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if tvN’s The Romantic is a drama…

Dear readers of the original post (still intact below), I surrender — this show is too complicated to be a drama… (and that’s a compliment~~) Instead, here’re subbed cuts from the finale of Croatia / Season 1 ~ ^^ Enjoy!

(click CC for eng subs)

Looking forward to The Romantic Season 2 in Turkey~!


(original post – The Romantic Season 1, Croatia)

Maybe because of the lack of romantic chemistry in current dramas (imho), yesterday’s episode 3 of The Romantic (a love variety show by cable channel tvN) caught me by surprise. “It’s for real!” – my little heart squealed.

“I… I’m a person whose feelings stay the same, from the start to the end.”

This scene melted my heart… (and prompted this post). Unlike the other participants (or Romantists, as the show calls them), who aren’t really sure whom they “want to know more about” and are pretty open-minded, Lee Yoo Rim has subconsciously revealed to everyone who she likes, even before they’ve touched down at Croatia in Episode 1~ ^^;;

And thus begins “The Romantic – The Drama”. Let me introduce to you the characters, as I ambitiously try to web their many-sided relationships, and hopefully some kind of plot grows along the way ~~ ^-^/ do-jeon!


The program introduces it’s 10 Romantists (5 men and 5 ladies) to one another, and to us viewers, through a “Shuffle of Preferences”. Based on their preferences on a particular object or topic, the “Romantists” will be matched with their first round partners who selected a similar object, while their actual backgrounds (jobs, ages etc) are kept anonymous, so that first impressions are judged purely by .. uh.. looks and interests only~~ *^^*

And thus, we introduce the 10 Romantists, according to their…

~ 5 Preferences for the First Meeting ~

1. Accidental Meeting on a Flight

(reference: Love Affair, 1994)

Lee Yoo Rim meets Seo Il Young

The beginning of a push-pull relationship, as both seem to hit it off well, but Il Young wants to keep his options open. As a viewer, I’m wondering why Yoo Rim isn’t doing the same, and at the same time, it’s amusing how Il Young tries to hint to Yoo Rim about his intentions, yet secretly chooses her to be his partner for the 4th episode. ^^

Time and again, Yoo Rim continues with her open crush while visibly disturbed by Il Young’s actions – which is also cue for the other guys to approach Yoo Rim now. They had earlier confessed to the staff that they wouldn’t want to be seen as a 3rd party in the promising relationship. One word — drama! ^^

2. Cable Car Flash Past

(reference: My Name is Kim Sam Soon, 2005)

Nam Min Sul meets Cho Yong Jae

These 2 are the characters of reversal. They had rather bad impressions of each other in the first meeting, and complained to their roommates about their bad luck, kind of ruining their mutual impressions for the other participants. Unfortunately, they ended up pairing again due to similarities in preferences, and slowly, they built up a friendship and openly declared each other “best friends” in episode 3. Interestingly, their budding friendship also led to the increase in both of their popularity among other participants too.

Lending another twist to the “drama”, is how the relationship of the 1st Airplane Couple are linked to these 2 BFF. Il Young has openly showed an interest in Min Sul, while Yong Jae revealed that he hopes to have Yoo Rim as his partner for episode 4. How do the ladies feel? Min Sul showed a slight disappointment that best friend Yong Jae didn’t choose her, while devoted Yoo Rim was totally (but pleasantly) surprised.

Using the current story arc of these 4 characters in The Romantic, their drama would involve the main male lead (some kind of CEO) being unable to confirm his feelings for the main female lead (a talented singer/ drummer with a Hongdae band), as he seems partially captivated by the entrance of a new supporting female lead (a talented songwriter who is much older). As the above image shows, he’s torn 60% to Yoo Rim, and 40% to Min Sul. o.O; And yeah, these are their real-life jobs too.

