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Remembering [The Chaser]

… thanks to [The Chaser] DC Gallery and Specials [1, 2, 3] on Max Movie Entertainment News, by reporters Shin Sang Min and Lee Ji Young~

[Special] Mon-Tue Drama <The Chaser> Finale (1) –

Son Hyun Joo’s last smile

[Max Movie=Reporter Shin Sang Min] SBS Mon-Tue Drama <추적자 THE CHASER> has reached its finale, touching many viewers’ hearts as always, for the last time.

In the last episode of <The Chaser> aired on July 17, ‘Baek Hong Seok’ (Son Hyun Joo) finally proves his daughter ‘Baek Soo Jung’ (Lee Hye In) was murdered in an elaborate car accident cover-up, and cleared accusations of her being a drug user and underage sexual escort.

In a bid to prove Soo Jung’s innocence and murder, ‘Lawyer Choi Jung Woo’ (Ryu Seung Soo), ‘Detective Cho’ (Park Hyo Joo), ‘Chief Hwang’ (Kang Shin Il) launched investigations in order to arrest Soo Jung’s hit-and-run killer ‘Seo Ji Soo’ (Kim Sung Ryung).

In Baek Hong Suk’s second trial, his best friend ‘Yoon Chang Min’ (Choi Joon Yong) appeared as a witness and confessed that he had received Kang Dong Yoon’s bribe and caused Soo Jung’s death. Through Yoon Chang Min’s testimony, accusations of Soo Jung’s drug use were proven untrue.

‘Shin Hae Ra’ (Jang Shin Young), pretends to be P.K. Joon’s lover, as part of her condition for helping ‘Chairman Seo’ (Park Geun Hyung), who will enable her to achieve her own political ambitions in return. However, Lawyer Choi Jung Woo proves that Seo Ji Soo was the person behind the wheel during the hit-and-run through her text messages with PK Joon. Shin Hae Ra finally confesses the truth and reveals the black box footage of the accident. Seo Ji Soo is finally detained on charges of murder.

Kang Dong Yoon, earlier a Presidential hopeful, is charged for assisting murder and receives a jailing sentence of 8 years. Baek Hong Soo receives a 15-year-sentence for multiple charges, including murdering PK Joon, escaping from arrest, obstruction to enforcement of public official duties, contempt of court, etc.

After his sentence was announced, an apparition of Soo Jung appeared in front of Hong Seok and said, “Thank you Daddy. Daddy, you aren’t guilty at all.” Hong Seok smiles brightly, a contrast to the many in the benches who wept upon the pronounciation of his sentence.

<The Chaser> has captured the viewers’ attention with their intense plot development and intriguing character conflicts. It also assumed the lead in ratings ever since the ending of MBC Mon-Tue Drama <Light and Shadow>. What’s most impressive about this show is it’s script and directing, which never lost it’s tension since the beginning of the first episode, and the unforgettable acting of the actors and actresses, despite the lack of romance and top stars.

The Mon-Tue SBS slot will be continued in August with <Faith>, starring Kim Hee Sun and Lee Min Ho.



[Special] Mon-Tue Drama <The Chaser> Finale (2) –

Best Acting, Best Scenes Top 5

[Max Movie=Reporter Lee Ji Young] SBS Mon-Tue Drama<추적자 THE CHASER> ended after 16 episodes. Beginning with a 7% viewer rating, <The Chaser> steadily surpassed 20% and has received praise for being a premium drama, especially for its all-rounded scripting and acting performance. Bringing tears and laughter to audiences through its keen observations of reality, let’s take a look at the top 5 memorable scenes of this realistic documentary-like drama~

1. Baek Hong Seok and the Spoons of Loss

2. Chairman Seo, Ultimate Schemer

추적자 박근형 회장님 어록 총정리 *click*

 3. The Barbershop Scene

4. Lawyer Choi’s impassioned opening defence in Baek Hong Seok’s trial

(aka <The Chaser> summarized in 10 min)

(note to self – Episode 15 00:48 – 00:58)

5. Voter Turnout of 91.4% – The Nation as Jury


명대사의 모든것 ALL TIME BEST 20 * click *

디씨 * click *

DC Photo Cake *click*


[Special] Mon-Tue Drama <The Chaser> Finale (3) –

The Powerless Ones with Heart vs The Heartless Ones with Power

[Max Movie=Reporter Shin Sang Min] The 16 episode SBS Mon-Tue drama <추적자 THE CHASER> ended on July 17.

The drama revolves around the story of 2 men, and how their lives are affected by the web of interests frantically preserved and destroyed by the myriad of characters from various sectors of society that cross into their paths. This drama wasn’t an anticipated drama in the beginning. Mostly because it didn’t feature top stars, unlike many other dramas today.

However, it’s consistent good script and acting performance has mesmerized the audience, especially with through its 2 main characters ‘Baek Hong Seok’ (Son Hyun Joo) and ‘Kang Dong Yoon’ (Kim Sang Joong). Both men are duly assisted by 2 camps of people – Baek Hong Seok by those with a conscience, and Kang Dong Yoon by those with more important concerns than their own conscience.

Here’s a look at these supporting actors, one of the major reasons for the popularity of this drama.

The Ones With Heart

The Ones With Power

(these were really interesting characters, unforgettable~~)

and before I forget, Song Yong Kyu the maverick, not-so-hateable prosecutor too~

Prosecutor Park Min Chan (by actor Song Young Gyu):

“Jung Woo yaa, what is the meaning of being a prosecutor? We prosecute for a living, that’s why we are called prosecutors.

The outlines of a painting have already been drawn. Our role is to fill it with colors, that’s all.

Of course, there are prosecutors like you, Choi Jung Woo. Crazy fellas who’re trying to rise above us all.  Underdog heroics, histrionic personality disorders, exhibitionist tendencies — can’t you just confess accordingly to these reasons? The worse that can happen will be your disrobing (meaning loss of a lawyer’s rights to practice). If you continue your struggle, you will not only disrobe, you will have to wear a convict’s clothes too.

C’mon. (Follow the pre-drawn outlines and) choose the correct colors.”

Prosecutor Choi Jung Woo (by actor Ryu Seung Soo):

Oi. I doubt anything humane will ever come out of that mouth of yours. But of course, what’s surprising? The conscience of an upholder of the Law –  you probably left it in law school after finishing the oath at the graduation ceremony.”

P. Park:

Wow! So, what did the great Prosecutor Choi Jung Woo accomplish so far?

Rightousness? Yeah, so easily said, this very precious word.

Tell me, what have you accomplished so far as a prosecutor, that you think is “right”?


So how different are you from me?

You’re just righteous in lip service, the efforts you make come to nothing. Don’t you understand? I don’t do anything, I reach the same result as you. Oh my. The same results! Both of us, we can’t do anything at all. So, what makes you think you’re any better than me? Mr Superior Prosecutor Choi Jung Woo?”

P. Choi:

That’s why I have to start from scratch again. Because I hate being like you. My life won’t end because of what happens today. I will still live 10 years, 20 years later. I’m going to live in a way I believe will be better than yours, and by then, you would still be a miserable prosecutor.

I know idiots like you. I’m sure you hate it when people like me win. As you are filling up your painting with colors, you can only gain happiness when you see guys like me lose.

Oi. Continue living the way you want. And I will live mine.”


2 of my favorite characters – well scripted and acted~ (L-R) Song Young Gyu and Park Geun Hyung-nim!


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