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[The Romantic] Jun Sung + Tae Hee talk about him + her-selves


Let’s meet this very romantic guy and girl from <The Romantic>!

These days, as gust upon gust of spring breeze brushes past us, somehow it seems to echo out to us, “I long to fall in love~”. Perhaps, because of this suggestive weather, that’s why many viewers are attracted to the real love stories of the participants in channel tvN’s <The Romantic – Croatia Edition> and <The Romantic – Turkey Edition> (shown every Saturday at 12 midnight).

Last Saturday (Apr 7 2012), in a spring-soaked atmosphere along the Dodam-gil route of the N Tower and Deoksu-goong palace, our journalists Kim Tae Goon and Ahn Jung Hyun met up with The Romantic participants Kim Tae Hee and Kang Jun Sung respectively. Both of them told us about the behind stories of <The Romantic> and about how their love stories changed due to The Romantic. But more than that… Kim Tae Hee-nim the older woman and the persistent Kang Jun Sung-nim, who looks upon her like a sunflower towards the sun. Will their love-line eventually be realised, or will it not?

An article by CJ EnM Lounge journalists Kim Tae Goon and Ahn Jung Hyun~

# The Story of Her – Kim Tae Hee

1. A girl like me..

[journalist] Tae Goon) You look prettier in real life than on camera. Please give a simple introduction of yourself~

Tae Hee) (laughs) Thank you. I’m currently working in a Swiss MNC, and also studying policy studies at grad school at the same time. What I like to do, I love reading. So much so that one of my dreams is to be able to fill up one entire wall with books. Then again, I’m not so mild to just be a bookworm. I water-ski in summer, and enjoy snowboarding in winter, so I can be considered a sports lover too.

Tae Goon) We’re curious to know what made you resolve to participate in The Romantic?

Tae Hee) I’ve been working and studying all the way till now, and have never slackened one bit. When I made the decision to participate, I was actually in Singapore, so before I took the night flight with the others from Seoul to Turkey, I had flew in on the same day from Singapore to Seoul. From this, you can see how my life is so focused on work and studies.. But while being immersed in this kind of life, I felt that I needed a person who could make my heart race again. Also, I wanted to know whether it’s really possible to be able to sensibly, carefully choose someone over such a short span of time. Something like a love challenge for myself, I suppose? Another way of looking at it is that for someone as exhausted as me, this could be viewed as a kind of restful experience too.

Tae Goon) Ah, I see. After you appeared on TV, how were the responses of the people around you? Were there people who recognized you? ^^

Tae Hee) Frankly, I didn’t tell people I was doing this, so they had no idea initally. Since I was always on overseas worktrips, my colleagues thought this was another worktrip too. After I appeared, my juniors became pretty curious and asked me many questions. Aah, to think of it now.. not long ago when I entered a bank, one bank employee recognized me, which gave me a shock. A bank that starts with K at Nohyun-dong~ ^^ Ah, I would like to ask, do I look that round when I appear on the TV screen?

Tae Goon) Ah aah, ‘cos not..!! Tae Hee noona (elder sister), no I mean Tae Hee-nim, you are much prettier in real life than on screen, that’s the truth! Hmm hmm.. let me regain my composure, and let’s move on to your experiences on The Romantic~^^;;

2. About The Romantic..

Tae Goon)As the oldest participant in The Romantic, you seem to be tagged as the “Older female” character. So, Tae Hee-nim, what would you regard as the charms of an older woman?

Tae Hee) Well, I guess the term “older female” already gives people a comfortable vibe. Before people start talking to me, they think to themselves, “Since she’s an older woman, she should be matured enough to understand me”, and thus can comfortably begin the conversation with me. I don’t have much concerns about acting like an adult, basically I just “become myself” and I guess naturally that’s how the conversation flows easily. Also, older women are obviously still women. For example, for a very insignificant reason that I pretend to be cute, people will respond with more surprise and often exclaim “Ah, noona, that’s cute”, I’m right, aren’t I? ^^

With a runny nose admist the chilly spring breezes, journalist Tae Goon-nim gets a respite when Tae Hee halts the interview for a second and hands over a tissue

Tae Goon) Haaa.. I see..(Hesitantly) I’m not sure whether it will be aired or not, but I would like to ask if you would like to slightly share any secretive episode or incident that happened when the cameras weren’t recording?

