.. 그래도 계속 지켜볼 겁니다~ ♪♬



Pretty resigned over the fact that I’m creating a blog for this… ㅇ.ㅇ;

(wonder how long it will last..?)

Thanks to mj071584님, my original source of 개콘 every week, who led me to gagcon’s BOF parodies. Which, led me to learn timing and hardsubbing from keepvid-ing youtube videos. (I don’t torrent – – ;  ) Perhaps this is also a tribute to K Bang Song which produce gagcon and of course, the flower-tastic drama-of-the-moment~ ^^;

Anyway, yeah.. if this blog survives, I can probably gag-blog and learn more about gagcon too…

gag-blog… glog?

in Park Hwi Soon’s spirit of spelling disasters,

“G..L..O..G..?” 꺼져 그냥! 꺼져! Get out! Just scram! ^^;

Clay-blogger Blue Panda's final touches to Master Gu ^^

Clay-blogger Blue Pandas final touches (struggles? ^^;) on Master Gu ♬♪

Lastly, gratitude to Kamio Yoko-san for creating the manga… from it we have the dramas, the stepping-stones for young talents, clay for Yijung’s dreams and er.. more hair ^~



To the many new passers-by of my blog, hi and thanks! ^^ I’m going through a brief bout of Secret Garden addiction, and that’s probably why you guys are here too…

To continue from the Jun Pyo / Gagcon post above, cartoons started to appear here after the discovery of Mrs Kim’s Drama Reform, due to a short obsession with Bidam and Mishil~ And then on to Bad Guy and Daemul…

I actually love my Daemul posts most. I had spent quite a bit of effort thinking of how to blog Daemul (seems to be easier in Korean hmm), each and every Daemul post in this blog took… days, if not weeks, before the determination fizzled off after my first Se-ga post, and finally Sagak’s cartoons. If you’ve noticed, I didn’t translate Research into the Life of Secret Garden #1, because it made me guilty ^^; Like Sagak, I got distracted by SBS’s ‘next big thing’… yeah – the next daemul, what irony~  *ack*

What is Secret Garden to me?

Besides making me happy with the slightest hint of anything remotely Sega-related, blogging became effortless (and I must say, pretty therapeutic ^^ ). The Se-ga experience in one sentence?

I experienced what’s it like to know that there’re many (아주 많~이) people out there feeling the same way too.

Netizens all around the world, netizens in Korea. The Soompi thread and the SBS official Sega Gal(lery). When djs and listeners on radio say “Is this the best, are you sure?” Being one of the ‘crazy’ me-chins (me2day chingu) following Ha Ji Won at the filming locations, thanks to a kind soul from her agency. And oh… Twitter. How we cast our faith devotedly, vulnerably into Kim Eun Sook writer-nim and then willingly get insulted (educated?) by parody twitterer CEO Kim Joo Won on the indecently righteous ways of the ruling class *rofl*

* for more wallpapers like Ha Ji Won’s above, do visit 리유님’s blog~



Just dropping by to say.. *breathes* I really … like this song a lot~ ^-^


shyangz ~

15 responses

  1. zinaa

    hi there…
    i love the gifs in your blog…
    could i please re-post them in my tubmlr account…
    waiting for your answer…


    2011/05/28 at 8:28 pm

    • shyangz

      Yeah of course, glad u like them! Do credit the gif makers and spread the love~ ^^

      2011/05/29 at 12:57 am

  2. hello there!^^ nice to meet you~first time posting, although I’ve been crawling silently here since forever LOL

    I really like your posts about SeGa, The Greatest Love, and now, Tree with Deep Roots! You’re a quite a fan of sageuk too, I think ^^;

    Honestly, you’re one of many reasons why I started out my blog, in which I hoped to be as good as you in writing, but guess I’m not that good. haha 😀

    anyway, I reaaally love reading your thoughts and what you share, and thanks for being here!

    sorry for the long comment and terrible english ㅜ.ㅜ

    2011/11/02 at 3:21 pm

    • shyangz

      Hi fellow Joong Ki fan *waves* 😀 Thanks for visiting… I don’t write much nor well.. I think my blog is more about subbing and p-shopping all kinds of stuff (.. ) ” I also saw the recaps on your ‘cupboard’ , recappers always have my deepest respect! Good luck and continue sharing the good stuff! ^^b

      2011/11/03 at 7:16 am

  3. Hi,

    I love that I’ve discovered your site. I am very late to the Se-Ga bandwagon, but it’s not my fault.
    And anyway, right now, I’m mired in that awful obsessive phase that makes me want to re-watch the series over and over again in case I missed something out.
    (Are Hyun Bin’s cheek bones really that naturally awesome?)

