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amazing writer Kim tweets~

Here’s a second trailer from SBS NeTV (click on the pic)~

00:13 – “Why, don’t you know curiosity begets sincerity?”


quick tweet from writer Kim Eun Sook

Before I take off.. here’s writer Kim‘s latest updates~

오랜만이지요?^^ 안팎으로 일이 좀 많았어요. 며칠전 대본리딩 했어요. 우리 배우분들 완전 대박. 한마디 하래서 시청률 쫌 나오면 국민드라마라 우기고 좀 안나오면 명품드라마라고 우기자고^^ 벌써 봄이네요

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? ^^ Things have been keeping me busy, both at home and at work. We had a script-reading (session) a few days ago. Our actors and actresses are totally daebak awesome. I just want to say that if the ratings are good, I hope it becomes a national drama; if not, I hope it becomes a premium drama too~ ^^ It’s already spring!

Writer-nim’s twitter trivia for the day~

Q: Whose room is this? ^^ How big would it be? ^^ㅋㅋ

Click here for hints and answers~ ^^

It’s over… ㅜㅜ


And writer-nim’s significant tweets ^^

Following parody twitterer CEO Kim’s thought(laughter?)-provoking tweets yesterday, Secret Garden writer Kim Eun Sook shares some interesting tweets today too~

Q: Kim Eun Sook writer-nim, please tell us. ㅠ What was the name of the book that Raim read in order to know what Juwon was thinking in his heart? ….. ㅠㅠ Something about ‘the world above the stars’ (?), that book ㅠㅠ

A: It’s Lee Eung Joon (이응준) writer-nim’s collection of short stories <He Walked Away at the Speed of Memories>

Q:Writer nim~~~~~~~  ㅠㅠ My friend became totally addicted to a drama — City Hall. What should I do (to help her?) I was addicted before, so I understand how it feels…. ㅋ It’s really hard to get out of the addiction ㅋㅋㅋ Aey-hey… Kuk!

A:These days, because of ‘Greatest Love’, City Hall is getting a revival popularity of sorts. All thanks to our dearest ‘Kuk’ ^^ Though it’s belated, please do help me convey my thanks to your friend for her love of the drama.

Eh… who’s Kuk?

SBS Miracle Audition

edit: This post was started in May 31 and is extended with my ongoing discoveries from the program…

… which I have no idea why I’m still watching  almost every week, despite always convincing myself that each episode will be my last.

As you will see throughout the post, it’s a rough journey, for the viewer, for the judges, for the show producers, for the contestants. My hopes are kept afloat by the promise of seeing guest appearances of actors / writers / directors giving unrestrained comments to the contestants. Miracle Audition isn’t about miracles, dreams are burst all the time, by harsh realities or hopefully bad nightmares. It’s a variety show which I extend a lot of sympathy for, because it always reminds the viewer, that time and time again, great shows / stars are produced 99% from a lot of hard work + a very precious 1% of talent… and lots of luck and good timing on the side.

Don’t say I haven’t warned you! ^^;


Writer-nim defends episode 20

From her tweets 7 hours ago~


sollal tweets~

Curious what Kim Eun Sook writer-nim and our parody CEO has to say this sollal (new year’s day)? ^^


Writer Kim tweets in the new year

MIT (most important tweet) first:

(Someone tweeted her)

Writer-nim, I enjoyed watching today’s episode again ^^ So they won’t be trying the audition kkk They were so cute >< But the ending with Juwonie…I watched the episode 16 preview and only know that he will be unconscious. I feel so much pity for him and it pained my heart watching him.. So I’m begging you… Please don’t kill anyone in Secret Garden ㅠㅠ Those spreading rumors of deaths will make me die of anxiety. :(

Writer-nim replies:

That’s why. Hmm… I don’t understand why people want to make me a killer.. ㅠㅠㅠ

(Yay! I hope that means she isn’t one! *sigh* our Juwonie… ㅜ ㅜ )


Reading Juwon

Where's the cheshire cat? >^.^<


1 important tweet & 60 expressions

Yes, I’m waiting for my ep 12~ 44 min.. >.<

Writer Kim Eun Sook’s newest tweet…

After episode 12 ended, Minji’s dad texted me. “Will Ju Won die? Don’t even try killing him! I will divorce you!” ㅋㅋ


