums, sheesh.

Saturday     5

Filming for <Fighter> has finally finished.

Friday     18

The Screaming Eagle that I had reserved 2 years ago arrived, so I sent it to Peter Jason.

We’re going to work together in the future anyway, it’s good to maintain a good working relationship, right?

I can just imagine us clinking glasses after walking down the red carpet in next year’s Cannes…

Wednesday     4

<Fighter> premiere. In the future, never, must, appear in Jang Hang Joon movies again, ever.

Well since I’m going to work with Peter, I’ll not have any reason to meet Korean directors again….

Though I must remind Representative Moon that projects by the likes of Bong Joon Ho and Park Chan Wook are acceptable.

In the morning I met a crazy %!@#, who actually dared to call me, this great Dok Go Jin, an ahjusshi, so I gave her a good scolding.

I will be having dinner with Sseri, so reporters have been contacted to gather at the restaurant for the show.

After clicking ‘warning’ on all those negative comments on reports of <Fighter>, it’s already 2 am… it has been a difficult day.

Thursday     5  Children’s Day


Friday     6

Because of that Gu Ae Jung or something, ‘cos of her stupid request to appear on that show 3 Wheels or 4 Wheels, I ended up answering a quiz. I became the first person to answer all 10 questions correctly… But the show aired my talk about Peter, which was rather, you know, so I went to demand Gu Ae Jung to request the whole thing be edited out, but that %!@# refused, which is why, I’m in the hospital now. Me, this body of mine, should be in Hollywood instead. Gu Ae Jung, this happened all because of you.

Saturday     7

Gu Ae Jung barged through all the barriers and secretly entered my hospital room, doing weird stuff and caused my heartbeat rate to hit 110.

Park Tae Hwan won the gold medal. That guy can swim all he wants, how much does he know about air-conditioners to want to appear in its CF… Shouldn’t sportsmen act like sportsmen, huh?

Sunday     8

Peter called me again, but everything crashed because of Gu Ae Jung.

But still, it seems that Peter doesn’t doubt my English ability… Dok Go Jin fighiting!

Tuesday     10 Buddha’s Birthday

<Fighter> earns 4 million won. Daebak~  It’s the Dok Go Jin era now~

Gu Ae Jung received a slap by some %!@# manager and had a nosebleed, which bothered me a bit and landed me in trouble.

Gu Ae Jung named me “Ddong Ggo Jin” (Sh*tty Jin) on her phone, so I deleted it.

Gu Ae Jung must be deleted from my life, clear and delete.

Wednesday     11

The weird song that Gu Ae Jung sings caused my heartrate to hit 129.

Thursday     12

I’m reading scripts in the office. Jaesukie used a yellow highlighter, which hurt my eyes, so I told him to do it again using a blue highlighter. The MRI scans show that there’s nothing wrong with me.

I voted for Gu Ae Jung in the Couple-Making Likeability Contest. Why? ‘Cos she’s pitiful. Because that pathetic lifeform is pitiful~ But of course! Importantly! It’s obvious that Gu Ae Jung will be the last anyway…

Friday     13

From the early rays of dawn, Gu Ae Jung took my van, came in front of my house, and made a big honking fuss.

After all that voting and pitying and whatever, I felt wronged so I followed her to the Couple Making filming location, thinking that she would be obviously eliminated. I don’t know whether I followed her because she’s unlikeable. After seeing Gu Ae Jung with that %!@#! oriental doctor, my heartbeat rate rose again and I’m in a terrible mood.

Could my doctor be right, that I.. Gu Ae Jung….? But why would I? I’m Dok Go Jin. Dok Go Jin! My level is too different from Gu Ae Jung, this Dok Go Jin’s level!

I’m so tired.

Saturday     14

Yesterday night Gu Ae Jung entered my house and stained my underwear with ssanghwa herbal soup before trying to escape, but I caught her. I had initially thought she was Jaesukie… But I wasn’t shocked, not frightened, not once. But Keeps was alerted and they really arrived within 3 minutes. So this is what Keeps is about.

Gu Ae Jung found out my house’s security passcode. She still didn’t delete my number in her phone and named me a lump of luck. She’s too seriously fixated with me. My heartbeat rate is 122.

Monday     16

Meeting with Sseri regarding a couple phone CF.

Sseri wants me to attend her 10th Anniversary Debut fan meeting, she’s annoying. The more I meet her, the more I find her personality totally trashy. Compared to Kang Sseri, Gu Ae Jung is so much bett…………….

