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SBS Miracle Audition

edit: This post was started in May 31 and is extended with my ongoing discoveries from the program…

… which I have no idea why I’m still watching  almost every week, despite always convincing myself that each episode will be my last.

As you will see throughout the post, it’s a rough journey, for the viewer, for the judges, for the show producers, for the contestants. My hopes are kept afloat by the promise of seeing guest appearances of actors / writers / directors giving unrestrained comments to the contestants. Miracle Audition isn’t about miracles, dreams are burst all the time, by harsh realities or hopefully bad nightmares. It’s a variety show which I extend a lot of sympathy for, because it always reminds the viewer, that time and time again, great shows / stars are produced 99% from a lot of hard work + a very precious 1% of talent… and lots of luck and good timing on the side.

Don’t say I haven’t warned you! ^^;

After Shin Seung Hoon ended MBC’s run of Star Audition as ‘head mentor’ of budding singers, here’s Lee Bum Soo’s turn with SBS’s Miracle Audition, as ‘head dream-master’ of the nation’s budding actors. Again, the judges are reason enough to tune in – others include Lee Mi Sook and Kim Gab Soo (Cinderella’s Sister reunion? lol), Kim Jung Eun, and director Kwak Gyeong Taek (Friend, etc).  There are also 2 specialist judges – veteran actor Lee Soon Jae and theater specialist (?) Choi Hyeong In, whose ‘Midas touch’ have groomed actors like Sol Kyung Gu, Lee Young Ae, Jang Dong Gun and Lee Jung Jae. The first episode is slated to air aired on June 24.

source: SBS Entertainment News

Like all audition programs, no matter how much the editors try to cut, it inevitably goes into a lull with contestants that were less exciting (to put it in a good way ^^; ) But appearances from real actors brighten up the screen~~ In episode 1, Moon Geun Young called out to her Cinderella Sister mum (Lee Mi Sook) and dad (Kim Gab Soo) :

“Mum! Dad! Don’t pick the ones who can act too well, otherwise I’ll have to work even harder! Geun Young is already working very hard now…”

Hwang Jung Min also admitted to failing an audition in one of director Kwak Kyung Taek’s movies, and wished the best (“Fighting!”) to the audition participants.

Also giving on-screen support were Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Seung Woo and Kim Kang Woo. Shall continue to watch this in the hope of seeing more appearances by the experienced actors. lol~

Well… if Miracle Audition goes the way of Star Audition, we MAY get the following guests later on in the show too… (^^)?

(L-R) Park Shin Yang, Go Hyun Jung, Kim Nam Joo, Song Yoon Ah, and Jeon Do Yeon (not in picture), had earlier rejected to be judges in the show

Alternatively, besides Star Audition, MBC now has the highly popular (and controversial) ‘I Am A Singer’ series — so… how about getting them on ‘I Am An Actor’? SBS??

Sources: SBS Miracle Audition official site, Hankyung and BNT

Miracle Audition previews~

Preview – Kim Mi Sook edition

Did you see the Song Seung Hon-lookalike?! ^^;

Preview – Kim Gab Soo edition

1st episode preview

Promising talent Heo Sung Tae

L.A. and Seoul auditions

I love Jessica Lykins (?)… not only her Korean, but her Korean mannerisms are perfect! (Look at how Lee Bum Soo brightens up.. lol)

(RIP Heath Ledger….ㅜㅜ) Son Deok Ki had brain surgery to remove a tumor, resulting in his eyes being unable to focus on an object – he’s looking at you, but his eyes seem to look upwards. Thus he tries to remind himself to look lower so that people will feel that he’s looking straight at them. I guess with editing, filming is still possible, but actors acting opposite him may feel awkward..?

(see more about the July 8 episode here)

Episode 5 – group acting on scenes about ‘Romance’, comprising of the so-called ‘flower boys’ of the audition. ==; However, it was a good excuse to see again the most goosebump-raising scenes of past dramas, you know, the moments when the lines sound great the first time you hear it, but many repeats later and they start sounding cheesy, but still well-loved anyway… lol

with scenes from

– My Sweet Seoul, character Tae Oh (originally by Ji Hyun Woo) – “Nuna, do you know how old the universe is? 14 billion years! Compared to that, we can be considered the same age!”