Tae Hee) Um.. There was this time when I had a fruit preference date with Jun Sung-sshi. At that time, we were doing an arm-linking mission. We had walked out of the building towards the restaurant when it started to snow heavily. It was really difficult to see what was in front of us, and it was getting dark too.. I had absolutely no idea of the Turkey landscape, I was only linked onto Jun Sung sshi’s arm, walking like that.. At that time, it felt like I was in love with a boyfriend.. ^^ To link arms while walking endlessly on an unknown path, and at the narrower parts, Jun Sung-sshi grasped my hand. At that moment, I was a little touched, and felt like I was in love with a boyfriend..

Tae Goon)Ah.. Wow. I should have been there to witness this.. Haha^^. I heard that there were much recordings of initial expectations in The Romantic. That’s how one could know what each participant was really feeling but did not reveal outwardly to others. I was wondering if you ever changed your impression of anybody after watching episodes showing these recordings? Could you let us know a bit of what you feel about them?

Tae Hee) Um.. No matter what, I can’t deny that I had different impressions of some participants after realizing their feelings for me..  ^^ That’s all I can reveal here..^^

Tae Goon)Hmm.. That answer seems to suggest so much. Could you not reveal a little more to me? Haha. Ok, let’s change topics. People often dream about meeting their destined other half while touring in an unfamiliar country. Like the movie “Before Sunrise”. How is Turkey, as the country where one meets their destined half, and is there any place which is unforgettable for you?

Tae Hee) Cappadocia! Where we took the hot-air balloon, it was very very surreal, I enjoyed it a lot. We were at Turkey, but not on earth – we were in heaven.

Tae Goon) Being in a place like that, could I say it became more “special” because you were with someone you liked?

Tae Hee) Yeah.. Being in such a special place like that, I would be lying if I said I couldn’t remember who I was with.

Tae Goon)You seemed to be very interested in the preference shuffles. Did the process of the preference shuffle program have a big impact on you?

Tae Hee) Yes, it did. While filming The Romantic, there is a male participant who had similar preferences as me. While the two of us were talking about this and that, we realized how similar we were. But the irony of it all is that we both know fully well that it isn’t romance. We realized that similar preferences do not necessarily mean there’s a possibility of romance. What it actually does is it just makes one more curious about the other party.

3. What does she think of love?..

Tae Goon)What are your original perceptions of relationships and love? Did it change because of The Romantic filming in Turkey?

Tae Hee) Normally, I am serious with regards to relationships, I’m the type who can be friends for a long time, before realizing for the first time that something moves my heart, and as the positive feelings progress into a dating relationship. Thus I’m a strong believer that “It’s impossible to fall in love in a short span of time”.. While filming The Romantic in Turkey, I have since changed those beliefs, that it’s actually possible to fall in love in a short span of time.

Tae Goon)Hmm.. I see. Now that you have returned from The Romantic – Turkey edition, what if I asked you what is love, in a sentence?

Tae Hee) Love is.. the strength that moves the world, I think. There are many types of love in the world. I didn’t know what was love when I was younger, but now that I’m older, I realized that I’m not without love. In preschool, kid couples dream of love; so do senior aged couples too.. The love in Turkey, the love that I hadn’t experienced till now, it’s a new kind of love I guess. The time, the person, the place etc all these elements made up the love that I experienced, a kind of heart-fluttering yet mysterious kind of love..

# The Story of Him – Kang Jun Sung

1. A guy like me..

[journalist] Jung Hyun) Seeing you directly like this, I realized you are really good-looking! ^^ Please give a short introduction of yourself~

Jun Sung) I want to be known as the guy who’s passionate and puts in his best in everything he does, and also a “fireworks” kind of guy who is full of fiery passion towards that one and only person~ Haha. Being youthful all the way till I was “two-eight” (28) last year,  this year I became a 29-year-old, an age that seems to herald change.. ^^;

Jung Hyun) Haha^^ Unlike your image on TV, you seem rather humorous and outgoing in real life~ After appearing in <The Romantic>, how did the people around you react?

Jun Sung) People around me often say, “You’re in a TV show, how could you reveal so much of yourself without any restraint?” I’m not recognized on the streets or in public places yet, but many people in my office recognize me. Because I use Facebook and Twitter, I received many friend and follower requests, and it’s true that among the 400 FB friend requests I got, only 1 is from a guy! Until now, I’m still curious about why that guy wants to friend me ^^

Jung Hyun) Wow.. From your FB friend requests, that means that you have almost 400 female fans already~^^ Do you have any fan or viewer who leaves a deep impression on you?

Jun Sung) Recently I left a message on Facebook saying “I’m working late in the office”, and a fan actually ordered a pizza for me, telling me to “Eat this while you’re working”. After episode 2 was aired, one lady texted me, “Somehow I kind of know whom Kang Jun Sung-sshi will end up with. I have rather sharp instincts.” As I was curious, I asked, “Who would it be?” She replied, “It’s Ji Yeon-sshi, right?” Haha. Well, regarding her comment, I have no comments. Please find out for yourselves by watching the show!