And thus, as the love triangle is set, in comes Yong Jae the 2nd male lead, who (really) happens to have a promising career in a conglomerate like LG. *lol* His popularity with the ladies grew in the 3rd episode, yet he has eyes only for Yoo Rim, as seen in his self-video footage, which featured a lot of Yoo Rim and which he was not afraid to admit. All the more quintessential 2nd male lead, because he likes Yoo Rim despite knowing her feelings for Il Young. *awww*

One more reversal for this drama (unlike typical dramas): I think Min Sul (the 2nd female lead) likes the 2nd male lead too. Aah~

3. At a Park Bench

(reference: Bad Guy, 2010) *this had me laughing the hardest*

Joo Yoon Jung meets Lee Hyun Woo

4. In a Crowd

(reference: Between Calmness and Passion, 2001)

Im Eun Ji meets Kwon Jong Ik

I think the camera loves wide-eyed, dimpled Im Eun Ji… heh~

5. In a Taxi

(reference: New York I Love You, 2009)

Lee Joo Young meets Kim Jin Seo

Regarding these remaining 6, I can’t recall significant scenes of them, I guess they are still open to meeting different people now. But I’m sure with the airing of more episodes, their individual love-lines will emerge, so I’ll be updating their “drama” (or any special cameos in the earlier one)~ ^^;; Superficially, of them 6, I think the #4 Crowd Couple has the most compatible “couple look”~~  *shrugs* ^^

~ The Romantic by 투개월 ~

창문틈에 비치는 햇살에
유난히도 빛나던 한 사람
혹시 이 사람은 아닐까

다가가서 말을 건네볼까 (말을 건네볼까)
기다리다 훔쳐볼까
그러던 그 순간
너를 본 순간 느낌이 왔죠

나 사랑을 하나봐
촌스럽게 또 볼이 빨개져
널 보며 웃다 내 작은 입이
두 귀에 걸렸대

막 상상을 해 혼자
그대가 날 안아주는
하나뿐인 너 (사랑스런 너)
우리 둘의 love
the romantic

눈 감아도 그릴 수 있을만큼
그대를 두 눈에 가득 담아도
자꾸 보고 싶어 왜일까

길을 걷다 문득 생각나면 (문득 생각나면)
정신 나간 사람처럼
나조차 모르게
입가엔 가득 웃음이 나죠

나 사랑을 하나봐
촌스럽게 또 볼이 빨개져
널 보며 웃다 내 작은 입이
두 귀에 걸렸대

막 상상을 해 혼자
그대가 날 안아주는
하나뿐인 너 (사랑스런 너)
우리 둘의 love
the romantic

구름 윌 걷는듯
날아갈 듯한 기분
이제서야 잡은 니 손
놓치지않게 영원히 나와 함께 해요

널 사랑해 말할게
세상 모두가 들을 수 있게
니 머리부터 니 발끝까지
난 니가 좋은 걸

막 상상을 해 혼자
그대가 날 안아주는
하나뿐인 너 (사랑스런 너)
우리 둘의 love
the romantic

35 responses

  1. iviih

    Awwww seems a nice show, but not subs so I’ll not even start, to not suffer for not having subs… lol

    2012/02/29 at 10:20 pm

  2. anne

    thank you for these descriptions, I love this variety!!
    too bad there’s no subtitle

    2012/03/03 at 8:10 am

  3. anne

    woahhhhhhhh thank you thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu for the subtitle

    2012/03/26 at 8:44 pm

  4. chace

    Really enjoyed this post! Would love to see you do a similar post for The Romantic Season 2 in Turkey. If anything, I think the relationships/lovelines between the 10 Romantists for the Turkey trip are even more complicated and varied than those between the 10 Romantists for the Croatia trip. Lots of interesting stuff going on, not to mention unexpected reversals and surprises amidst the charming locale and beautiful natural scenery. It’d be great if you could share your insightful and witty thoughts on Season 2!