    Anyway, one of the most important reasons I’m writing to you right now is that I first watched the series on Netflix, and then I bought the official YA entertainment version, and the subtitles for the two versions are quite different.
    E.g. Ep 8- in the prison, Oska asks Gil Ra Im if Kim Juwon has told her about The Little Mermaid. In the Netflix version he says something like this:
    “He thinks that is the first love story”
    In the DVD I have, he says something like,
    “He thinks that story is about Mistresses.”

    That’s a very very different meaning. Could you please help me figure out which it is?

    2012/04/26 at 7:44 pm

    • shyangz

      Hi there, Fond Impossibility!

      Welcome to the Se-ga madness.. one’s never too late~ In Ep 8, Oska explains to Ra Im that Ju Won views The Little Mermaid as the “first ever story humans wrote about a ‘Second’ – that’s how extreme that idiot is.” In Korean, ‘Second’ is like a Konglish slang for the second fiddle, and in this case, a mistress. Oska warns Ra Im that Ju Won will treat her like temporary mistress who is expected to sacrifice and disappear away from his life later. Hope this helps~ ^^

      2012/04/29 at 6:22 am

      • Thank you so much for explaining everything so well. It seems that each subtitle version got half the quote right!
        I’ve found that sitting around comparing notes on different subtitle version is a beautiful excuse to keep re-watching Se-Ga over and over again- I keep finding something new every time.
        At this rate, I think I may end up learning Korean. 🙂

        2012/05/05 at 7:23 pm

  4. Hi *snip* I have more questions:
    1. What is The Romantic?

    2. I am currently watching Love Rain, and in the part that’s set in the 1970s one of the women (Hye Jung) refers to the 2 guys as “hyung” (instead of “oppa”). Is there some significance to this?

    3. I just got done with A Gentleman’s Dignity. Can you recommend the next thing I should spend 16-20 hours on?

    2012/11/01 at 6:44 pm

    • shyangz


      1. The Romantic is a variety show where single Korean guys and girls embark on a short trip to Croatia (Season 1) and Turkey (Season 2) and get to know each other. It is shot and produced with beautiful cinematography, PD Lee Myung Han (creator of KBS 1 Night 2 Days) touts it as “a variety more romantic than a movie”.

      2. Wow, what a question~ *^^* You’re right, because of the context in the 70s, “hyung” was used for older guys that younger girls were more friendly with, but were not related to. Today, whether related or not, if a younger girl was close to an older guy, she could liberally call him “oppa”, but in the earlier days, only related siblings could do that. An interesting (Korean) readup at this Naver Jishik post describes the different meanings of “oppa” vs “hyung” vs “sunbae (senior)” in the olden day context.

      Fyi, in today’s context, “hyung” would be a tolerable tease that the younger girl uses for an older guy to indicate that she isn’t attracted to him and feels like a brother to him (whereas if she called him “unni” or “older sister” she would probably be punched *lol*)

      3. How about KBS’ 착한남자 Innocent Man? ^-^

      One can only hope a scene like the above will remain off the script… (unlikely though) *sigh*

      2012/11/04 at 9:07 am

  5. Hi sis! long time no see, I don’t know if you remember me tho~
    whoah i think i lost account i used to contact u for the last time, so i don’t know how to contact you again …

    2013/05/17 at 6:28 am

    • shyangz

      Hi! Of course I remember you… I used to call you Pluie unni! I’ll never forget how you left the first comments on my blog right at the beginning~ How’s it going? ^^ (Did you receive my email add?)

      2013/05/18 at 3:01 am

      • No, I didn’t get your email dear~
        So how can we communicate? else from here of course 😀
        My youtube account we usually used to communicate were terminated, I think as well as yours? ~.~
        Could you inbox me your new acc to ThePluiekiss@youtube? or email maybe?
        Thank you. 🙂

        Ah I also remember we were teaming for KangJi WGM hahaha, where are they now?
        mwolaaaa 😀

        2013/05/21 at 8:19 am

  6. John

    Hi, thank you for subbing the old Gag Concert corners! Can you please do some more from way back, or some more ‘Kind Souls’? I really like Yu Saeyoon, but I can’t find any skits with him anymore…thanks!

    2014/06/06 at 3:08 am

    • shyangz

      Hi John, glad that you liked the subbed gagcon. I would love to resume subbing the rest, but really have no time. ^^;; For more Yoo Se Yoon goodness, you could take a look at his latest ongoing webtoon, “U Turn“, which he co-authors with Gong Ji Won, and appears in thanks to his illustrator Lee Gyu Hwan and producer Baek Seung Hyun.


      2014/11/01 at 1:55 am

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