– Lovers in Paris, character Soo Hyuk (Lee Dong Gon) – “Inside here (her hand on his heart), is you~” love the bg piano music~~

– Spring Days, character Eun Seob (Jo In Sung) – ” I love you (x3)!!! I LOVE YOU, damnit! I love you so  much I’m going crazy….” (and awaiting Jo In Sung’s next work! ^^*)

– You’re Beautiful, character Tae Kyung (Jang Geun Suk) – “Have you always been crying like that when you don’t see me?”… “Go Minam! From now on, you loving me – I’ll give you my approval~”

This clip got me wishing that hopefully in future episodes of Miracle Audition, classic scenes are acted out only by more talented (and deserving?) participants~ Of course it would be fun seeing original actors guest in episodes where participants re-enact (butcher?) their famous scenes. Or even special guesting by scriptwriters, especially the Hong Sisters, given how so many Dae Woong fans are allowed to act out Shin Mina’s Gumiho aegyo scenes .. ㅡㅡ; Another favorite seem to be Park Chan Wook / Choi Min Shik’s Old Boy scenes~ Son Ye Jin and Ha Ji Won scenes… and the list goes on~~~ ^^


My hopes for Miracle Audition are coming true… *evil grin*

Imagine someone more opinionated, dramatic and hardhearted than guest judges Jang Hyuk and writer Kim Eun Sook. Like, “How dare you %!@#!% my beloved character!!!” and more creative outbursts~~ Though I must say, I feel for writer-nim. Next week’s episodes will show skits from On Air and Lovers in Paris. Good luck to her and the contestants! heheh~

But seriously, it’s tough, organizing a show like this, gathering talented (?) contestants, and last of all, being a contestant on the show. There’s a reason why everyone prefers doing music / dancing (or even skating) survival shows than one on acting. Acting seems to be limitless, and less enjoyable along the route of unearthing new talent. It’s… really tough. A bow to all of them (^^) (_ _)~

On 19 Aug’s episode which showed writer Kim Eun Sook’s reactions to the skits of her 2 other works, On Air and Lovers in Paris, she was pretty disappointed and while writing down the names of 2 contestants she would like to eliminate, she asked if she could eliminate 4 (out of the 6 contestants). However, she did praise one contestant, Joseph Seo from LA. Commenting on his acting as Han Ki Joo in Lovers in Paris, she said,

“I can see your changing emotions through your facial expressions. Practice harder, so much you feel like dying… and till then I would like to see you act again. In my work.”

How much Lee Kyung Kyu and Park Shi Eun has improved under the guidance of Kim Gab Soo~ ^^ But highlight of it all, is the movie ‘우리들의 행복한시간 Maundy Thursday’. That was a really good movie…~

Compared to the previous weeks, Aug 26’s episode demonstrated how survival programs could eliminate contestants with more grace and dignity, with minimal tears and fuss. Director Kwak’s last mission before elimination was to see how the contestants would react if they thought they would be eliminated. Heh. It was refreshing, because he didn’t waste time trying to get them to show anymore of their scenario ‘acting’, I applaud him as a viewer. If he would ever be willing to ‘descend’ from Chungmuro to the entertainment scene, I’m sure he would make a very popular variety PD. ^^

To understand the ‘magic’ of a movie director, look at how he transformed 3 of his students during the filming of <The Ugly Duckling> below~ From these stills, the movie looks promising, no? ^^*

Here are some of Director Kwak Gyeong Taek’s works, as an fyi~ ^^


Last Friday’s episode on Sept 2 marked the selection of top 12 contestants to the next round of Miracle Audition. The math goes like this:

During the mentoring classes by the 5 judges, contestants were further eliminated to a final 20, who are then divided into Groups A and B in this episode. In other words, among the 4 contestants that each judge is mentoring, these 4 are further divided into 2 pairs, one pair competing in the Group A elimination while the other pair compete in the Group B elimination. A little confusing? It’s just part of broadcasting math to ensure that a selection of 12 out of 20 contestants can provide enough footage for 1 episode. ^^;;;;

Here are the winners of Group A and B. The top pair of Group A reprised a scene from movie “비열한 거리 A Dirty Carnival” (2006). Another one on my to-watch list~ ^^

Movie poster thanks to nocleaf님~

The 2 contestants are Joo Hee Joong and Son Deok Ki, who put up a scary (in a good way) performance with explosive energy that is so representative of their ‘mentor’, Lee Bum Soo. As past episodes also show, contestants like to do scenes that involve a lot of screaming and expletives, even the talented ones. However, I feel that in this scene Joo Hee Joong (below, right) really portrayed seething, quiet anger very well.