    2012/04/27 at 4:54 am

    • shyangz

      Thanks for your comment! ^^ Everytime I watch an episode of the Turkey season, I want to write a new post, but I don’t know where to start… LOL It’s so unpredictable, and sometimes I get so exasperated at the characters even though I know I wouldn’t fare better if I were them… ^^;; Maybe I should begin threading from Ha Rang -> Joon Sung -> Tae Hee -> Jae Ho -> Jennifer -> Joon Ho? /- – \ Aaah.. It has been a riveting ride, and I really hope Joon Sung and Tae Hee will end up more than just good friends~~ I’ll pray for them ~ㅋ 🙂

      2012/04/29 at 6:45 am

      • CHY

        Oh yes, please do so! It’ll be a real treat to read your thoughts on each of the Turkey episodes. Who needs dramas when you’ve got The Romantic? A cast of all relatively good-looking young people in an exciting foreign setting entangled in a sprawling web of friendship, love, and other complications. There’s so much juicy content with many twists and turns. And best of all, since it’s a reality/variety show, these are all real people and their actions we’re seeing.

        And yay for a fellow Tae Hee + Jun Sung shipper! *high-fives*!!!
        I love love love them, both as individuals and as a couple. ^_^
        I think they have the most tangible chemistry and rapport out of all the Romantists from both seasons. They give off the impression that they communicate with each other, have real conversations, and get along well. Tae Hee is totally my kind of girl. She’s intelligent, mature, and has a way of putting people at ease with her friendly and warm manner. At the same time, she knows how to relax and have fun and is honest in expressing her feelings. And when she smiles/laughs, she simply looks radiant. Jun Sung’s a well-rounded guy and all around hottie. He can be perceptive and serious when needed and then playful and funny at other times. He realized that he really liked Tae Hee quite soon after the trip began and focused on getting closer to her. He acknowledged that they were rather different from each other in terms of personality and personal tastes but still retained his attraction and worked hard to gain her affection. The aegyo he had exclusively for her was soooo cute and sweet.

        It was such a pleasant sight seeing the ending footage of the two of them meeting up in real life in a normal setting and chatting amiably over coffee/tea. It was such a short scene, but chock full of good vibes. When Jun Sung reached over to lightly touch her hand and Tae Hee responded by gently folding her hand over his …. I literally squealed in delight! ^^

        Have you seen this interview that the two of them did? It’s pretty insightful.
        [더로맨틱] 강준성과 김태희에게 직접 들어보는 그와 그녀의 사정

        With my half-baked reading comprehension skills, I’m only able to make out the general gist of the interview content. I’m sure that there are a lot of finer details that I missed. From what I gathered, nothing explicit was stated regarding their current relationship status but there were some implicit hints strewn throughout the interview? Like how they both mentioned the fruit preference shuffle, Tae Hee mentioned that the hot air balloon ride was all the more memorable since a special person was also there, Jun Sung was really direct in his praise for Tae Hee, even describing her as a 천상 여자.

        Another hint perhaps lies in the way that Jun Sung addresses Tae Hee? The -sshi and/or
        -noona is missing.

        Been browsing among the SNS pages of the various Romantists for fun and the way that Jun Sung addresses Tae Hee is the same, just simply 태희, no -sshi and/or -noona in sight. In contrast, Jae Ho always puts in the -noona when addressing Tae Hee. When Jun Sung addresses Min Sul (she’s the one who recommended him to join the Turkey season), it’s always -noona this -noona that. So … this is probably a good indication that they’re close enough with each other to drop social norms and address each other as equals?

        Tae Hee relocated to Singapore temporarily for a work assignment in early/mid April …

        Like you said, at the very least, we can be certain that they are very good friends …
        I’ll be praying for them as well …. ^^

        2012/05/02 at 7:38 pm

        • shyangz

          Thank you for your insights! I actually went to verify Jun Sung’s panmal on Tae Hee by rewatching the last episodes, and he really called her “Tae Hee yaa~!” But when he’s interviewed by the VJ, he respectfully calls her Tae Hee-sshi too~ I suddenly recall his memorable percentage-quote:

          (click to enlarge)

          And I’ll start translating that great article~ Full of photos of the couple~ Thanks for posting the link here ^^
          Ok, I just can’t help it. Another Jun Sung – Tae Hee moment..

          (click to enlarge)

          2012/05/10 at 2:31 pm

          • CHY

            Absolutely LOVE your screencaps, captions, PS effects! They’re right on the mark!
            Ahh … Jun Sung’s memorable percentage quote … the sincerity it conveyed really stuck with me. And after being privy to Tae Hee’s thoughts in the same episode … I was like … Heads up, Jun Sung! You carry much more weight in her heart than you think. You’re not a measly 1 percent. In her heart, you fall in the range of 49 – 51 percent! She’s wavering, but that only means that she’s giving her feelings about you serious consideration.

