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[10Asia] Pa-ob Special Revision Quiz

A translation of 10 Asia’s informative and tongue-in-cheek weekly column called “One Night of Section TV Entertainment Relay Revision Quiz”. This week’s quiz #17 tests on your knowledge about the MBC / KBS / YTN strikes. Please go to the original article by Choi Ji Eun and click on the “GOOD”~ ^^

And may Infinite Challenge return on air soon~~

Nowadays, one doesn’t sing “Seoul~ Seoul~ Seoul~”, people are chanting “Pa-ob~ Pa-ob~ Pa-ob~” instead. (“Pa-ob” means “strike”) Although March is the month when the flowers are blooming despite the cold, it is also the time when the workers of Korea’s media and broadcasting industries are showing the importance of their existence. Whether they are striking against Busan Ilbo (“Daily”), Kukmin Ilbo, Yonhap News, MBC, KBS, or YTN, each company’s workers may have slightly different reasons for participating in the strike, but what unifies their strike is their demand for a media and broadcasting industry to be independent from the influence of capitalists and politicians. Yes, this is our current reality, where we can’t enjoy media rights and journalistic freedom. Thus, here we play our part and instead of our usual reporting on entertainment news, we have prepared a “Pa-ob Special” for our weekly “One Night of Section TV Entertainment Relay Revision Quiz”.


1. Due to MBC’s <Moon that Embraces the Sun> director Kim Do Hoon’s participation in the strike, Specials were aired instead of episodes 19 and 20 of <Moon that Embraces the Sun>. Which of the following did not happen due to this delay?

① KBS <Man from the Equator> 1st episode delayed by 1 week
② SBS <Rooftop Prince> 1st episode delayed by 1 week
③ KBS <Ordinary Love> extended for 2 episodes
④ MBC <Moon that Embraces the Sun> 1st~6th episodes to be replayed for the next 3 weeks
⑤ MBC <Light and Shadow> to be aired Mondays~Thursdays


2. On March 8, the labor unions of the 3 stations MBC, KBS and YTN gathered for a combined strike at Yeouido Park. Which of the following was used as the name of this strike?

(note: “strike” in Korean is called “pa-ob”)

① K Pa-ob Star ② Pa-ob Star K ③ Pa-ob Star KBN ④ The Great Pa-ob ⑤ The Stations Embrace the Pa-ob ⑥ Voice of the Pa-obers ⑦ Korea’s Got Pa-ob ⑧ Pa-ob With The Stars


3. Through the <Jaedaero Newsdesk>, produced by MBC union members,  it’s February 28th and March 4th episodes ran a focused analysis of MBC CEO Kim Jae Chul’s alleged misuse of the corporate credit cards. After assuming his post, among his 188 hotel accommodation expenses, 98 times were found to have been spent over the weekend and during public holidays. With regards to CEO Kim Jae Chul being so busy that he had to lead such a life wandering outside his home, what is the nickname given to him by the <Jaedaero Newsdesk> team?

(note: “Jaedaero” is Korean for “correct, proper, appropriate, right”)

① Hotel King ② Card King ③ Accomodation King ④ Shipping King ⑤ Pirate King ⑥King Uija ⑦ Fashion King ⑧ Queen Seon Deok ⑨ King “With You Everyday” (MBC daily drama title)


4. The following images are captured from the <Jaedaero Newsdesk> showing the corporate credit card spending of MBC CEO Kim Jae Chul. The images include spending for meeting fees, overseas travelling fees, allowances used during the securing of sponsorship, gifts of gratitude towards MBC program guests, writers, performers. In the following comments towards CEO Kim Jae Chul, whose words are totally irrelevant?

① Yeon Woo: CEO Kim Jae Chul must have been a family man who loved his wife so much. He doesn’t even have a shaman by his side to disperse his bad energy.
② Lee Hwon: One observes that CEO Kim Jae Chul is slightly balding, and always used his corporate credit card for spending. Therefore, it is fair to conclude that if he loves freebies so much, he can be described as bald, am I not right?
③ Bo Kyung: Like <Sex & The City> character Carrie, CEO Kim Jae Chul is a fashionista who loves his shoes and bags. Somehow I feel a sense of closeness to him?
④ Heo Yeom: From the immense efforts CEO Kim Jae Chul put in to take care of his skin, I think he must be an ubersexual (uber-straight metrosexual). CEO Kim, please text your skin products to me.
⑤ Yang Myung: CEO Kim Jae Chul gave his hometown friend a musical ticket present that costs 3 million won – what a generous guy! I shall befriend him too.
⑥ Min Hwa: I think CEO Kim Jae Chul is a trendsetter who shops in stores whose targets are mainly young women. Wouldn’t it be great if he was our dad?
⑦ Jan Shil: CEO Kim Jae Chul even attended the overseas performance by the students of his hometown elementary school, what a warm and loving elder. It will be nice if he could attend our regular Sungsoochung performances too.
⑧ Woon: From the way CEO Kim Jae Chul refuses to reveal his name when using his corporate credit card, it reflects the humility and depth of his character. Much like a masked swordsman, I guess.