That’s not all, really. Anyways.

Tuesday     17

These days I feel so weak. My heart beats wildly even if I don’t hear Gu Ae Jung’s song.

Should I change my personal diet delivery company?

Wednesday     18

I did a self-confession to Gu Ae Jung.

It was so disgraceful, my facial features nearly disappeared, but I OVERCAME IT ALL~

Because, I’m Dok Go Jin.

Thursday     19

Gu Ae Jung is still bothering me. Although, well, bothering a guy like me once or twice, it’s not that bad…

But at the rate my heart is beating, she should just reciprocate and bite my bait so that I will immediately wake up from this mess.

With such a cheapskate appearance and impoverished background, why do I still think of Gu Ae Jung so much. I can’t help suspecting that this girl may have some colorful spiritual magic or something.

If not, how can she do this to me, this perfect man, this ironman Dok Go Jin. Why. Why? WHY?

Saturday     21

Filmed a CF with Sseri. This %!@#! should be released into the Han River or something, I’m getting so sick of this couple thing with her. I shaved off my moustache because Gu Ae Jung says that I will look cool if I did. Because I’m a cool guy. And everybody and anybody says so too.

I received kisses from Gu Ae Jung. It’s not because I asked for it, absolutely not. Because I’m a star worth 1 billion.

I went to the cinema with Gu Ae Jung, and then to drink wine. Frankly, I had been so cool till the moment I caught her at the cinema… Forget about the wine-drinking.

And Gu Ae Jung said she was my first love… What is this feeling, this disgraceful feeling inside.

Monday     23

It’s been a year since the official announcement of being a couple with Sseri, that’s what Representative Moon said, so I’m going to the Couple-Making filming location to prepare an event. I saw Gu Ae Jung being close to the oriental doctor. While the doctor was talking about some Lee Jae Ma or something, he’s just showing off to Gu Ae Jung. So I praised Gu Ae Jung for doing well in her chicken fight with Sseri, but was scolded instead. Praising her about ‘chicken’, I was just trying to be interesting…So when I said she was doing well for her character and encouraged her to work hard, she just got angrier. I threw away the pen that the oriental doctor gave her. Anyway, Gu Ae Jung must like only me, she’s just being nice to him ‘cos of the show.

Tuesday     24

Reports of breaking up with Sseri will be out.

Operation-Finding-Ball-Pen has successfully ended. I found the oriental doctor’s pen. Stay tuned, Gu Ae Jung~

Wednesday     25

Lied with the help of Gu Ae Jung’s nephew Ding Dong. Does that mean I missed Gu Ae Jung so I went to wait in front of Ding Dong’s school entrance? And even gave photo opportunities? Just so that I can bring him home, make him sleep so that I can have the excuse to call Gu Ae Jung over?

Thursday     26

Reached Tokyo for the promotion of <Fighter>.

Did Gu Ae Jung feed my fish well? Will she discover the pen?

Will she thank me after finding the pen? By calling? Or when we meet?

Will she not call me because international calls are expensive?

Should I get her a new mobile?

Saturday     28


I’m trying to control myself and not call Gu Ae Jung to ask if she’s feeding my fish well.

If I called first, she may over-react and misunderstand you see…

Monday     30

Gu Ae Jung… What are you doing.

Tuesday     31

The pen is still hidden in the fish food, and Gu Ae Jung lied to the oriental doctor that she has found the pen.

Why is Gu Ae Jung trying to be nice to that oriental doctor and not me…

But of course! It must be because of that Couple-Making show…

So I coolly agreed to help her with her music release, if she sleeps with me. She cried.

Gu Ae Jung, if you brought onions and potatoes, you should make some curry before you leave…

5 responses

  1. Ame

    Ha ha really funny…Cool..Keep it up..~!

    2011/05/29 at 8:57 pm

  2. Jane

    I’ve always visited your site since Secret Garden days. Now, it’s The Greatest Love days. I LOVE IT!!! This is actually my first time commenting on your post. First there was the random Kim Joo Won and Writer Kim tweets. Now we have this Dok Go Jin diary. You’re the best. Posting nothing but good stuff. ^_^

    2011/05/31 at 4:10 pm

  3. boucheron

    I died laughing. Thank you

    2011/07/22 at 7:26 pm

  4. Sakki ^_^

    really the best . . . nice . . . perfect

    2011/07/22 at 7:46 pm

  5. Ding Dong

    i really like greatest love . .

    2011/08/28 at 9:05 am

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