            Oh, all Jun Sung – Tae Hee moments are so precious. That scene when they were boarding the plane was another great moment. They even added special sound effects when he reached out to hold her back from going to Jae Ho. LOL. I wasn’t sure at first so I paused several times to get a better look and it turns out that the gent with the glasses and hat standing directly behind Jun Sung is Lee Myung Han (the main producer, right?) And he has a wide grin on his face while witnessing that adorable Tae Hee + Jun Sung moment. Awww … methinks many members of the production/editing team are Tae Hee + Jun Sung shippers. Or at least feel that the Tae Hee, Jun Sung (love)-line is compelling and interesting enough to deserve some more airtime. Compared to the “officially formed” Jennifer + Jun Ho couple, there are noticeably more Tae Hee + Jun Sung moments included throughout the episodes. Well, it is true that Jennifer and Jun Ho didn’t get to spend one on one time together until the last preference shuffle … Still, I just never really felt that there was much chemistry between them. It seemed like Jun Ho’ s heart wasn’t completely into it? Like when they re-enacted that scene from “Ga Eul Dong Hwa” (was it just me who felt that the whole segment was kinda … lame?), it seemed like he was merely catering to a whim of hers. Anyhow, there’s a lot that can be said about Jun Ho, who is One Confused Boy. He sure is a hard one to read.

            2012/05/11 at 4:27 am

            • shyangz

              Actually regarding airtime and such, it made me wonder whether there was so much footage between Jae Ho and Jennifer (‘s frustrations) because both of them were photogenic and verbal about their feelings. ^^ ;; Jae Ho’s crush was a double-plus. *lol* I kind of feel that Jun Ho would prefer Tae Hee actually, but probably everyone knew that it’s not just Jun Sung’s one-sided crush but that Tae Hee kind of liked Jun Sung too (my guess).

              There’s a wealth of fun photos out there on The Romantic’s official blog, including this one featuring PD Lee, the genius behind the show~~

              (click to enlarge)

              2012/06/02 at 6:15 pm

      • Iyen

        Can you give me the adress of Turkey season, please? I couldn’t find it the full version. Thank you..

        2012/06/06 at 10:15 am

        • rha

          did you find the site were we can watch the turkey epsode? can you share it with me , really ove the show…

          2012/10/29 at 6:13 am

  5. anne

    so bad it’s the end!!! i feel so sad snif snif . I want to cry!!

    2012/04/28 at 6:07 pm

  6. anne

    I hope there will be a season 3

    2012/04/28 at 6:09 pm

    • shyangz

      I bet! ^^

      2012/04/29 at 6:51 am

  7. seKYUhanyeol

    i felt bad when il young chose min seol over yoo rim…

    2012/05/12 at 12:45 pm

  8. Kim

    Il-Young asked Lee Yoo rim last episode if he still the no.1 on Lee Yoo rim’s heart and Lee Yoo rim said No, you’re not. It’s obvious that Il-Young likes Lee Yoo rim it’s just he felt that if he chose Lee Yoo rim. Yoo rim will not chose him. So, that he chose Min-seol over Yoo rim. He don’t want to be rejected. I think Il-Young didn’t follows his heart. As obviously, we saw on facial expressions of Il-Young when there is someone confesses on Yoo rim as we saw on his reactions he felt bad. I think Il-Young really likes Yoo rim but he’s afraid if Yoo rim will not chose him. :(( I’m so disappointed because Il-Young didn’t decide to stay on Yoo rim. But I feel so great to Yoo rim because she follows her heart. Even if there are three men waiting for him she don’t even chose one. :))

    2012/05/30 at 5:07 pm

  9. true! it’s such a big disappointment. i think they really fit together rather than minseol.