I haven’t watched the actual movie yet, but from the short actual clip shown before their act, I feel that Joo Hee Joong gave a more intense portrayal than Jo In Sung, especially those parting slaps~ Wow~ ^^ (Watch their performance here)

In Group B,  Joo Min Ha and Kim Nan Ah delivered in their scene from ‘장화, 홍련 A Tale of Two Sisters’. (Watch their performance here)

Well, I think I have been spoilt by Joo Min Ha’s performances thus far. She (above, in black) doesn’t disappoint in every Miracle Audition episode she appears in. She does so well all the time, she makes her fellow contestants look bad. ^^; So in my biased opinion, I feel that Kim Nan Ah owes it to her partner, to be able to get into the top 12 of the show.

I want to give a mention to Kim Jung Eun’s Group A contestant pair, Ji Hyun Joon and Park Sung Joo. (Here’s their clip) Park Sung Joo acted very well, I feel. It’s such a pity that she couldn’t advance to the next round. *sigh* They acted a scene from ‘멋진 하루 My Dear Enemy’ (2008) which was a very fine movie  indeed~ The debts of love, negotiated through a light-hearted jazz journey around Seoul~ ^^*

2011 – 09 – 02: Top 12 finalists

See how brightly Lee Bum Soo smiles, because of the earnestness of our dearest Vectorman Kim Joon Gu. Of all the dream-masters, he seems to be the most intense and serious about his role, often looking worried and giving the trademark Lee Bum Soo stare at his students. Smile more, Lee Bum Soo-nim! ^^

I had belatedly watched the elimination round of the top 12 on Sept 9, before watching tonight’s Sept 16 episode right after drama “The Musical”. Ironically, the theme for this episode of Miracle Audition was “per-for-man-ce”. *sigh* After seeing how amazing stage actors and actresses were on the small screen in The Musical, it was a little disappointing to see what a struggle it is, for the finalists to prove they have what it takes to be on stage vs on screen.

If I had to choose the best performance out of the 10, I would suggest Choi Yoo Ra, who took on the role of Roxie in “Chicago”. She can sing, with that husky un-Ra-Im-like voice of hers, and her choreography was pretty good.


Frankly, I rewrote this post many times, trying to tone down the negativity I have, especially towards the latest episode. To those of you who watch Miracle Audition, what do you think of the show? Why are you watching it? Is there any particular contestant(s) you’re rooting for?

This episode doesn’t make sense to me, because I remembered there were many more talented “performers” in the early episodes of the audition, who were eliminated ‘cos they couldn’t “act”. The remaining 10 who performed their utmost probably gave their best stage performance, but those weren’t the best performances in the show. It felt so wrong seeing how they received high scores by the judging panel, whose reasons for scoring seem so arbitrary. (I’m sure Lee Bum Soo always gives high scores to his own students ㅡㅡ; )

This episode reminded me of an earlier stage performance by newbie actors and actresses. Performed during the 2010 SBS Drama Awards, the newcomer award winners put up a “New Star Congratulatory Performance”. Presenting Han Chae Ah (Neighbor Enemies), Choi Shi Won (Oh! My Lady), Nam Gyu Ri (Life is Beautiful), Noh Min Woo (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho), and Kim Soo Hyun (Giant)~~!

Would they have been eliminated on Miracle Audition?

– – –

Unrelentlessly, musicals continue to haunt Miracle Audition, as hot favorite Joo Hee Joong sings “This is the Moment” … too. You can watch his Sept 23 performance here.

Unfortunately, or fortunately (?) for him, unbuttoning his shirt earned him many points of goodwill into the next round. I admire Lee Mi Sook for her honesty. Heh~

Image: Newsen

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  1. ha lim sam

    the show had brought new perspective and it is quite exciting to see all the talent that had been found. The judges is very strict but fair and despite of all the new raw talent still we the audience can still saw the famous actor and actress.

    2011/07/17 at 2:05 am

  2. Anita

    i love how you review all this nad post this information. i love your blog even though i don’t understand much korean haha

    2011/08/04 at 4:16 am

  3. I like the show. please english subtitle. thanks

    2011/09/07 at 7:59 am

  4. english subtitle please…….

    2011/09/07 at 8:00 am

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