Jung Hyun) Hmm.. You seem to be the kind of guy who was popular in school, am I right?

Jun Sung) No I wasn’t. Definitely not. Especially during high school, I was fat and received zero interest from the girls. Thus, I only had the option of studying with with a do-or-die determination.

2. About The Romantic..

Jung Hyun) In <The Romantic>, were there any moments which were so surreal to the point where you forgot the presence of the VJ?

Jun Sung) The times when I’m so happy I forget about the cameras  – when I’m with Tae Hee? To tell the truth, when I first saw her and when I meet her again, those times I nearly forgot that the cameras were rolling. If I were to name my most surreal moments, I guess it would be in the 3rd episode during the fruit preference shuffle date with Tae Hee. The production crew left us alone, and we just filmed the date ourselves by self-camera. As we played pranks on each other, every one of those moments was enjoyable. In Episode 4, we set off on the trip to Cappadocia the scenery was really beautiful. While riding the hot-air balloon, it was so surreal it makes you forget about the cameras.

Jung Hyun) Haha~ Was there any guy whom you viewed as your biggest competitor in the program?

Jun Sung) It’s Jun Ho.  Even from a guy’s perspective, compared to viewing from TV, Jun Ho is a guy much more outstanding in real life. Before departing for Turkey he was the only participant who did not turn up for the pre-filming meetings, so the production team described him as “the tall and handsome male participant”, making us nervous at the same time. He was Tae Hee’s first date, and both of them were so compatible, which bothered me a lot.

Jung Hyun) Ah.. I see. How did you find The Romantic’s filming destination, Turkey? Also, do you have any destination you would love to go with your girlfriend? 

Jun Sung) Well, frankly, if I could go with the person I love, the destination wouldn’t matter to me. If I had to give an example, Cappadocia in Turkey is really one most romantic places ever. A place which is very romantic and touches your heart. If I had the opportunity to go on a trip with my girlfriend, I would like to go to Boracay in the Philippines. Because it’s the most romantic place I love on earth.

3. What does he think of love?..

Jung Hyun) Since men are from Mars and women are from Venus, relationships often suffer misunderstandings due to different perspectives between the sexes. What’s your take on this? Do you have any past experiences to share?

Jun Sung) That’s for sure. When I quarrelled with my girlfriend, I had to go and find her again to resolve the misunderstandings. After that, on the way home I would go and meet up with other friends. At that time, my girlfriend found out and got mad again, and I didn’t understand why. But as time goes by, till today, I’m working harder to understand the psychology of women.

Jung Hyun) A misunderstanding you had is also common among many couples. I heard you like women older than you, is it because you would have less misunderstandings with them? I’m also curious whether you had much experience dating older women~

Jun Sung) A girlfriend older than me is more mature and would be more understanding of me, can take the lead (i.e. guide me along), and accept me for who I am. I also like the fact that I could do as much aegyo as I want to her. That’s why I have many close nuna (older female) friends around me. There’s much to learn from them, and it’s good to get their advice on matters too. I don’t have much experience dating them, maybe just a few times?

Jung Hyun) Could that be the reason you seem to like the older Kim Tae Hee-sshi in <The Romantic> episodes aired so far?

Jun Sung) Tae Hee is really charming. (note: He used panmal / informal language ^^) In the ten days of filming <The Romantic>, she’s the woman whom I wanted to know more and had a good feeling about. I would call her a cheonsang yoja (“girl from heaven”)?

Jung Hyun) Before and after you participated in <The Romantic>, were there any changes in your life?

Jun Sung) Before appearing on <The Romantic>, I was very concerned with the other party’s looks, background, job etc. This is what people get to know when they go on blind dates like sogaeting. But after filming <The Romantic> I got to see a person beyond her looks and background, to be able to like a person with more innocent intentions, it’s great.

~ Afternote ~

The love of Kim Tae Hee-nim.. The love of Kang Jun Sung-nim.. The character of Kim Tae Hee-nim.. The character of Kang Jun Sung.. Somehow one feels the similarity among their differences, the difference among their similarities. These two, standing far apart yet are so near, with expressions on their faces that seem to suggest more than we’ll ever find out~


photo sources: HIM / HER

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  1. CHY

    Awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! ^_^ Your hard work is much appreciated as it makes for a most enjoyable and insightful read. I’m definitely going to print this out and save it along with the original article once it’s completed.