    2012/05/31 at 7:45 am

  10. MJmilits

    yes,i agree with you kim and glenda but if Lee Yoo rim said that II-Young still his no.1 then obviously II-Young will chose Lee Yoo rim instead of Min-seol like kim said II-Young don`t want to be rejected and also he is afraid if Yoo rim won`t chose him. Haist

    2012/06/01 at 6:43 am

    • msutubera

      If that is the case, Il yong only shows that he is not a firm person, not yet matured enough to face real challenge.

      2012/06/05 at 5:13 am

  11. shyangz

    Have you guys seen this video before? Maybe Il-Young did ~~ kkk

    2012/06/02 at 6:37 pm

    • msutubera

      probably Il yong had seen this video because from the start he kept on saying that min seol is his type physically.

      2012/06/05 at 5:16 am

  12. iyen

    Hahaha now she’s become a model? What a life.. Shyangz, as a newbie in The Romantic, I still confused with the flow of the Croatia’s story (I haven’t seen the Turkey, OMG) I’ve seen the ‘decison scene’ already, but after that why do I see their conversation about whom they want to take a date with? Since there is no eng sub (on ep 5) so all I can do is just guessing with my minim Korean language. Seems like Jong Ik asked Eun Ji for a date, then Eun Ji told him ‘after that you’re going to left me’ so I’m pretty sure this conversation is happened after D day. What happen actually? Can you please tell me? Thank you Shyangz..

    2012/06/06 at 4:21 am

  13. MJmilits

    I want to watch the first episode, On how Lee Yoo Rim met II-Young because i didn`t watch that episode…i`m really curious on what happen when they met each other. Can you suggest me where can i watch the first episode with english subtitle. I hope someone can help me. 🙂

    2012/07/01 at 2:10 pm

  14. aniza

    i want more episode!!!!!!! and like to known what happened after the show what their life now

    2012/09/17 at 7:10 am

  15. Hannah

    Where can I see the The Romantic- Turkey Edition Thanks! 🙂

    2012/10/01 at 1:27 am

  16. can you give me some link of complete the romantic episode 2, with english subs please gomawo

    2012/10/12 at 6:55 pm

  17. witch17

    where can i watch the romantic season 2 with english sub? pls and thank you!

    2012/10/14 at 12:30 pm

  18. shyangz

    on behalf of iviih, anne, lyen, iyen, MJmilits, Hannah, larry, witch17 and everyone who wants to know about eng subs to The Romantic, can anyone help to direct them to any useful links? Thanks in advance too~ (^^)

    2012/10/14 at 3:03 pm

  19. Zen lim

    Where do u watch the full show of the romantic season 2 in turkey with eng sub? If u have any idea, pls tell me.

    2012/10/27 at 8:49 am

  20. HuiWen

    Anyone knows where to find the romantic in turkey season 1 with any subs?

    2012/10/28 at 12:52 pm

  21. rha

    did anyone knows were i can watch ronatic in turkey in eng sub…? relly love the show.. plss

    2012/10/29 at 6:11 am

  22. Jon G.

    been addicted to this show. settings, twists made the viewers wait for the next episodes not knowing what is will happen to the dates of the romanticist. Plus factors are the songs and movie clips from feel good love story movies even ordinary people can relate. Kudos to the Team of the The Romantics in Turkey. hope you could provide us the link of the whole season 2 of the romantic in turkey with english subtitles.

    2012/11/04 at 1:42 pm

  23. can someone please tell me where can i find the link for The Romantics in Turkey with eng sub?

    2012/11/07 at 10:21 am

  24. kyshe15

    The romantic in turkey is better than the other one..
    I like this real show about love it’s so amazing..

    I like jae-ho the way he show his love to jennifer..

    I hope theres an0ther part of the romantic..

    2012/11/08 at 10:01 pm

  25. kerr

    I just finished the subbed version of the romantic in turkey through our tvn cable channel.
    Just some info about Junho. He didnt really want to choose Jennifer, because it was Tae Hee that he really liked. After he turned around to see who among the girls chose him, the production teamed noticed that he looked disappointed and teary-eyed. It was then showned in one of the caption that during the interview Junho said that it was Tae hee that he was going to choose. Therefore, he didnt really like Jennifer.

    2012/11/12 at 5:51 pm

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