.. 그래도 계속 지켜볼 겁니다~ ♪♬

If Dok Go Jin and Gu Ae Jung had mini-hompys …

created by heojoon @ Greatest Love official site UCC gallery

before I continue.. a little recollection of ep 10~ (captures by BNT news and Newsen)

“나 오늘 최고로 멋있어야 돼. 계속 멋있게 기억해, 구애정~”

” Today I must be the GREATEST cool guy I can ever be. Continue to remember me, always this cool, Gu Ae Jung~ “


Now on to the mini-hompy parodies~ Here are the originals~


Dividing each hompy into 4 parts.. I’ll start translating Ae Jung’s hompy first. ^^;

Red search box: ” Gu Ae Jung’s running shoes”

Text ad-link: “Treat your acne at Yoon Pil Joo’s oriental clinic!”

” This is my personal space. Please do not rant here. ㅠㅠ “

Mini-hompy owner: Gu Ae Jung


(below) Do try to watch ‘Couple Making’ ^^*

Updated news

Diary: It feels warm being hugged by Pil Joo sshi….

Diary: I have a potato craving… Does that mean I’m pathetic too…

Photo: A date with Yoon Pil Joo sshi! Do we look compatible…

Photo: Going for the filming of ‘Couple-Making’…

Friends say

* Have you reached home safely? Whenever you’re suffering, you can borrow my shoulder (The guy who’s said to resemble Yoon Gye Sang – YOON PIL JOO)

* It still stinks (of oriental medicine), what are you going to do about it! Get me a new one! (King %!@# Very Much – DOK GO JIN)

King %!#@! Very Much was a title bestowed by Ae Jung to Dok Go. ^^;

* You worked hard today. See you in next week’s recording, and I hope there won’t be reporters again…. haha (Program writer – HAN MYUNG JIN)

* I like Ae Hwan ohppa, but I also think Jae Suk is pretty good too. What do you think? (One seeking a safety refuge – JENNY)

* Met Lee Seung Gi at the station. If you perform well, you may get to appear on Strong Heart! (Ohppa – GU AE HWAN)

* Ha! (star – Kang Se Ri)

* Who do you think you are, ordering my girls to do this and that? (former manager – MANAGER JANG)

* Let’s meet up together again~ With Jenny nuna of course… (Jae Suk shhi – KIM JAE SUK)

* I had wanted to buy those running shoes for 30,000 won. It was such a pity ㅠㅠ (Jewelry Girls Fanclub president – PRESIDENT NA)

Ae Jung’s songlist plays – “Dugeun-dugeun” by Jewelry Girls


Dok Go Jin’s parody mini-hompy…

Red search box: “news about Dok Go + Se Ri couple”

Text ad-link: “Find out about the oriental diet method at Yoon Pil Joo’s oriental clinic!”

(below) TODAY(‘s mood) IS.. “Fighting!”

(below left image) The Greatest! It’s dokdorodokdok-dokdok Dok Go Jin’s world! A man as beautiful as a flower, after shaving off my moustache. Even before that, he who’s already a beautiful man. To reach the beauty of flowers, making the ladies crazy. It will drive the girls crazy. The best! The greatest!

“Hi I’m dok-dorodokdok~~ Dok Go Jin ^^”

Mini-hompy owner: Dok Go Jin


(below) Please give much love to Fighter!

Updated news

Diary: It still smells of ssang hwa tang (an oriental medicine) ㅠ ….

Photo: My couple scarf with Seung Gi sshi

Photo: With fans in Japan hehe

Photo: Couple photo with Se Ri ^^

Friends say

* For our Ae Jung’s music video, do you think you can …. (y’know) heh heh (Gu Ae Jung manager – GU AE HWAN)

* Dok Go… what’s wrong with you nowadays? (Boss – REP. MOON)

* I see you pretty often these days eh? ^^ ( guy who gives you bad luck – YOON PIL JOO)

* (thumbs-down) Who do you think you are??? What are you doing with that %!#@! If you continue like this, I’ll leave you… (*heart* – elementary school kid surname LEE)

* (thumbs-down) Ohppa, who is that %!@#? You said you had nobody else except me, how could you do this to me? (fan – king fan surname PARK)

* Darling~ Take care and eat your meals on time! (girlfriend – KANG SE RI)

* Ahjusshi, I’m writing this message because my friends want your signature. Please give me 3 copies~ Thank you very much *bows* (ding dong – Gu Hyung Gyu)

* Whether it’s camellias or azaleas, I still prefer the roses that Yoon Pil Joo sshi gave me (Gukbo Jewelry – GU AE JUNG)

* Hyung-nim! Park Tae Hwan’s air-con CF has been released! haha (your loyal lackey – Kim Jae Suk)

Dok Go’s songlist plays – “Hold My Hand” by IU

” Because you are thumping fast now. When this happens, it is best to just go right to the end and find out the truth.”


A bonus especially for Dok Go fans… ^^

(I’m sure he’ll be fine ~~)

Originally from 10Asia’s ‘Dok Go Zine’ Vol. 1 with some exaggerations modifications from me ^^

[Stars and their Bags] Dok Go Jin reveals the items in his bag

(From left) Movie script of ‘The Hobbit’

Hollywood star director Peter Jackson insisted on filming with me, so I had no choice but to accept this script first.

Book of Most Important English Idoms

These days I’m teaching my manager English. This guy is not even of  middle school standards HAHA!

Pororo Microphone

My preparations for being a dad, this is the real Dok Go Jin.

<10+ Idol> (this is a 10Asia publication of top idols)

I received this as a gift after being voted by girl idols as the no. 1 man they most want to marry

Potato with sprout

I bring this everywhere with me to always remind myself that even the tiniest of lives are precious.

Ssanghwa-tang oriental medicine

Just like how Popeye has his spinach, Dok Go Jin has his ssanghwa-tang~


The star himself had not wanted to reveal this, for fear of causing too much heart-throbbings to his millions of fans. But unfortunately, it was discovered in his bag, and Dok Go Jin finally admitted:

“I love our country’s tradition of hwatu cards, and have heard from my greatest ahjumma fans that they often think of me when they play Go-Stop, this representative gukmin (citizens’) game. So I’m in preparations to launch my ‘Dok Go Jin Hwatu’ series – whether it’s holidays, MT (school or company outings), funerals, it will all be ~~ overcome!”

극~뽀옥 (/_\) \(^_^)/~

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  1. Hi Can you let me know which scenes or episodes with the as Yoon Pil-joo’s clinic (Choonwondang Museum of Korean Medicine) in please please!

    2013/03/04 at 9:33 pm

    • shyangz

      Hi… the clinic first appears here (00:35)..

      (below at 02:20)

      (below at 01:05, and at 07:50)

      (below at 00:10)

      2013/03/05 at 3:19 pm

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