5. Which of the following are not part of the “Black History after KBS CEO Kim In Kyu Was Appointed”, revealed by KBS’ new labor union?

① Pro-FTA newsbites like “US cherries can be bought more cheaply” ② G20 summit opens in Korea ③ <60 Minute Chase> “4 Big Rivers” episode restrained from airing for 2 weeks ④ Special Broadcast : “4 Big Rivers – towards a new wave” ⑤ 3 episode documentary series on Syngman Rhee ⑥ 2 episode documentary series on Paik Sun-yup


6. In August 2008, YTN labor unionists refused to work in a strike to protest against the appointment of CEO Gu Bon Hong, because of his close ties with President Lee Myung Bak, where he was responsible for the latter’s election campaign media reports. In October that year, head unionists, including 6 prominent reporters, were fired. In August 2009, CEO Gu Bon Hong resigned and was succeeded by CEO Bae Suk Kyu, after which the Seoul Central District Court ruled that the 6 reporters should be restored to their original positions. YTN then counter-appealed to the Seoul High Court that “the dismissal of the unionised reporters were justified” on April 2011. Currently the reporters are awaiting the final ruling from the Supreme Court of Korea. Throughout these 3 and a half years, which YTN program was most severely affected?

① < PD Notebook > ② <Knowledge Channel e> ③ <Unexpected Videos> ④ <News 9> ⑤ <Food of Koreans>


7. During the March 8 strike, the MBC labor union revealed a clip of CEO Kim Jae Chul speaking in a meeting with the staff. Which of the following did he not say during the meeting?

① All staff freelancers will adopt the annual salary system.
② 100% of variety and dramas must be produced by external sub-contracted companies
③ Reporters will be hired on a contract basis
④ Open recruitment of MBC employees will be abolished
⑤ Every employee will own 1 corporate credit card each, with infinite spending limits
⑥ Target members of “cafes” (internet group) focused on preparing for admission examinations into media companies and hire them as interns into live filming programs. Their employment prospects shall depend on the ratings of their programs.
⑦ Aggressive head huntering of staff from cable networks.
⑧ He will directly produce his <Newsdesk> program, and be the main anchor.


Answers and Explanations

1. ③, ④, ⑤
③ If KBS <Ordinary Love> was extended for 2 episodes, it will be great…
④ If MBC <Moon that Embraces the Sun> 1st~6th episodes will be replayed for the next 3 weeks, it will be great too…
⑤ If MBC <Light and Shadow> will be aired Mondays~Thursdays…. why not?


2. ① K Pa-ob Star
Am just trying to be ironic here, ‘cos SBS aren’t involved in the strikes (yet?). We hope that by parodying the title of their Sunday primetime variety program “Survival Audition K Pop Star”, they will .. uh.. do their part as well? ^^v


3. ③ Accomodation King
④ Shipping King was the nickname of Greek shipping magnate Onassis, who was married to Maria Callas and Jacqueline Kennedy.
⑤ Pirate King refers to the ambition of Luffy, main character of manga <One Piece>
⑥ King Uija is the 31st king of the Baek Jae dynasty
⑦ Fashion King is the name of Ki Ahn 84’s webtoon, as well as the name of the SBS Mon-Tue drama slated to air on March 19.
⑧ Queen Seon Deok is the drama that enabled Go Hyun Jung to win the Daesang award in the 2009 MBC Drama Awards. It is also the name of the drama that provided the excuse for CEO Kim Jae Chul’s lengthy speech during the Awards.


4. ② Lee Hwon
Firstly, CEO Kim Jae Chul is just “slightly” balding, thus you can’t describe him as bald. Secondly, to say that he loves freebies by using the corporate credit card is to assume that the corporate credit card is his source of personal allowance, which is incorrect. Comments by the others are accurate, that CEO Kim Jae Chul loves his wife, is a fashionista, a trendsetter, a ubersexual, a generous guy who treasures friendship, and a warm elder who cares for kids, to the point of requiring accommodation when he visits the other provinces, thus showing his strength of character.


5. Actually, they are all correct.
(For further explanations, please google the political backgrounds of these issues on the web)


6. ③ <Unexpected Videos>
<Unexpected Videos> started airing in the summer of 2003 by No Jong Myeon PD and enjoyed immense popularity, becoming the top program for YTN, winning the YTN Daesang award in 2007. In April 2008, there were even talks of a spinoff <Unexpected Audios> on YTN Radio. Unfortunately, the reporters dismissed during the anti-CEO Gu Bon Hong strike were also part of the production team behind the program.


7. ⑤, ⑥, ⑦ and ⑧
⑤ It is impossible for every employee to own 1 corporate credit card each, with infinite spending limits. The corporate credit card can only be used by the CEO only.
⑥ Target members of “cafes” (internet group) focused on preparing for admission examinations into media companies and hire them as interns into live filming programs. Their employment prospects shall depend on the ratings of their programs – this idea is fine, but what about members of other “cafes”?
⑦ Aggressive head huntering of staff from cable networks (and non-cable stations) is already a natural occurrence within all Human Resource departments in this industry.
⑧ Regarding produce his <Newsdesk> program, and be the main anchor, he doesn’t have the verbal capabilities to speak properly yet. YET.

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