    I really like how this interview provides depth and scope while being focused and well-structured. You get the sense that the journalists did a fair amount of prep-work and put a lot of thought into formatting the questions. Color-coding key phrases/points is an aspect that adds to the approachable and friendly nature of the article. Those key phrases just jump right out at you and grab your attention. And the lovely photos sure are easy on the eyes.

    More affirmation that Tae Hee’s totally my kind of girl. “What I like to do, I love reading. So much so that one of my dreams is to be able to fill up one entire wall with books.” Ahhh … I sure do love me my books and bookcases too! ^^ Brainy bookworms, unite!

    “But while being immersed in this kind of life, I felt that I needed a person who could make my heart race again. Also, I wanted to know whether it’s really possible to be able to sensibly, carefully choose someone over such a short span of time. Something like a love challenge for myself, I suppose?”

    “Normally, I am serious with regards to relationships, I’m the type who can be friends for a long time, before realizing for the first time that something moves my heart, and as the positive feelings progress into a dating relationship. Thus I’m a strong believer that “It’s impossible to fall in love in a short span of time”.. While filming The Romantic in Turkey, I have since changed those beliefs, that it’s actually possible to fall in love in a short span of time.”

    These two parts correspond really well to each other, don’t they? Major props to the journalists for drawing out these detailed answers with their prodding questions. So, the conclusion is … Tae Hee’s love challenge for herself is a sweet success? hehehe ~

    2012/05/11 at 5:08 am

    • shyangz

      Thanks again for your comments~~ What I like about the writing style of this article is how they include the interviewers’ informal comments here and there.. ‘cos it balances out the thoughtful replies of the Tae Hee and Jun Sung, adding a little whimsical to their philosophical replies, that kind of thing. ^^

      2012/06/02 at 5:57 pm

  2. huda

    Great couple. arhh. ireally hope they’ll end up together in real life 🙂

    2012/10/22 at 6:39 am

  3. nikki

    I really loved their interview. i just hope that they end up together. :0

    2012/10/25 at 4:19 am

    • Nancy Tan

      Nikki – do you know how do I search for Kang Jun Sung and Kim Tae Hee in FB ? Is there a way to narrrow-down the search ?

      2012/10/25 at 2:41 pm

  4. Nancy Tan

    How do I search for both characters in FB please ?

    2012/10/25 at 2:38 pm

    • Val

      Nancy, you can find Jun Sung Kang at FB. From his friend contact you find those of the cast there too.

      2012/10/28 at 12:21 pm

  5. asdfou

    Good couple.

    2012/10/27 at 10:35 am

  6. Val

    Totally love them.
    For me, the first impression I will surly choose Jun Sung.
    So charming.

    2012/10/28 at 12:18 pm

  7. mitxi

    Thanks for the link.

    2012/10/31 at 4:28 pm

  8. CHY

    Yay, it’s complete! Major props to you for such a superb and thorough job from beginning to end! *Bows head in immense gratitude.* Then immediately *saves page and prints out hard copy for further perusal.* ^_^

    About our favorite Romantists … from what I’ve been able to glean, Tae Hee is still on overseas assignment and hopping all over Southeast Asia. Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Vientiane, Kunming, etc.. She sure is one busy gal! Jun Sung is currently employed at YG Entertainment. Apparently he started getting love calls from them right after the first episode of the Turkey arc aired. He sure was spot on with his concluding comments about “The Romantic” experience being a turning point of his life, wasn’t he?

    2012/11/05 at 4:26 am

  9. Great couple and Awesome indeed. Jun Sung.. try harder to woo Tat Hee. She is super smart n sweet … I love to see both of u. As a couple we cannot have 100 per cent perfect …otherwise no room to change.

    2012/11/09 at 11:48 am

  10. jon g

    just completed the marathon telecast of the romantic in turkey… salute to the cast and crew of the show.

    waiting its telecast every morning here in the philippines is really worth it.

    tae hee and jun sung is such a nice pair. hoping the friendship will bloom into something romantic commitment. seeing them dating even after the show is a pleasant news to the followers of the show.

    thanks again tvn for airing the marathon telecast.

    kindly show it again pls…..

    Lastly, pls post the link for the complete episodes with english subtitles

    Thanks again….

    2012/11/11 at 2:32 pm

  11. I totally love lee jun-ho and kim tae-hee on the romantic in turkey they are do awesome couples………:)

    2013/01/25 at 8:44 am

  12. Hi, do you guys know the FB accounts of them or other people in the show? Thanks!

    2016/03/22 at 1:52 pm

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