Did this while waiting for Ep 12 too. Thanks to DC Ha Ji Won Gallery : One and lilcrash @ soompi for the original image! ^^ If anybody sees Hyun Bin’s Gil Ra Im expressions, do tell me!!


writer twitter

Translated Secret Garden writer Kim Eun Sook’s long tweets refuting plagiarism claims by webtoonist Hwang Mi Na, but found interesting gems in her earlier tweets too. Here are some appetizers:

(12 Nov)

Sigh… It’s past 12 midnight.. I’m not even Cinderella but I really desperately want to run away. Finally..!! The first episode (of SG) has aired… gasp.. ratings..

“Bibidi bibidi boo~~~”

(26 Nov)

Director Cho: When is the script for episode XX out? ^^

Assistant writer: Around Wednesday? ^^

Director Cho: Is that the best you can do? Are you sure?

Assistant writer: If I said I’ll give you on Wednesday, would I not do so? Are you worried that I WON’T give it to you? Or are you being difficult because you think I CAN’T give it to you?

Director Cho: Then, I believe that’s the best you can do. Okay do it.

Reporting from a scene in writer Kim’s office ^^.. heheheh

(28 Nov)

When I asked Choi Min Ji (her 5-year-old daughter) if episode 5 was enjoyable, she said it was scary. “Scary? Why? Because a crow appeared? (in the secret forest)” “No. Gil Ra Im and Kim Ju Won drank wine and became exchanged. Daddy drinks every single day.. who will he become?” Gosh!! Now I totally understand why those below 15 years old require parental guidance when watching this show. ㅠㅠㅠ

(13 Dec – someone twittered her)

I think I have totally fallen for you writer-nim. What should I do? : )

(13 Dec – her reply)

You.. flew to me,  by mistake. Please walk away at the speed of memories. ^^

More translated tweets~!

Writer Kim Eun Sook’s bookshelf poetry


SBS Secret Garden – “Forget about City Hall, you’ll find Lovers in Paris instead”

Original 10Asia article > Text: Lee Ga On ; Photographs: Chae Ki Won ; Editor: Jang Kyung Jin

After creating well-loved romantic series like ‘Lovers in Paris’, ‘Lovers in Prague’, ‘Lovers’, she went on to write profession-based dramas like ‘On Air’ and ‘City Hall’. Yes, writer Kim Eun Sook has returned. Here, ‘returned’ has double meanings. The writer has returned with new drama ‘Secret Garden’, and she has returned to write a romantic series, like in the past.

(From left) Cha Seung Won and Kim Sun Ah in 'City Hall' (2009); Park Shin Yang and Kim Jung Eun in 'Lovers in Paris' (2004)

If you’re wondering whether Secret Garden will be similar to its predecessors, the answer is no.

Secret Garden is like the sprinkling of new seeds onto familiar ground.

Like SBS’s ‘Lovers in Paris’, ‘Secret Garden’ is also about a a difficult chaebol son falling in love with an ordinary girl with strong survival instincts, but in the latter the male and female leads exchange their souls. Thus, while it may look like an inevitable Cinderella story, it will eventually become a comic fantasy.

“The hardest but most charming part of this drama is the exchanging of souls,”

says leads Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won unanimously. And that, is the strongest weapon of Secret Garden — the reversal of roles between characters.


The 5 Charms of Secret Garden

[Here's a translation of an article by Reporter Seo Bo Hyun at Sports Seoul]

Scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook and PD Shin Woo Chul’s confidence has passed the test. The first airing of their drama, SBS-TV’s Secret Garden on Nov 13, received rave reviews. With its veil removed, this episode heralds the birth of a formidable drama in the weekend timeslots.

How successful was it? Secret Garden’s Episode 1 garnered a record 17.2% in nationwide ratings. (AGB Nielsen Media Research), top among other programs broadcast at the same time. It was also well-received by viewers, judging from the numerous comments appearing on the viewers’ message board after the episode ended.